Earth-Tzari War of 2012

One of the most recent and largest tragedy to strike earth aleph was the tzari invasion that occurred in late June of 2012 when millions of previously unknown aliens arrived on earth with the goal of annexing it to their empire. Although earth was nearly defeated in the face of overwhelming technological superiority, Earth remained independent due to the internal dissent within the tzari empire’s forces.

Even four years later, the impact of the war is still heavily felt by many. Although the tzari had not (initially) targeted civilians directly, the inevitable collateral damage killed many humans. Despite the world’s authorities best effort, an unprecedented amount of alien technology has made its way onto the black market.


June 18th: The tzari armada arrive in the solar system, they broadcast their intention to annex earth all over the world in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, and Arabic) They promise technological advancement and full citizenship of the empire, that their intentions are peaceful but they will not hesitate to use force to accomplish their goals.

June 19th: With the armada arriving in orbit of earth, several nations respond by declaring war and launching missiles at the invaders. The attack is however swiftly countered and orbital bombardment quickly disables most launch facilities. Tzari troops land all over the world and begin their attacks, focusing entirely on military and parahuman targets.

June 20th-24th: The tzari empire. strategically stage attacks through the world, taking down military installations and capturing or eliminating political leaders. Great efforts are taken to avoid civilian casualties by the empire. Needing as many allies as they could get, several governments offer a temporary truce to supervillains willing to assist in the war effort, even promising pardons to those with minor crimes under their names.

June 25th: The battle of Moscow becomes one of the turning point of the war, with both sides concentrating their forces in the city. With the Tzari at a standstill against the world’s combined heroes and villains, high lord Kuthal orders the deployment of fusion bombs on Moscow without retreating his own forces. 

The resulting explosions killing over 7 million people, and many superheroes and villains including the second Orion, as well as several Tzari lords and thousands of troops. Several more fusion bombs are used as deterrent tools. In the faces of overwhelming losses, several nations capitulate to the Tzari.

June 26th: Outraged by the high lord’s callous actions, Lord Kiorga successfully contacts members of the Legion and assist them in boarding the capital ship of the Tzari armada. With their aid, she executes the high lord and take command of the armada, ordering evacuation of earth and retreat back to Resh. Rather than accompany the retreating forces, she surrenders to human authorities.


Despite the evacuation of earth, an estimated twelve thousand tzaries remained stranded on earth, along who would rally under lord Kiorga in the following months and settle in the sound of Spain. Despite her fearsome war record against humanity’s parahumans, Lord Kiorga was pardoned by the united nations for her aid in ending the war.

The death of many capes created a power vacuum in the superheroic and criminal scenes which would soon lead to the rise of new heroic and villainous organizations and a strong influx of fresh blood in the old guard powered by scavenged alien technology or having had manifested in record numbers by the trauma of war.

After the war, the world experienced a record growth in the influence and membership of xenophobic political groups, both toward tzaries and other xenoforms, with xenophobic hate-crimes having skyrocketed to a unprecedented level.