White-Out: Part II


Part II: Some Relief

Being here sure was tiring. My other form was pushed to its limit and clearly had no effect on my current one. There probably weren’t that many options for me to begin with. It didn’t bother me that much. I found that I could stay as my other self a bit longer every time I’d transform into it. There was a certain presence that would force its way into my head whenever this happened, but it remained dormant for the most part. I remember that when I was before, it easily overpowered my own will and forced me to to take someone’s life. I instantly felt sick from thinking about it.

I also found that I was growing negligent over my current form. My other one oddly reminded me of that mutant who went by the name of Rowan. I wondered if the same material had been discovered wherever they’d come from or if the others here had been exposed to it. Several others here did send a chill down my spine. The one that had my attention was Annabelle. She was a little withdrawn and seemingly innocent enough, but something about her had me on edge. I decided not to focus on this after she showed genuine concern for my well-being.

I may have stared at her for a little too long after she’d asked me, though. Or, that could have just been in my head, I’m not sure. Everyone here seemed so kind. I’m sure that mistake from earlier was an accident as I could tell Jaime wasn’t really sure what she was looking it. Still, I’d seen worse ignorance where I was before.

I was currently fixated on repairing a pair of headphones that played only though the left side. The wires were a little beyond what I could do with what materials I had, though. I couldn’t do any more with it tonight and set everything away.

I felt a little uneasy as I went out into the room where we all were before. Annabelle was outside talking to someone, but I didn’t know where the others were. I found I wasn’t really hungry and was about to go back into the room until I saw Rowan sleeping on the floor, curled up like a cat. I wondered why they slept here and not in their room.

Getting over to them was a little tiring as my arms had clearly wanted to just rest already. They heard me when I got close enough and seemed a little dazed for a moment.

“Oh, it’s already night?” They stretched out before standing up.

“Seems like it.” I replied, trying not to seem too interested in what they were doing.

“Right…later, then.”

“Wait, I need to ask you something.”

“No, you can’t pet me.”

“It wasn’t that, besides I don’t think you’d let me, anyway.” I laughed nervously.

“What do you want?”

“I just would like to know if you knew anything about the Black Blood. You see, my other form was a result of a altered variation of it.”

They seemed deep in thought for a moment.

“I don’t know that much about it. There were only rumours here and there about what was really going on. What ever had attacked me back then could’ve been something that had been infected with the stuff, but I’m not really sure.”

“Hmm…” I looked at the ground and tried to make sense of it.

“Maybe ask the other one about it.”

“The other one?”

“Yeah, I didn’t really catch her name. Also had yellow eyes. Haven’t seen her around much, though. She definitely has the Black Blood as far as I can tell.”

“Are we supposed to be able to sense each other, or something?”

“Are you saying you can’t?”

“Not like this, no…”

“Ah, well…at least you can choose when you want others to fear you.” Their voice sounded rather bitter.

“It’s not that simple.”

“Whatever you say. I’m going back to sleep before I get cranky.” They took another look at me before going into one of the other rooms nearby.

I watched them leave. They’d obviously been through more than I could imagine. Probably everyone here had gone through something or another. I went back into my assigned room and tried to go back to sleep. It didn’t come and I ended up getting no rest that night. I was exhausted and didn’t boast the kindest mood when the others saw me.

“Got no sleep, huh?” Rowan said from behind me. I didn’t know that they were standing there.

“None at all. I feel terrible.”

“Ah, well that sucks. You might want to bother that other one before she disappears again.”

“Alright…” I mumbled.

“Good luck.”

I searched everywhere while the others ate and talked amongst themselves. I found her, but she was clearly about to go outside. Going over to her, my arms were begging for me to stop moving. She almost went out the door until I spoke up.


The look in her eyes was cold and I felt uncomfortable having her gaze on me.


“Um, I just want to ask you a few things if that’s alright?”

“I have places to be. Maybe some other time.” She glanced outside.

“Oh, alright…” I frowned.

Yikaru took one more look at me before going outside. I sat there feeling defeated until she came back inside, shivering noticeably. She was clearly trying to hide that she was in pain. She gave me an embarrassed look when she noticed me staring.

“Are you okay? Is it really cold out, or something?”

“No…Yes…I don’t know.” She cringed.

“I have a warm jacket if you want to borrow it. There’s down lined inside of it.”

She seemed hesitant.

“It’s nice and warm. I’ll go get it…”

“I’ll come with you. It’s clear I can’t be outside in that climate otherwise.”

I gave a faint smile. She followed me to the room and watched as I looked through my things. I found it neatly folded up where I’d left it.

“You keep things in order.” She stated blankly.

“Yes, so I can find them easier of course.”

“Must be nice. Seems I can’t do such a thing without it being disturbed.”

“Yeah your roommate seems sorta…abrasive?”

“You have no idea. Seriously, who uses up all the ink in someone else’s pen? It’s like it’s some kind of joke to her. I do hope yours is a little better.”

“Yes, she is. She doesn’t really talk much, though.”

“Ah.” She seemed deep in thought.

“Anyway, you can borrow this as long as you want to.” I held the jacket out to her.

Again, she seemed hesitant.

“Come on. I don’t want you to freeze out there.”

“Alright, fine.” Yikaru accepted my gesture and put the jacket on.

“Looks nice on you.” I smiled again.

“Right. I really have to get going, though. I’ll answer your questions later. Thank you, Yougen.” She nodded before walking out.

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Enmity: Part I


Part I: Angst

“Rowan, please try to understand…”

“No! Why would you do this? Why would they let you!?”

“You’ll be happy there. That’s all I want.”

“What about what I want? Have you ever thought of that?”

My dad looked flustered and fearful. Deep down, I knew he cared about me, but I hated that he’d do such a thing behind my back. Somehow, he’d submitted an application to an institute a ways away from here. It would require me to study over there for a long time. I flat out hated the thought.

“They’ve already accepted your application. They know about others with your condition. They can help you. Please give them a chance.”

I took a deep breath.

“Fine, but I’m not happy about this at all.”

“Alright. I’ll drive you over to where the bus is scheduled to arrive.”

“They expect me to fit on a bus?” I said in frustration.

“I’m sure it’ll be okay. Please keep an open mind to the whole thing, alright?”

“I’ll try. When do we go?”

“Let’s see…it’s the 5th today. So, tomorrow.”

“What the hell, were you going to tell me?!”

“I lost track of time.” He shrugged.

I mumbled angrily in response.

“Better get packing, Rowan. Be sure to rest early.” He turned around and went into the kitchen.

I went upstairs to my and took out the bag I used for school when I used to attend one. It’s probably been several months since then. I looked through my things and decided to pack light as I already planned to come back home some time in the future. As much as I disliked my dad for doing all of this without my consent, I didn’t want to leave him behind.

Our relationship wasn’t one filled with love and trust and it was only more strained after my mother had left my father shortly after what had happened to me. She said she couldn’t understand and deal with it. We never saw her again. I was certain that I hated her for doing that to him. She and I were never close, but he’d turned into a different person after this happened. He wasn’t as passionate about things as he used to be and was just generally unhappy.

Our arguments started the day she left. He was trying to convince me that it hadn’t been my fault, but I wouldn’t have it. I knew the truth. I’d heard her words, after all. The look on her face when she saw me was heartbreaking. Why, it was almost as bad as when I was rejected by Hayden. She’d been everything to me and now I was supposed to act like I hadn’t been hurt by what she did. Cutting someone off like that…and they say I’m the monster.

I didn’t sleep well that night. This bed was a little small for me now, so it was hard to get comfortable. I tried to sleep on the floor, but it wasn’t carpet or anything soft, so it was truly hopeless. I’d packed everything away like my dad wanted to and added his number to the cellphone I had. It was difficult to get the numbers dialed because of my claws, but the few calls I made were important enough to make it matter.

I woke to my dad walking into my room and nudging me softly. He greeted me with a forced smile. The sympathetic look I’d been getting from him was starting to get tiring. I was really going to miss him, despite this though. He was the only family I knew since my mother was out of the picture.

“There’s a bus stop downtown that’ll take you to…Ravenhold Academy, it’s called. Are you sure you have everything?” My dad said, taking out several notes he’d written on.

“Yeah, I do…” I wasn’t very eager to go along with this at all.

“Okay, come on.” He went out the front door and I went behind him.

He was silent while he drove. I was in the back seat because I couldn’t fit anywhere else. Even now, I felt a little crowded because I had to keep all hunched down uncomfortably. The drive to our destination took a long time and I fell asleep a few times on the way there. When our vehicle came to a stop I eagerly got out and felt sore. My dad stood beside me and was looking at the other students were boarding the bus.

“I’m kinda nervous…” I said, my voice sounding weak and quiet.

“It’s okay. You’ll be alright here, Rowan.”

“Will you be okay all alone?”

“I won’t be alone. I’ll get a puppy or something.” He shrugged.

“Giving me a reason to visit, are you?” I asked jokingly.


“If you do get one, please send pictures.”

“Will do.”

I looked at the bus and back at him. He was awkwardly looking away. He accepted my hug, but it was shorter than I’d wanted. I picked up the bag I’d brought with me. He gave a reassuring smile and watched me board the bus. I found a seat quickly near the back of it and tried to find a comfortable position. My dad drove away before the bus left and I was a little sad to see him go.

The noise in here made it hard to relax. There was people yelling and I noticed this guy was trying to get an Itharii to sell him dust. What was it about people and wanting to escape this reality? They’d only come back to it later, anyway. The Itharii didn’t seem to know what to do and luckily another student intervened before the situation got any worse. They’d mentioned their name was Ahti, but I didn’t catch anything else. I was a little to tired to get up from my seat and do something anyway. Seeing as they were alright now, I eased up a little and got some more sleep before I arrived at the academy.

I woke up once more when the bus came to a stop. The students filed out and eagerly took in their surroundings. I couldn’t help but feel curious, too. I waited for everyone to get in front of me and went in behind the last person. I was a little nervous that they’d seen me, but it was reassuring to see others that were mutated like I was, at least.

I was lead to a building by someone after I’d spent a little too long wandering around. How she knew who I was, I had no clue. Something about her had my guard up. She had yellow eyes like I did and had a scent that was similar to mine. Before we went inside, I knew I had to ask her about it.

“Are you…Uhh…” I tried to form the words.

“I am like you.” She whispered.

“But, how is that-”

“Not important. Go inside. I’ll join soon enough. Maybe.” She said before going back where we came.

I watched her leave and then looked back towards the building. Going inside, I saw a few others that were here already. When someone asked about the Itharii, this girl with red hair had called them an “it” which made a part of me snap.

“Don’t call Ahti an ‘it’.” I said, my anger showing a little more than I’d wanted.

She shrugged off my display and left into another room. I glared at her until she was out of view. My eyes then went to the pizza. I was quite hungry and it was difficult to not over eat with this new form of mine. It was troublesome to get full and feel accomplished after having a meal. I had several slices before I decided to lay off.

I saw Ahti talk to someone else over the pizza and they hesitantly tried some. They seemed to be delighted. An appropriate reaction when it came to pizza. I left them alone to look at the room assignments. Ahti came over to try and read what was on there. My room mate was someone who went by the name of Allison Walker. I felt a little nervous over meeting them.

“It’s too high, I can’t read it.” Ahti said beside me.

I went over to their entry and read it to them. Their room mate’s name had me feeling both uncomfortable and worrying for their safety. I didn’t know why I was feeling so protective over them. I even felt flattered when they mentioned how tall I was. I told them I gave credit to being a parahuman, a term they were unfamiliar with.

“Hey, which one of you is Rowan?” An unfamiliar voice asked.

I went over to them and they explained that they were my room mate. They also let me know that they, too, used “they” pronouns. The room we were supposed to share was bigger than the one I had at home. I went in and unpacked what I’d brought with me. Seeing the empty spaces, I thought that maybe I’d forgotten some things.

I took out my phone and called my dad. He didn’t often pick up, but I really hoped he would this time. I needed to hear a familiar voice.

“Hello?” He sounded tired.

“Hey, I got here safe. Just thought you should know…”


Awkward silence hung in the air.

“Um, talk to you later. Bye.” I didn’t wait for his answer.


Life After Purpose: Part III

Life After Purpose

Part III: Corrupt Thoughts

That little shit…if he thinks he can get away with saying such bullshit about me, then he’s mistaken. I should’ve made my point clear before he had his “protection” around. With my luck, Jaime was probably going to keep close to him from now on. The thought angered me. She’d used those damned weights against me. If I hadn’t worn them, I would’ve flattened him. I had to wear them, though. There wasn’t a choice in the matter. Without them on, I’d break so many things. At times, I wished they’d just let me do whatever the hell I wanted. That little fuck deserved it. I’d just wanted to go outside for a quick smoke even though it probably wasn’t permitted.

I tried to calm down from what happened, but his words stayed in my mind. My other side? He didn’t know what he was talking about. Though, that look he’d given me was something strange. It was like he’d never seen me before. Whatever it was, this was his problem. If he can’t defend himself after saying such crap, then I have no respect for him at all.

Going back inside, I wanted to go back to my room to try and relax. The others here were up by then and were talking amongst themselves. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Annabelle go out to where she’d sat before. I wondered if I should’ve joined her seeing as I was in a shitty mood. I decided to go and try and talk to her anyway, she could probably use some company.

She was sitting by herself and clearly tense when I sat beside her. Perhaps I was a little close, but it wasn’t like I was going to move away. Annabelle gave me a shy smile that I almost lost myself in, those angry thoughts from before long gone.

“How’s it going?” I asked as I tried not to come across as nervous as I was.

“It’s a little early for me…”

“Yeah, I’ve never liked waking up in the morning.”

“So, would you consider playing HotM again?” She asked, that curious fascination in her eyes once more.

“Sure, it looks interesting. I might get my own computer to play these games on, but I don’t think my parents would appreciate me bothering them.”

“I’m sure they’d like to hear from you?”

“Heh, I doubt it.”

“You’re not close with them?”

“No. Mostly because I’m not…” I didn’t want to think about this.

“They put expectations on you, right?”

“Something like that.”

“It’s okay, I understand. You should still talk to them, though. It couldn’t hurt.”

“I might. I don’t want to go yet, though. I’d rather talk to you.”

“I’m not sure if you mean that…” She looked down, unsure.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“There’s really no reason for you to want my company.”

“I’d think the same thing when it comes to myself, to be honest. Most people see me as abrasive and generally unpleasant.”

“You’re strong and confident, a number of people would kill to have those qualities.”

I frowned.

“I’m not as confident as you think, or strong, either. I have times when I break. Why I almost did so earlier when Mace said some bullshit.”

“Really? I didn’t see him as the type to do something like that?”

“I guess I gave him a good reason.” I shrugged.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it, whatever it was.”

“I seriously hope not.” I stared bitterly at the ground.

“Anyway. Did you want to play some more HotM sometime?”

“Yeah, that sounds nice.”

“Did it bother you when were, um, that close?”


“Well, we have a few minutes here before class starts…did you want to?”


“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

I watched her stand up and go into the other room. I didn’t see either Mace or Jaime since that conflict happened. If I did see them again, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to control myself. Maybe he had been right about me after all. I hated to think that it was true. I couldn’t let my anger take over my thoughts, especially now when I didn’t want to fuck up in front of Annabelle. It was going to be a struggle to see both her and him in the same room. Despite how I felt, I chose to put up a fight against my anger…

For her I wanted to.

Speaking of the little devil himself, Mace walked past me into the main room to where the others were. Jaime followed behind him and I saw her glance in my direction for a moment. I knew she had trouble seeing, but I had the feeling she knew where I was. I didn’t want to make enemies here and yet I totally did. It made things both interesting and miserable for people. Jaime probably hated me for lashing out at him like that. I almost hated her for stopping me.

Seeing as Annabelle hadn’t come back, I went to get my fill and ate absentmindedly. It wasn’t bad. When I was back at home, I didn’t really have anything home made like this. My parents would have something ordered in from the local restaurant. It got tiring over having the same thing over and over again, but then again I was probably just getting spoiled.

I was about to have another serving when Annabelle came back with the computer in her hands and a kind smile on her face. She sat down beside me and the screen showed that she’d been doing something else before coming out here. I was curious to what it’d been, but I didn’t want to seem intrusive.

Much like before, those negative thoughts disappeared and were replaced by some rather…sinful things about her. I was a little ashamed over it.

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FireStar: Part II


Part II: Fragmented

I woke up and started to panic when I couldn’t remember anything. I didn’t know where I was. Looking around, I struggled to regain any memory of this place. With my familiar case at my side, I put it on my lap and opened it to see the sword in there, all safe and sound. I stared at it some more and felt my life force course through the blade. I started to relax as the memories started to come back in bits and pieces. I decided to go out and see who else was here.

There were a few people around, but I didn’t know who they were. Up until now, I just barely remembered the bus ride over here, but I could only recall my conversation with Yougen. My grip around the handle for the case tightened. I then remembered that this has happened before.

“Morning, Mace…” An unfamiliar voice said from behind me.

I turned to face them, but I couldn’t place the name to the voice. A red-haired girl was standing there with a slightly stressed look on her face.

“Who…are you?” I said, my unease growing.

I couldn’t understand the look that was on her face.

“Is this a joke?” She said, her expression turning dark.

“No, it’s not. Just tell me what’s going on here.”

“You forgot about everything?”

“Some things…”

“I forgot this was a problem. Come on, let’s go outside and talk.”


She hesitated before holding her hand out. I wasn’t comfortable with such intimacy with a stranger and just stared at it. She sighed and went out the door. I followed close behind her. She sat one of the chairs and I sat beside her. She took a deep breath before talking.

“What do you remember?” Her voice was quiet.

“My…sword case.” I took it out and held it in my hands.

“Anything else?”

“Well I think I-” My voice trailed off when someone else came outside and stared at us. Even without my memory, my mind told me she was bad news.

“What’re you looking at?”

“N-Nothing.” I looked down.

“You’re so weak, Mace.”

“I am not…”

“You keep trying to hit it off with people, but you’ve got nothing to offer it looks like.” She said with a confident grin.

“Y-Yeah, well…you’re no different!” I said after a few choice memories of her came back.

“What’s that?” Amber looked irked with what I said.

“I saw you with Annabelle. You think she wants to see this side of you?”

“I’m gonna fucking break you.” Her voice was low like a growl.

I don’t remember ever feeling so afraid in my life. She came over to me and that look of anger in her eyes was one I’d never seen in a person before. I flinched when she lunged out at me and I shut my eyes from fear. When I felt nothing, I looked over to see that she was being held in place somehow. She was struggling against whatever this was. I didn’t have time to figure out what was going on before that red-haired girl took my arm and ran inside.

She shut the door behind her after I came into the room. She looked to be having some trouble breathing for a few minutes.

“Are you okay?” I came in a little closer and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever run that fast before.” She laughed halfheartedly.

“Did you hold her back somehow?”

“I had to. I was lucky to pick up that she was wearing those metal bands…”

“Well…thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Mace.”

“This your room?” I looked around the place.

“Yes, for now.” She went over and sat down on the bed.

I found another chair and sat down once more, the case was set down at my side.

“So who are you?”

“I go by the name of Jaime or…Sliver.”

“I’m Mace, nice to meet you!” I offered my hand for her to shake.

She just looked at it.

“You really don’t remember.” She said in disbelief.

“I’m sorry.” I pulled back and frowned.

“I guess I deserve it for how I treated you.”

“No, don’t think that. It’s just gotten a little worse, I think.”

“Any reason why?”

“Using my sword is a little demanding. Plus I don’t know how long the seal can hold…It might be why this is happening.”

“What’s this about a seal?”

“Um, nothing.”

“Tell me.”


“It’s important, isn’t it? Will it take you away?” Her voice was a whisper.

“It’s not important. Not right now, anyway.”

Jaime looked frustrated. I didn’t want to tell her that, of all things. She seemed a little on the somber side and I’d probably only hurt her more on top of my frequent amnesia. I thought she deserved better.

Silence hung in the air for a while. I was still a little shaken up from what happened. I had no idea she’d react that way. How was I supposed to go back out there with her around?

“What am I supposed to do?”

“She won’t act that way when there’s others around, I bet so you should be okay for now. I’ll also…look out for you. It would be nice if you could remember us, though…”

“Um, us?”

“W-Well…” A bit of redness came across her face.

“Were we…?”

“Yeah, for a while.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry.” I buried my head in my hands.

“I’ve said some awful things to you and treated you terribly. Maybe it’s for the best that you don’t remember all of that.”

“Did…I change?”

“No, I did. I got paranoid and scared when my ability started to get stronger and my health was deteriorating. The only thing I knew was to push you away and distance myself from everyone. It was only a short while ago that I realized that I couldn’t do it anymore…even though it would hurt them terribly if something happened to me.”

“No one should be alone during that sort of thing. I’m sorry you had to be.”

“I’ve learned my lesson, even though I’ve never been a social person to begin with.” She shrugged.

“I appreciate having you around, ma’am.” I gave her my best smile.

“Likewise, Mace…” She gave a faint smile in response.


Dying Light:Part II

Dying Light

Part II: Unguarded

I woke up all sweaty and with my heart in my head. What I saw just moments before happened to be memories from my past. They weren’t good images and I really wanted them to be one of those things I’d eventually forget and leave behind.

I sat up and tried to collect my thoughts. It was dark in the room and I felt alone again even though I heard my…roommate sleeping nearby. Even though my eyes weren’t that great, I could sense that I’d thrown some things around in my sleep again. I was much too tired to pick them up, so I hoped that the others would understand. After all, this really was all that I could hope for.

My fatigue caught up with me again and I lied back down and waited for sleep to come. It didn’t no matter how long I waited, it just wouldn’t happen. I stayed still for hours and my misery clearly showed the next day.

I’d already assumed that it was going to be awful and for the most part it was. The weather was cold and windy. I didn’t like being stuck in these classes as a part of my parole, but I hated being outside even more. Then those dumb thoughts came into my mind again. I was sitting outside away from the others once more and felt nostalgic even though it had been only yesterday. I struggled to hold onto the memory.

Someone had talked to me, I think. I couldn’t recall his name, but it would come to me eventually. He was right about what he said, but my pride and fear made getting over my mistake rather difficult.

“Hey, Jaime.” A familiar voice said from nearby.

I didn’t reply and ignored him. He just didn’t know when to quit, did he?

“Come on, I know you can hear me.” Mace came up to me and sat down beside me.

“Go away.” I tensed up and inched away.

“I just want to know what happened to you…and why you’re like this. You’re like a completely different person now.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me! Why must you keep pushing me away?”

I looked down and tried to keep my emotions together. I remained tense as he tried to hug me. The second I was touched, he got a rather weak punch to the face. He seemed hurt for a moment, but was still determined. I hated that about him.

“That was uncalled for!”

“Who the fuck cares?!” I snapped and stood up to go inside.

I had just about enough of this crap.

“I know you’re still in there somewhere! What’re you afraid of?”

“You don’t know anything about me.” I mumbled.

“You might be surprised.” He tried to come in close again, but I wouldn’t have any of it and threw a knife I carried towards him. The blade stopped just inches from his forehead.

“You know, I didn’t want to believe them when they said you were once a villain. I hate to think how alone you must’ve felt back then.”

“What’s your point? You think that’s going to stop me?” The control over the knife twitched from my own stress.

“If you really wanted to kill me, you would’ve done it already. Especially if you are as lost as you think you are.”

“You…don’t know anything.” I felt my guard drop slowly.

The knife sank from the air and fell to the ground. Mace now had a faint mark on his cheek where I punched him. He clearly hesitated before trying to hug me again. So many thoughts ran through my mind over what I should do, but before I came to a conclusion, he was holding me in his arms.

“You’re an idiot…” My voice was low.

“Yeah, I know. Shall we go back inside?”

“Maybe we could stay here for a bit longer?”

“Of course.” He gave a reassuring smile and embraced a little tighter.

After a few minutes, my tolerance with him ended and I pushed him away, he looked a little sad. I moved away from him and hoped that no one saw what we did. It wasn’t like I was embarrassed over him, but I was afraid I’d be pressure into something I wouldn’t want in the end.

“Are we…um…you know?”

“Don’t push it. I’m going back inside.” I turned around to go back inside.

“I’m still gonna remain hopeful, you know.”

“Yeah, I do.” I went through the door and went to sleep in my room.

Seeing the food that was set out distracted me. I had to get closer to see what was there. I wondered who were had been making all of this. I’d offer them my thanks if I knew who they were…and if my pride would allow it. After getting a plate and returning to where I was before, I hoped that I could keep the food down this time. I reached out for something, but my hand made contact with some strange feeling skin and I pulled back in surprise.

“O-Oh sorry!” Someone said.

Looking over at them, I recognized the orange and black blur.

“I should apologize to you, not the other way around.” My eyes fell to the floor.

“Why, what did you do?”

“I was being ignorant before. I’ve also known Rowan as an ‘it’ in my mind, as well. I don’t know any better, sorry. It’s easier for me to just label something and not worry about it.”

“Oh. That’s okay. I’m sure they don’t mind, either. Well, they probably do, but it’s okay with me. I go by ‘they’ pronouns for now. Rowan probably does, too.”

“Do you mind if we start over, then?”

“Start over?”

“From the beginning. I introduce myself and you do the same. Since we share the same room, it wouldn’t hurt, don’t you think?”

“Does that mean you won’t throw anything at me anymore?” They looked a little fearful.

“When did I do that?”

“In your sleep. Someone said you can’t control it?”

“They’re right. It’s nothing personal. Just means I’m having some bad dreams.”

“Oh. I don’t like to be alone when that happens. It’s scary being by myself here.”

“Well, if you need to talk, I’m here. Just, like, don’t tell the others, okay? I don’t think they’re as forgiving as you. Also, if I’m throwing things around, please wake me up. It’s draining using my ability even while I’m asleep.” I stopped myself before I’d get carried away.

“It’s a little shocking, but okay. I’ll try to.” They gave a convincing smile.

“Thank you.” I tried doing the same, but it probably didn’t look as genuine as I wanted it to.

They gave another bright grin before taking some food and going over to where the others were. I contemplated doing the same, but I wouldn’t feel right if Rowan was there. From what I remember, they looked really scary. Ahti was like the opposite of them, being tiny and sorta cute.

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Broken: Part VIII

Broken Legacy

Part VIII: Meeting Mama Bear

Just as Caroline had promised, she got working on a Cake as soon as we came home. Like the previous times I’d helped, I became her minion, just obeying her commands. This time however, she gave me some additional responsibilities; making the icing. So I followed her commands religiously.

Caroline had only finished her cake a few seconds earlier when Jaeger, Sage and Allison, who had guided them to the administration, came in.

Sage looked like they were about to pass out from the surprise while Jaeger’s eyes quickly went for the stairs. He was about to bolt when Caroline gave him a slice of cake, which defused his attempted escape.

Instead the three of them joined us in the backyard for sandwiches and cake. Allen was mysteriously not among them, maybe he’d gone to whatever hiding spot Yikaru seemed to spend her evenings in. Still, I didn’t bother to ask for his whereabouts.

We got cake distributed and showed our stuff to Sage and Jaeger, with me going first once again and showing my mad skillz with the staff. Amber went next and demonstrated her agility with her claymore.

After Mace, Caroline took a turn and it was stunning. She stepped into the middle of the pool, literally walking on water before she created some kind of dragon-snake creature from it, sitting on it’s head and rising into the sky.  

She stayed there for a moment before the head lowered her and she stepped down next to me.

The whole backyard had shut up and just looked in awe. I gave Caroline a round of applause and the others joined me.

Caroline, was just radiating; the shy girl who though she couldn’t do anything was gone at the moment. I could see her face stretched into a smile and her chest puffed up with pride. At that moment, she was more beautiful than ever before.

“That was amazing…” I said as she sat down. “You’re not even wet.”

“My power has its advantages.” She said. Although she was still booming with pride, I could see that her face had gone livid.

“Although I can’t help but notice you’ve gotten a few shades paler.”

She nodded in answer and I got up, getting her some cake and a box of juice. She seemed happy at the attention as she digged in, replenishing her batteries.

After a few minutes, I noticed Allen sneaking through the crowd and finding a chair away from everyone else. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why he’d possibly thought he was invited to the party.

Caroline got up and went inside, coming back a few minutes later, holding a plate of cake and some kind of paper. To my surprise, She went straight for Allen, shoving the plate of cake in his hands as whatever the folded up paper sheet was before coming back my way.

“You went to see Allen?” I asked.

“Someone had to.” She said, shrugging.

“So what, you’re giving him a chance?”

“Maybe I’m naive, but I’m just hoping that he’s just an idiot who doesn’t know any better and that if we just give him some help and a little time he’ll learn.”

“That’s optimistic.”

“I think most people are good and want to do right, but sometimes they need some help.”

“Well, if that doesn’t work, I know a way to keep him quiet.”

“Whatever you’re thinking, that’s not going to happen.” She said, not the least bit amused.

“Fine, Allen’s off limit.”

Caroline’s phone buzzed and she checked the message she’s just received before typing one back.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“My mom.”

“Is Mama bear checking up on her cub often?”

“Only about a few hundred times a day.” She said with a roll of her eyes.

Ian wasn’t any different though, he’d send me texts all the time to the point I’d come to completely ignore them until the end of the day. If he had anything urgent to talk about, he just had to call. Although as smothering as he could get, I didn’t mind too much; Ian was just compensating for his own crappy childhood by spoiling us rotten and being overprotective with both my little brother Jason and I.

“Good thing she’s not here, it’d be hard to have a party with her constantly watching.” I said.

“Actually, she’s taking a vacation in town.”

“A ‘vacation’ uh? That sounds oddly suspicious.”

She answered with a shrug. “Honestly, if it means she’s taking a few days off the farm, even if it’s so she can run to my rescue if she needs to, I don’t mind. Although she wants me to go have dinner with her like right now.”

“Do you wanna go?” I asked.

“I dunno, we’re kind of having a party here.”

“Well, we’re probably going to have a lot of those, but how often are you going to see your mom in the next few months?”

“I guess you’re right… Say, do you want to come with me?”

“You’re inviting me to have dinner with your mom?”

“Well, you invited me to have dinner with your dad earlier, and it’s probably going to be your only chance for a while.”

“Touché. In that case I’d love to meet your mom.”

The two of us got up and left the party without notifying anyone. Caroline decided to get changed into a clean set of clothes and I did the same. Rather than just my casual dud, I went for my more formal clothes; a button shirt and a blazer with slacks.

“You look really nice.” Caroline said once I pulled the drape back from side of the room. She wore a white fluffy tiered skirt and a black shirt under a denim vest. The skirt was fairly short and she didn’t have any tights or leggings underneath, exposing her legs…

Her very nice legs…

“You too.” I answered after a moment, trying to regain my composure.

We got out and walked to the main gate. Only a few minutes later, A dark green SUV pulled over to the curb where we were waiting, driven by a extremely bulky woman with flowing brown hair and smooth facial features. I could see the resemblance between her daughter and her.

“Hey Mom.” Caroline said as she hopped in the back seat. She stopped midway through to give her mom a kiss on the lips.

“Hello Sweetie.”

Once she was in place, I got in, sitting next to Caroline and buckling up.

“Mom, this is my friend Charlie, oh she’s also my roommate.” She said.

“It’s nice to meet you Charlie, I’m Colleen.”

“Hello Ma’am. It’s really nice to meet you. I hope I’m not intruding.”

“I’m too young to be a ma’am. Just Colleen is fine. And don’t worry about it, Caroline’s friends are always welcome at my table.”

“So, where are we going?”

“I checked, the Harborside Hotel’s restaurant has some openings.”

“Harborside’s good.” I said. “I go there with my dad often.”

“You go there often?” Colleen asked, raising a brow.

“I’m a local, I live nearby, it’s like only a twenty minute walk away.”

“Oh I see.” She said before driving toward town.

The Harborside hotel was, rather obviously, an hotel just by the side of the harbor. It was one of the biggest building in Havenport; a three story building with roughly forty personal bedrooms for guest to rent as well as its own restaurant and a terrace overlooking the bay.

Caroline’s mom parked her car and we got out and into the restaurant itself. The hostess immediately recognized me and brought us to the Coleman’s permanently reserved table.

“You’ve got your own table?” Caroline asked.

“Technically it’s my Dad’s. Since Ian can’t cook to save his life we got to restaurants almost everyday and there’s basically only four or five really good places around town. This is his favorite place. Heck, if we wait another hour or two there’s good chance he’s going to be here.”

“What does your father do?” Colleen asked.

“He’s a superhero. Like father, like daughter.”

“There are superheroes in Havenport?”

“Not really, he mostly hangs around New York when he’s working.”

The waitress came over and we ordered; I went with a classic fillet and lobster surf n’ turf, Caroline ordered a herb crusted halibut with spinach puree and potato gallette while her mom went for a clambake.

Dinner itself went fairly smoothly, with Colleen asking me some questions here and there; nothing too intrusive.

Although Caroline was really surprised to learn I had a brother. Obviously he was adopted but he wasn’t from a tragic accident; his bio dad was one of Ian’s friend or rather transgender son of a friend and he’d gotten pregnant but couldn’t take care of little Jason since he was just seventeen so Ian had taken him in. Still, Simon dropped by every so often and Jason was very proud to have two dads. I just didn’t tend to mention him since he was eight years younger than me and we didn’t get along much.

“I’ll be right back.” Caroline said, getting up and heading to the bathroom.

As she got up, I couldn’t help but stare at her. A thousand dirty thoughts invading my head.  

“You like her, don’t you?” Colleen asked, getting my attention back.

“Well, yeah, she’s a good friend.”

“What I mean is; you want to get naked with her.” Just then, my cheeks caught fire while my heart just stopped.

“You’re not going to tell her, right?” I nervously asked.

“I won’t. She’ll have to figure it out on her own, or more likely you’re going to tell her yourself when you’re ready to.”

“You’re not like… against it?”

“You have no idea how often I’ve been in your position; being gay for a girl who was completely oblivious to it. Ultimately, it’s Caroline’s decision on whether or not she reciprocate your feelings.”

“But…” She began again. “And this is an important but, If you hurt her: I. Will. Break. You.” She said.

Oh it wasn’t a threat, it was a promise. And I fully believed her.

“So, what did I miss?” Caroline asked, sitting by my side.

“Nothing important really.” I answered sheepishly.

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Adventure: Part X

Adventure of a Lifetime

Part X: Welcoming

Charlie and I got to the dorm and started baking. Well, I baked and she acted as my minion, although I gave her some responsibilities as we didn’t have a whole lot of time before the others would be home.

I didn’t go for anything complicated; just a two layer spongecake with cream and jam raspberry filling, a white chocolate icing on top and some fresh raspberries.

After a few minutes, I got Sanjay, Ahti, Mace and Yougen volunteering to help me make four types of sandwiches for the welcome party; egg, tuna, ham and tomato grilled cheese for dinner. Once they were done, I had them set everything up outside; it was a beautiful day after all.

I was just finishing icing the cake when Charlie spoke up.

“Guys! They’re coming!” She said. With that, everyone else took position to welcome the new guys.

A moment later, Jaeger, Sage and Allison came through the door, I couldn’t help but notice that Allen was absent but I didn’t ask why.

“Welcome to the team!” I yelled, probably a little too loudly. Their eyes turned toward me and then to the cake.

“Oh gosh.” Sage mumbled, clearly overwhelmed by the moment.

“Thanks,” Jaeger answered. He was more composed than Sage but I could see the hint of embarrassment on his cheeks. I gave both of them a plate of cake and Jaeger examined the Cake I’d made for a second before declaring; “Good cake choice.”

“Come outside and meet everyone. We had a power show off yesterday evening which you unfortunately weren’t here for but I’m sure some of the others are happy to do it again.” I told them. The others took the cue and moved outside.

“Okay,” Jaeger said, Sage nodded and they followed me to the back where everyone was waiting. The moment we went out the door I looked at Jaeger and found his cake plate already empty. The guy sure as hell was voracious. “Thanks for the cake.” He said.

“You’re welcome.” I said after a moment. He left and started to mingle with the others. Same for Sage who hung out with Allison, both of whom seemed happy to know another non-binary person.

The initial welcoming over, I got busy serving the rest of the cake to everyone else, keeping a piece for Allen which I stashed in the fridge. As I did, the first to demonstrate their powers went; Charlie showing off her staff wielding kung-fu, Amber proudly showed her sword, which was as big as she was yet her strength allowed her to wield it effortlessly. In keeping with the weapons theme, Mace showed his own sword.  

Once everyone had their share and Mace was done, I stepped forward toward the pool for my new demonstration.

I removed my shoes and tested the water with my toe, letting my power course through it. Under my feet, the water felt as hard as concrete and so I took the first step and then the second; Everyone shut up at the demonstration; I was walking on water.

I walked to the middle of the pool and called my power forth before sending it through the water. A giant serpent of water emerged from the pool’s water and I sat on it’s head. With a thought, it lifted me up in the air. With another mental command, I controlled the serpent construct and it went down, lowering it’s head until it laid flat on the ground next to Charlie. I gently hopped off and dismissed the construct, letting it slid back into the pool.

There was a moment of silence until I received a round of applause. I took a bow and sat down next to Charlie, my heart beating with excitement, I was on cloud nine.

“That was amazing…” She said, still stunned by my display. “You’re not even wet.”

“My power has its advantages.” I said.

“Although I can’t help but notice you’ve gotten a few shades paler.”

She was right, I could already feel the strain of my ability. As well received as my demo had been, it hadn’t been smart to do something complex when still recovering from the morning. Without having to be asked, Charlie got up and got me some cake and a box of juice. The sugar being a welcome pick-me up.

A few minutes later, I noticed that Allen had joined us, sitting in a chair apart from everyone. Maybe I’m just no good at reading expressions, but he did look sorry. Or maybe he was just brooding because we didn’t like him.

“Mind waiting for me for a minute?” I asked Charlie.

“Uh sure.” She said.

I got up and went into the house, going into our room, I opened my computer and looked something up before printing it up and folding it into a pamphlet. That done, I picked the piece of cake I’d saved for Allen before going out again. As I walked toward Allen, I noticed Charlie staring at me.

When I came in front of him, Allen seemed genuinely surprised someone was interacting with him.

“You get one more chance. Nothing more.” I said, putting the plate in front of him. “Oh and read this, you might learn something.” Along with the not being a dick to transgender folks 101 pamphlet, I gave him my best fake smile.

He opened his mouth as if to say something but I didn’t let him say whatever he wanted to, just going back to Charlie’s side.

“You went to see Allen?” She said, a brow raised.

“Someone had to.” I said with a shrug.

“So what, you’re giving him a chance?”

“Maybe I’m naive, but I’m just hoping that he’s just an idiot who doesn’t know any better and that if we just give him some help and a little time he’ll learn.”

“That’s optimistic.”

“I think most people are good and want to do right, but sometimes they need some help.”

“Well, if that doesn’t work, I know a way to keep him quiet.”

“Whatever you’re thinking, that’s not going to happen.” I said, severely.

“Fine, Allen’s off limit.”

Before we could even change subject, my phone buzzed and I took it out of my pocket. Seeing my mom text me for the 200th time that day.

> How are things going on your end?

They’re pretty swell. Having a party to welcome some new classmates <

> Sounds fun, say want to have dinner with me tonight?

“Who is it?” Charlie asked.

“My mom.”

“Is Mama bear checking up on her cub often?”

“Only about a few hundred times a day.”

“Good thing she’s not here, it’d be hard to have a party with her constantly watching.”

“Actually, she’s taking a vacation in town.”

“A ‘vacation’ uh? That sounds oddly suspicious.”

I shrugged. “Honestly, if it means she’s taking a few days off the farm, even if it’s so she can run to my rescue if she needs to, I don’t mind. Although she wants me to go have dinner with her like right now.”

“Do you wanna go?”

“I dunno, we’re kind of having a party here.”

“Well, we’re probably going to have a lot of those, but how often are you going to see your mom in the next few months?”

“I guess you’re right… Say, do you want to come with me?”

“You’re inviting me to have dinner with your mom?”

“Well, you invited me to have dinner with your dad earlier, and it’s probably going to be your only chance for a while.”

“Touché. In that case I’d love to meet your mom.”

Sure, but do you mind if I bring my friend Charlie? <

> Guess not, I can pick you up at the gate in fifteen minutes or so.

We’ll be there. <

“She’s coming.” I told Charlie. “She’ll be at the gate in a few minutes.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

With that, we snuck out of the party, nobody seemingly noticing our departure.

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