October 28th: Fearing communist infiltration of the US government several military officers, political leaders and rich industrialists come together to form a secret society with the goal of restoring the government should it become corrupt; The Restoration is created


April 11th: An alien vessel arrive on earth,the city-sized ship hovers over the Atlantic ocean for several days without making contact. It is only after contact with Itharii that the ship is identified as belonging to a species named the Aldaar.

April 14th: The Aldaar ship mysterious explodes for reasons that remain unknown to the world. Over the next few decades isolated surviving artifacts are recovered, creating heroes and villains.

May 9th: The first publicly known super powered individual is identified on live television in Spain, soon followed by many more. Governments quickly respond by instituting a state of emergency and forming organizations to handle the crisis.

May 30th: During a parahuman hysteria riot; Chicago Firefighter Anton Nilson rushes into a burning building to save a trapped family. Circumstances forces him to make the choice to stay behind in order to evacuate the last of the victims. As the building is about to crumble, he is chosen by the Starheart as the first Orion; the world’s most powerful and revered hero.


August 16th: Using the pretext of a nuclear weapon test, the Restoration unleash a mutagenic weapon on a small new mexico town hoping to create soldiers capable of operating in a post-nuclear war world. Survivors from the town become known as the children of the Atom; grotesquely mutated beings able to generate radiation. Any hope of using the survivors as soldiers die when they prove hostile to all normal humans. Large parts of New Mexico and Arizona are put under quarantine


September 1st: The Liberty League is formed to fight in the many proxy wars of the cold war and take down any communist regime. The heroes are sponsored by the united states department of defense.

September 3rd: In answer to the creation of the Liberty League, Centurion; superhero and well known figure of the civil rights movement, founds the Legion along with other similarly aligned heroes. The Legion rejects political affiliation in favor of doing what they consider right. Notably the Legion allows openly LGBT members from it’s inception and openly come out in support of equal rights for minorities. Conservative media are quick to label them as radical leftists and anti-american.

December 5th: Several superheroes protest the Liberty League’s violent intervention in Vietnam and The League is sent in to disperse them. A battle ensues and in response the Conservative ruled congress pass the McCarran act; Declaring all independent heroes as enemies of the state and instituting a manhunt against them. Heroes are offered one chance to sign up and prove their loyalty. Many heroes refuse and go underground or hang their cape. The CIA, FBI and NSA are tasked with watching cape-supporters and affiliates as potential enemies.


July 4th: A superpowered communist insurgency in the eastern united states leads to the institution of the Marshall act; allowing authorities to deputize parahumans in times of crisis. Due to public support, the act is not repelled once the crisis is over and the McCarran  act is repelled and Cities are given the right to decide how to handle their parahuman capes however they wish.


June 27th: The first interdimensional portal is opened, earth Aleph makes contact with earth-a001. However the world is mundane and of little interest; still ruled by the empires of the age of discovery, but lacking Parahumans.


December 14th: Earth Bet is discovered; the first parallel world known to have parahumans, peaceful diplomatic contact is made between earth Aleph and Earth bet’s human and venusian population


February 20th: During a confrontation with the Children of the Atom a stolen nuclear weapon is detonated in the southwestern united states. Using his powers the first Orion absorbs the blast, sparing El Paso from nuclear annihilation. The first Orion is presumed deceased and February 20th is declared national holiday as the Day of Remembrance; dedicated to celebrating the heroes who have fought to preserve humankind.

August 4th: Earth Gimel is discovered.


June  12th: After three years of being presumed gone, the starheart manifest itself once again; imbuing mexican heroine Maria Juárez after she sacrifice herself to stop cultists from opening a rift to the abyss.

August 1st: Fall of the USSR, many old USSR parahuman-related projects are stolen and sold to the highest bidder and previously sponsored heroes turn to crime or mercenary work.


January 2nd: Due to dissatisfaction with the end of the cold war and hostilities, members of the Liberty League defects to continue their mission, rejecting the authorities’ legitimacy. The league spends the next several years supporting uprisings through the third world.


Several legal challenges across the world leads the way to cross-species marriage and adoption rights in Europe and the united states. This movement would also strongly bolster same-sex marriage rights support in the following years.


November 11th: Hoping to start a second cold war, the Red Guard attacks New York in the name of Russia. The attack is repealed but the first Raven is slain by the Siberian. The Russian government deny involvement and condemns the Red Guard and it’s members are declared terrorists.


September 4th: Following the will of the first Raven, The Ravenhold Academy opens it’s doors after months of hurried construction, welcoming parahumans wishing to become heroes. Several retired heroes such as Defender become teachers


November 30th: Itharii arrive on earth after escaping the Hierarchy’s invasion of the planet. Peaceful diplomatic contact is made. After deliberations, the UN allows Itharii to settle on earth in designated areas and are soon allowed to become citizens of nations sheltering them. The Legion oversees the proceedings, ensuring Itharii are not exploited.


March 3rd: The city of New York gives Governors Island to Itharii refuges as a sign of good faith. The Island is expanded in the following years and Itharii become a common sight in NYC.


June 23rd: the Itharii market is established in southern Battery Park. The market sells Itharii crafts, media and even Ithar native or Earth-Ithar fusion cuisine for locals and tourists. The area quickly becomes a landmark and Itharii inspired designs and ideas become massive hits among the elite.


July 3rd: The first human case of Itharii red fever, the disease quickly reach epidemic levels due to lack of known treatment and understanding of transmission vectors. The news of Itharii to human transmission results in riots. A vaccine is however quickly found and the death toll worldwide is in the low thousands.


March 26th: Chimeras are made illegal following their dangerous and extensive use by criminal organisations.

June 18th-26th: The Tzari Empire invades earth, although they are defeated and repealed many of earth’s heroes die in the fight, including the second Orion. Praetor Joins the Legion after betraying the Empire.

August 12th: After running away from her foster home, Rafaella Delmonte is abducted by the Mozdzierz institute however the stress of the event unlock her parahuman potential. Over the next few days she proceed to go on a violent rampage; targeting Mozdzierz associates and customers and taking them out with brutal means. The trail of impaled Mozdzierz and their necromantic servants earns her the nickname of ‘The Shrike’

August 19th: The Second raven stops the Shrike and manage to get her to calm down before successfully negotiating a parole at Ravenhold for her.


September 5th: Ravenhold opens its door to a new class of student including Orion III, Firebrand, Housatonic, Warwitch, Kavacha, Vigilant, Magpie II, Firestar, Whitemane, Nightstalker, Sliver, Moraltach and Sanguine