Aldaar: The alien species responsible for the appearance of parahumans after their visit in 1963.
Genetically engineered lifeforms based on falcons and barn owls created by a black ops section of the US military.


Baseline: A human without any mutant or imbued superpower, genetic modification, or cybernetic augmentation.
Breeder: Derogatory. A slur against Itharii. Based on their rapid reproduction.
Brick: Slang; a parahuman with both super resistance and super strength. One of the most common power combination. 


Cape: Any parahuman involved in the superhero / supervillain business.
Caping: Going out into costume and partaking in the superhero/villain business.
Chimera: A transgenic hybrid of two animal species.
Chrome: Slang. Cybernetic prosthesis or enhancements. 


Dark Age of Superheroes: US-Centric, refers to the 70’s and the ‘great cape scare.’ A time to parahuman witch hunts.
Duranium: Titanium-based super allow. Light but highly durable.
Dust: a Drug derived from Itharii’s spray toxin.


Earth Aleph: The main Ravenhold earth of the universe.
Element Zero: The code name of a classified substance capable of neutralizing mutant powers on contact.
Exotic Particle / Matter: Any substance that does not behave according to conventional physics.


Familiar: A spirit of the otherworlds bound to an animal’s form to serve a magician.
Fetish: A spirit of the otherworlds bound to an inanimate object by a magician.


Gimelian: A species of ape-like sentient beings from a parallel world.
olden Age of Superheroes: Refers to the 60’s after the Aldaar arrival. The infancy of super-heroics. 


Hyperweave: Light, thin, and durable smart fiber, the basis for modern superhero tights. 


Imbued: Parahuman with non-mutant powers obtained through non-natural means; serums, accidents, artifacts, et cetera.
Imp Powder: An amphetamine derivative sold by the Crimson Skulls Gang
Impervium: A rare super dense metallic element extracted from the wreckage of the Aldaar ship. Most durable substance known to humanity.
Iravi: An Ithar native animal, common domestic pets. Similar to earth gecko but with neck frill. 


Kirun Resin: A Tzari hallucinogenic drug used in religious rituals.


Legion: The largest supergroup in the world, operate on a global levels with over fifty core members and hundreds of auxiliaries and reservists. 


Newt: Derogatory. A slur against Itharii. Based on their amphibious nature.


Manifestation: The first appearance of a mutant’s powers. Also used to mean the specific way a power work.
Mingulay Penitentiary
One of the world’s foremost parahuman prison, located on an island off the coast of Scotland. 
Meteor Child:
Parahuman who was granted their power by exposure to fragment of the Iapetus Meteor what nearly collided with earth in 2015.
Parahumans with powers derived an inheritable genetic trait. See “VNG/Von Neumann Gene”
Mutex: A power suppressant drugs used to suppress accidental usage of mutant powers.


Parahuman: Any individuals with supernatural abilities. Legally includes aliens and generically altered humans.
ParaTV: A popular cable television channel focused on aliens and parahumans. 


Refractory Period: A time of power loss or weakness following the overuse of mutant abilities.


Shivat: A collective of related symbiotic arthropod-like alien species.
Space Pig: A derogative name for Tzaris
The presumably alien object responsible for granting the Orions their powers.
 The official term for an established villain or hero group.


Trogg: Mutated individuals affected by the ‘trogg mutagen’ found exclusively in the NYC underground.
A sentient alien species that invaded earth in 2012. 
 An Itharii sport. Often compared to soccer/football but played underwater. 


Venusian: Sentient aliens beings from an inhabitable parallel Venus. 
Von-Neumann Gene / VNG:
The recessive gene responsible for mutants.


Xenoform: Legal term for any being of extraterrestrial or extradimensional origins.


Zaru: The Itharii name for the 4th basic color they perceive. Located in the low ultra-violet spectrum.
Zuzu: Childish Itharii word for mother. Stands for of Zuzatsu. Plural is Zuzuk.