Secondary Cast: Villains

Warning; the following entries may contain spoilers 

Chat Noir – David Lacaille

Long time supervillainous master thief, Chat Noir is the de facto leader and sole founding member left of the Menagerie; a group of animal themed parahuman thieves. Chat Noir possess an array of abilities allowing him to simulate ‘bad luck’ toward his enemies.

Unbeknownst to him, he has a teenage daughter he’s never met; Caroline Campbell, better known as the junior hero Housatonic.

Doctor Vernichtung – Tobias Schmidt

A golden age villain, Doctor Vernichtung (German for Destroyer) is one of the longest running villain. He became known for his transhuman supremacist views and for surrounding himself with an entourage of genetically altered parahumans and chimeras.

In the early nineties, dying from an incurable illness, the not so good doctor created the Xenobreed, a quartet of genetically engineered conquerors to carry on his legacy. Vernichtung is currently believed to be deceased by the world security council.

Heppenheim – Wolfrik Heppenheimer

Wolfrik made himself known as Heppenheim when he was in his mid-20s. He was a successful veterinary doctor and began experimenting with cross species genetics to treat hereditary conditions. Initially he did this following legal proceeding and even had a a few successful papers that influenced the way some animals are treated to this day. He wanted most to try out experiments which broke the law though. Rather than carry these out he wrote further papers with his musing in hopes the community would back him in these ventures.

Instead he got contacted one day by the Syndicate who offered to provide him all the equipment, money and protection he would need to do as he wished. In exchange they asked him to look into more weaponised chimeras. Desperate to test out his ideas he accepted the offer, recklessly ignoring the risks of getting involved with an organisation such as the Syndicate. By his mid-30s the name Heppenheim had gained a more sinister history to it. At the age of 36 the Syndicate gave him an infant, wanting him to create a powerful human chimera. It was a line that until that point he had not crossed.

Kelfire – Kellen Gustke

Kellen was the daughter of an abusive mother and absent father. Her uncle got her away from that world and pulled her into a new dark world called the Syndicate. The moment her mutation appeared he pushed her to train. When she turned fifteen she was sent on her first mission. She’s proven a deadly and decisive villain. She also harbours old feelings for a certain human chimera.

The Black Ace/Ace – Mariusz Sniegowski 

Mariusz was part of a group of second generation mutant twelve children the polish government stole to experiment one. Their interests were in the uses of mental powers, with the desire to create a secret weapon. Instead at the age of fourteen Mariusz ‘walked out’ of the facility – leaving the staff and the other children dead. He found his way into the Syndicate and ruthlessly rose through the ranks, allowing himself a level of freedom few parahumans had in the organisation.