Secondary Cast: Students

Marino, Vanessa – Leonine

Taken from her parents as a child to wipe away the debt they owed the syndicate, Vanessa was forcibly chimerized and made to fight within one of the Syndicates chimera fighting pit for the pleasure of the rich amoral audience. 

After legionnaire Nusaybah and Tachyon brought down the arena, she chose not to go to the safe refuge offered by the legion and rather fight to stop what had happened to her from happening again. To aid her, Nusaybah sponsored her entrance into Ravenhold. 

Vanessa is a lion chimera and benefits from enhanced agility as well as improved sense of smell, hearing and sight. She also had claws on her hands and feet.


Ó Broin, Síthmaith Grimalkin

The talented autistic daughter of a long lineage of Irish witches, Síthmaith (pronounced She-moh) ran way from home wanting to use her powers for good rather than stay held up in her family estate and practice the family art in secret.

During her travel with her familiar Malkie she came across a group of magical heroes known as the Sons of Merlin and they pulled some strings to get her into Ravenhold.

Síthmaith is an expert on fae magic, enchantments, charms and illusions.

Shekaree daughter of Kirath of clan Izret – Chevalier

The first Tzari student to join Ravenhold, Shekaree was the squire to one of the praetor during the Tzari invasion. After her master’s death, she tried to avenge him but was non-lethally neutralized by heroes who did not want to hurt a child. In the wake of the invasion’s end, Shekaree became one of three apprentice to Praetor Kiorga who joined the legion after turning on the Tzari command. After four years, Shekaree was sent to Ravenhold by her new master.

Shekaree is an exceptional fighter, benefit from the Tzari’s natural strength and endurance and wields her former master’s armor and weapons in combat; technology beyond normal human gears.

Tănăsescu, Harley – Blackblade

A Romanian genderqueer dhampir student, Harley comes from a long line of magically imbued demon hunters. However Harley isn’t like their family, being the offspring of their rebellious  runaway mom and a Strigoi. Due to their heritage, Harley and their mother have become the family’s black sheep.

Due to their supernatural heritage, Harley possess enhanced physique (Olympic levels of strength, agility, endurance and reaction time) as well as enhanced senses which allows them to see in pitch darkness, hear better and track others by scent.