~ Prehistory ~

Unspecified: The ‘Sleeper beneath the mountain’ is sealed under Blue Mountain on Priest island, Maine. The seal is imperfect and occult energies slowly leak out, causing the area to become a magical hot spot.

~ 1950 ~

October 28th: Fearing communist infiltration of the US government several military officers, political leaders and rich industrialists come together to form a secret society with the goal of restoring the government should it become corrupt; The Restoration is created

~ 1963 ~

April 11th: The Aldaar Arrival, an alien vessel arrive on earth, the city-sized ship hovers over the Atlantic ocean for several days without making contact. It is only after contact with Itharii that the ship is identified as belonging to a species named the Aldaar.

April 14th: The Aldaar ship mysterious explodes for reasons that remain unknown to the world. Over the next few decades isolated surviving artifacts are recovered, creating heroes and villains.

May 9th: The first publicly known super powered individual —Who become dubbed ‘Parahumans‘— is identified on live television in Spain, soon followed by many more. Governments quickly respond by instituting a state of emergency and forming organizations to handle the crisis.

May 30th: During a parahuman hysteria riot; Chicago Firefighter Anton Nilson rushes into a burning building to save a trapped family. Circumstances forces him to make the choice to stay behind in order to evacuate the last of the victims. As the building is about to crumble, he is chosen by the Starheart as it’s first human bearer.

June 11th: Early supervillain Malice goes in a rampage across New York city, stealing her way to richness, as well as assaulting and murdering people who had crossed her. The Police and National Guard fail to stop or even significantly slow her reign of terror. She is only stopped when Anton Nilson, wearing an improvised costume to hide his identity fights and after a twelve hour battle finally defeat her. In the aftermath the mysterious hero is dubbed Orion by the press and becomes a sensation.

December 17th: The First Machinist emerge and conquers much of New Jersey and New York state with an army of robots, declaring himself emperor. Local early capes and the national guard unite to free the area.

Unspecified: Unknown to most of the world, the rise of parahumans also lead to a reemergence of magic, all through the world witches and wizards see their spells suddenly become more potent and easier. Slowly, magical beings through to be nothing but myths begin to reemerge.

~ 1964 ~

January 17th: The First Machinist is defeated after a forty-one day campaign by the National guard along with the aid of early superheroes, the Machinist however manage to escape capture. This event and public support it brings pave the way for a limited truce between law enforcement and vigilantes, allowing capes to operate so long as they follow a loose set of rules.

August 16th: Using the pretext of a nuclear weapon test, the Restoration unleash a mutagenic weapon on a small new mexico town hoping to create soldiers capable of operating in a post-nuclear war world. Survivors from the town become known as the children of the Atom; grotesquely mutated beings able to generate radiation. Any hope of using the survivors as soldiers die when they prove hostile to all normal humans. Large parts of New Mexico and Arizona are put under quarantine

~ 1965 ~

February 9th: The first viable human clone of the world is produced by hypertech inventor Doctor Vernichtung. Beginning his bid at creating the new master race and quest for world conquest.

August 13th: With the rise of occult threats, several magicians unite to form the Sons of Merlin; a magical cabal dedicated to protecting the world from mystical dangers, eldritch beings and black magicians.

December 11th: The Brooks Range Federal Parahuman Penitentiary, better known as ‘The Freezer’ opens its door. It is the very first prison dedicated specifically to hold parahumans.

~ 1968 ~

Unspecified: Parahumans begin dominating the criminal underworld, quickly shattering previous long standing organized crime families. In Europe, remnants of mafia families, street gangs, British crime firms, French milieu, and drug clans rally together to push back against the parahuman usurpers, in time they form the Syndicate and expand worldwide.

~ 1969 ~

October 26th: The supervillain Onslaught is captured and interrogated, he reveals his powers were given to him by an organization calling itself ‘The Cauldron‘ and lead by a woman named Circe. He is soon found dead in his cell.

~ 1971 ~

September 1st: The Liberty League is formed to fight in the many proxy wars of the cold war and take down any communist regime. The heroes are sponsored by the united states department of defense.

September 3rd: In answer to the creation of the Liberty League, Centurion; superhero and well known figure of the civil rights movement, founds the Legion along with other similarly aligned heroes. The Legion rejects political affiliation in favor of doing what they consider right. Notably the Legion allows openly LGBT members from it’s inception and openly come out in support of equal rights for minorities. Conservative media are quick to label them as radical leftists and anti-american.

December 5th: Several superheroes protest the Liberty League’s violent intervention in Vietnam and The League is sent in to disperse them. A battle ensues and in response the Conservative ruled congress pass the McCarran act; Declaring all independent heroes as enemies of the state and instituting a manhunt against them. Heroes are offered one chance to sign up and prove their loyalty. Many heroes refuse and go underground or hang their cape. The CIA, FBI and NSA are tasked with watching cape-supporters and affiliates as potential enemies.

~ 1973 ~

June 30th: A group of parahuman associated with the Irish Republican Army make an attempt on both the royal family and parliament only to be stopped by British cape ‘Caliburn.’ In recognition for his service, Caliburn is knighted by the queen.

September 19th: Humanity FirstHumanity First, a anti-parahuman and xenophobic hate group is founded in the southern United States.

December 10th: On Earth Bet, Szijkith sja Szjjil (later known as Doc Venus of Ravenhold) wins the Nobel prize of medicine thanks to her work in developing the first Malaria vaccine, saving millions of lives in the following decades.

~ 1975 ~

August 28th: Myrmidon Academy opens its doors, promising to train the world’s future superheroes. Unfortunately the academy is a parahuman brainwashing ploy. Attempts at uncovering Myrmidon’s activities are met with heavy legal and less-legal roadblocks from the Academy’s leadership political and law enforcement allies.

~ 1976 ~

September 9th: Mao Zedong dies, the after math of his death sees massive conflict in the nation, which in the following month begin collapsing. China becomes divided between the neo-imperial East and the nominally democratic West China.

~ 1978 ~

May 4th: Project Ascension begins; drafted by the US military the project’s goal is to create aerial scouts and infiltrators. Scientists are brought on board (often unwillingly) and begin working on chimeric soldiers and brain-transplant technology.

October 1st: The Battleground broadcasts its first pay-per-view event over pirate television. The event consist of a violent arena blood sport where captive superhuman are forced to fight for their lives. Despite the world’s authorities attempt at stopping or finding the Battleground, they escape only to return the next month.

~ 1982 ~

February 19th: Element Zero is first synthesized after six years of labor, opening the way for hypermax penitentiary to feature power nullification arrays.

July 4th: A superpowered communist insurgency in the eastern United States leads to the institution of the Marshall act; allowing authorities to deputize parahumans in times of crisis. Due to public support, the act is not repelled once the crisis is over and the McCarran  act is repelled and Cities are given the right to decide how to handle their parahuman capes however they wish.

August 19th: Foundation of the Helix Group, dedicated to bridging the gap between Hypertech and baseline tech as well as aiding and understanding parahumans.

October 22nd: After months of deliberation, negotiations and political maneuvering, the congress of the United States pass the Superhero Registration Act (or SRA), begging the integration of superheroes into the legal system, allowing them to testify and giving them certain immunities against lawsuits.

~ 1983 ~

November 18th: The captive Avians successfully riot and take control of Project Ascension. The Legion intervenes and prevent the military from quieting the affair. In an attempt to save face the Government denounce the project as illegal and unauthorized and make peace with the Avians by recognizing them as sentient and granting them independence and reparation. The Avians are left with a hundred square miles of Rockies Mountain between Montana and Idaho as their domain.

~ 1984 ~

June 27th: The first interdimensional portal is opened, earth Aleph makes contact with earth-a001. However the world is mundane and of little interest; still ruled by the empires of the age of discovery, but lacking Parahumans.

November 6th: Joshua Martian, a Detroit mutant and special education teacher gets entangled with local criminal gangs dealing drugs in his school. The gangsters return to intimidate him only for him to use his powers to fight them off. Martin accidentally becomes a hero and soon takes to the job, fighting to get rid of criminal gangs in his neighborhood.

December 3rd: The hit reality TV series ‘Nightwatch’ begins airing, the series follow a handful of registered superheroes across the United States in their daily patrols.

~ 1985 ~

July 19th: Doom Inc. the world’s most successful Villains for hire group is formed taking on virtually any non-assassination for other villains. Over the next twenty eight years their roster change save for founders Ironside and Nocturne.

~ 1986 ~

August 9th: The Mingulay Penitentiary finishes construction. It is the first of a new wave of parahuman prisons equipped with power nullifiers.

December 14th: Earth Bet is discovered; the first parallel world known to have parahumans, peaceful diplomatic contact is made between earth Aleph and Earth bet’s human and Venusian population

December 23rd: With the first diplomatic and cultural exchange between Earth Aleph and Earth Bet, The United Nations amend the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to cover not only humans but any sentient signatory species, the declaration is renamed from ‘Human Rights’ to ‘Sentient Rights.’

~ 1987 ~

May 9th: During a confrontations against the Machinist I, The Raven I’s first sidekick Gray Jay is shot and killed by one of the Machinist’s robots.

~ 1988 ~

February 20th: During a confrontation with the Children of the Atom a stolen nuclear weapon is detonated in the southwestern united states. Using his powers the first Orion absorbs the blast, sparing El Paso from nuclear annihilation. The first Orion is presumed deceased and February 20th is declared national holiday as the Day of Remembrance; dedicated to celebrating the heroes who have fought to preserve humankind.

April 30th: Doctor Korneliusz Mozdzierz has his medical licence revoked after being exposed for his illegal and amoral experiments on dead or dying. With support of a mysterious benefactor he escape further punishment, goes underground and founded the grisly Mozdzierz Institute to continue his experiment.

August 4th: Earth Gimel is discovered, peaceful contact is made with the local non-human population who become known as Gimelians.

~ 1989 ~

August 4th: The First Machinist is defeated by the Raven I and sent to the Freezer where he will spend the rest of his life before dying of a degenerative neurological condition in 1996.

~ 1991 ~

June  12th: After three years of being presumed gone, the Starheart manifest itself once again; imbuing Mexican heroine Maria Juárez after she sacrifice herself to stop cultists from opening a rift to the abyss, the power of the Heart allows her to survive.

August 1st: Fall of the USSR, many old USSR parahuman-related projects are stolen and sold to the highest bidder and previously sponsored heroes turn to crime or mercenary work.

~ 1992 ~

January 2nd: Due to dissatisfaction with the end of the cold war and hostilities, members of the Liberty League defects to continue their mission, rejecting the authorities’ legitimacy. The league spends the next several years supporting uprisings through the third world.

May 15th: The private military contractor firm Direct Action Security is founded.

~ 1993 ~

Unspecified: Across the world, several legal challenges leads the way to cross-species marriage and adoption rights in Europe and North America. This movement would also strongly bolster same-sex marriage rights support in the following years.

June 12th: Disgruntled with what they feel are discriminatory policies marginalizing them, several female (especially queer) members of Eurostar defect and form their own women-only team; The Sisterhood of Justice

Summer: Verkhovnyy defects from Russia and in the following three months proceed to take over the Balkans, establishing the United Communist States of the Balkans.

Oct 3rd  – December 20th: The Kaiju Crisis: Doctor Doomsday unleash a series of giant monsters from his secret lair in the Atlantic ocean, they proceed to terrorize the Americas, Europe and Africa. Once the Crisis is over, the surviving Kaijus are confined to the Doctor’s island and put under superpower pacification. The Island earns the nickname of Monster Island.

~ 1994 ~

February 14th: The Xenobreed make their first appearance in Germany in what becomes known as the ‘Black Valentine’ event. The Xenobreed massacre the German parliament and declare themselves the ruler of the new Reich. Through the combined effort of the world’s heroes and at a great cost the Xenobreed is defeated but they escape.

May 3rd: The Technocratic Union emerges in Zaire and Rwanda amidst the political chaos. Using superior technology, they proceed to conquer the region within the next few months, establishing a new sovereign nation.

~ 1995 ~

December 21st: The Black Ace escape Project Swaróg, a polish black-ops experiment dedicated to improving the psionic powers of mutant children. All other subjects and project members are found dead, primarily of self inflicted wounds.

~ 1996 ~

November 1st: Gateway, the Legion’s base located at the L1 Earth-lunar Lagrange point finishes construction.

~ 1997 ~

November 1st: ParaTV, the world’s first channel dedicated exclusively to non-cape parahumans begins its first broadcast, giving the world a taste of parahuman culture for the first time.

~ 1998 ~

March 11th: After several months of training, Ian Coleman officially makes his debut as the first Raven’s second sidekick, going by the name of Magpie.

June 25th: The Legion’s teleporter network goes online.

~ 1999 ~

November 11th: Hoping to start a second cold war, the Red Guard attacks New York in the name of Russia. The attack is repealed but the first Raven is slain by the Siberian. The Russian government deny involvement and condemns the Red Guard and it’s members are declared terrorists.

~ 2000 ~

February 10th: Because of a local cape battle causing some damage the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant goes into meltdown and spews large quantity of radiation. The crisis causes a local girl to manifest, absorbing the radiation, she soon becomes the Nuclear hero ‘Nucleon.’

May 22nd: The ‘Bloody Monday’ event, the Xenobreed successfully attack the Mingulay penitentiary and free its inmates, recruiting them into their army and killing dissenters. The Breed proceed to attempt to conquer the United Kingdom.

September 4th: Following the will of the first Raven, The Ravenhold Academy opens it’s doors after months of hurried construction, welcoming parahumans wishing to become heroes. Several retired heroes such as Defender become teachers

~ 2002 ~

November 30th: Itharii arrive on earth after escaping the Hierarchy’s invasion of the planet. Peaceful diplomatic contact is made. After deliberations, the UN allows Itharii to settle on earth in designated areas and are soon allowed to become citizens of nations sheltering them. The Legion oversees the proceedings, ensuring Itharii are not exploited.

~ 2004 ~

March 3rd: The city of New York gives Governors Island to Itharii refuges as a sign of good faith for them to build a community that is to be semi-independent from the city itself. The Island is expanded in the following years, and Itharii become a common sight in NYC.

April 24th: A string of robberies omitted by robots reveal the appearance of a second Machinist to the world. This Machinist, unlike his predecessor has no pretension of world domination.

~ 2004 ~

September 28th: First known appearance of HYPERION. The AI hijack German military drones and networked civilian infrastructure and proceed to cause massive chaos, primarily hitting police, military and governmental targets. After six hours of chaos the active instance of the AI is crashed and deleted. In the wake of the disaster and hysteria anti-AI laws are rapidly drafted and pushed across Europe.

~ 2007 ~

January 7th: Omega (the self-titled ultimate) first appear on the supervillain scene. Although not particularly interesting in criminal pursuit himself he becomes known for empowering individuals and hiring others to acquire particular genetic material or chemicals.

May 26th: First contact with the Ct’chisk species. One of their migrant fleet peacefully make contact, Earth and the aliens exchange resources and cultural data, a small group of Ct’chisk come to reside on earth as part of a cultural exchange. The Ct’chisk also inform Earth of another peaceful species named the Zot-Fit-Ta and share communication details.

~ 2008 ~

July 3rd – 29th: Teenage villain Mindreaver takes over the small town Lelkendorf in Germany. She uses her power to reprogram the town’s inhabitant into loyal slaves, existing only for her enjoyment. Word goes out of what has happened and heroes come to investigate, several of whom she also put under her control. In the end the Second Orion herself has to end the crisis, using her immunity to mental powers. Mindreaver escape by sacrificing all her pawns into committing a suicide attack against Orion.

~ 2009 ~

June 23rd: the Itharii market is established in southern Battery Park. The market sells Itharii crafts, media and even Ithar native or Earth-Ithar fusion cuisine for locals and tourists. The area quickly becomes a landmark and Itharii inspired designs and ideas become massive hits among the elite.

~ 2010 ~

July 3rd: The first human case of Itharii red fever, the disease quickly reach epidemic levels due to lack of known treatment and understanding of transmission vectors. The news of Itharii to human transmission results in xenophobic riots. A vaccine is however quickly found and the death toll worldwide is in the hundreds.

~ 2011 ~

September 7th: The chimera known as Guévaudan escapes Syndicate captivity during a battle between Syndicate forces and Eurostar in Paris. He goes on to create the Chimeric railroad along with fellow chimeras.

~ 2012 ~

March 26th: Chimeras are made illegal across both North America and the European Union following their dangerous and extensive use by criminal organisations.

June 18th-26th: The Tzari Empire invades earth, although they are defeated and repealed many of Earth’s heroes die in the fight, including the second Orion. Praetor Joins the Legion after betraying the Empire.

August 12th: After running away from her foster home, Rafaella Delmonte is abducted by the Mozdzierz institute however the stress of the event unlock her parahuman potential. Over the next few days she proceed to go on a violent rampage; targeting Mozdzierz associates and customers and taking them out with brutal means. The trail of impaled Mozdzierz and their necromantic servants earns her the nickname of ‘The Shrike’

August 19th: The second Raven stops the Shrike and manage to get her to calm down before successfully negotiating a parole at Ravenhold for her.

~ 2013 ~

January 10th: The German neo-nazi gang ‘Die Gewählt‘ organize around Munich and become instantly famous for the brutal murder of Polish cape Piekło.

March 5th: The Chimeric Railroad bomb a Syndicate lab in the city of Lyon in France, the explosion and resulting fires destroy a whole block of the city and kills hundreds of innocents. French Authorities declare them a terrorist group.

September 19th: A Shivat scout ship enters the solar system and soon Earth orbit, communications are first attempted. However a novice hero mistake a maneuver to avoid debris as hostile, panics and retaliate against the perceived threat, causing the ship to crash on earth. Thankfully, Human-Shivat relation are salvaged and the ship repaired. Due to an accident, Shivat warrior ‘Qir’oron Shavek’ is left behind and soons find itself at Ravenhold as a security guard.

December 24th: Mindreaver is confronted by Legion heroine Esper. Esper is left virtually brain dead but the battle is believed to have equally damaged Mindreaver as she disappear and never reemerge.

~ 2014 ~

June 16th: The leadership of the Sisterhood of Justice is decimated in a fight against the Xenobreed. In the following months, Radical Feminist heroine ‘Wycked’ takes control of the remainder of the group and proceed to purge their ranks of ‘Males’ defined as all members no assigned female at birth.

December 1st: Legionnaire and pop singer Jade release her first full studio album ‘Jaded’ it rapidly goes platinum.

~ 2015 ~

May 22nd: A mid-sized asteroid on a collision course with Earth is destroyed seemingly without incident, showering small debris across Europe and Asia. Unbeknownst to Earth’s population the meteor contained trace of exotic particles which bond with a few dozen individuals, granting them powers. The resulting parahumans become know as ‘Meteor Children.’

 ~ 2016 ~

July 15th: Hostage crisis at Club 613 in London. The crisis is resolved by the intervention of a new hero, allegedly Lt. Alistair of the City of London Police, part of a new mechanized initiative to fight parahuman crime.

August 2nd: Valkyra III dies at the hand of Feuerschwingen, in the night her transgender daughter Michelle Weiss who was given away for adopting inherits her power rather than her cisgender twin sister Freyja.

September 5th: Ravenhold opens its door to a new class of students including Orion III, Firebrand, Housatonic, Warwitch, Kavacha, Vigilant, Magpie II, Firestar, Whitemane, Nightstalker, Sliver, Moraltach and Sanguine.