Main Characters

Class 3 of 2016

Alexis, Amber – Moralltach

A daughter of two successful entrepreneurs whose secret identities involve bringing justice to where it had fallen short. Amber cares little in following their legacy and this was made clear after her sister June, passed away. The accident it one Amber still blames herself for and her most recent transfer was mostly due to the backlash she received from her peers.

She is rash and impulsive, not exactly hesitating when it comes to showing how she truly feels. This trait can be carried over to her abilities, which are superhuman strength and endurance. Amber seeks to push herself to the limit and a new opportunity has opened up where she could indeed fall into her parent’s footsteps well without her knowing.

Campbell, Caroline — Housatonic

Timid but energetic, Caroline is the group’s heart (and cook) always in good spirit despite everything. Caroline is an openly ace transgender girl who’s also deaf and a congenital amputee.  

Raised on a farm by her mutant mother and baseline grandparents, Caroline loves animals and food. She’s only recently learned the identity of her father; the supervillain Chat Noir.

Caroline is a powerful hydrokinetic capable of manipulating tremendous amounts of water which she can telekinetically harden. She is however incapable of creating water. 

Coleman, Charlie — Magpie II

Isabella and Raúl Cruz were model police officers; incorruptible, diligent and ever watchful. They were too good. They had to be removed. 

Kidnapping their six years old daughter Charlie, the Syndicate lured them into a trap. Although the second Raven saved their daughter, the two officers died in the altercation. The traumatized Charlie wouldn’t leave the Raven’s arms. Temporarily the Raven accepted to watch over her, or at least it was supposed to be temporay; it didn’t turn out that way.

Eight years later, Charlie grew up as a confident teenager with a strong sense of justice and all the ass-kickery her adoptive father could teach her.

Elster, Allen – Radical

Allen comes from a very conservative background, with negative views on aliens, heroes, LGBT people and basically anything not ‘normal’. Suddenly one day his world is turned upside down when he himself manifests abilities and hurts someone. Now he’s having to cope with being a mutant and untangling himself from the negative viewpoints his mother has embedded into him his whole life.

Heppenheimer, Jeager – Echo

A pet project of a mad scientist, Jaeger is a human chimera with bat DNA. Up until now his life has been dictated by an infamous criminal group called the Syndicate and the man he considers father. In a sudden turn of events he finds himself free of their control and a choice is offered; spend the rest of his life in prison or go to Ravenhold where he can try and learn to use his abilities to protect people.

Kensuke, Yikaru – Sanguine

Yikaru was exposed to a series of experiments while she was still a child. They were meant to save her life, but the material they used molded together with the host, erasing her identity. For some time, parts of her memories were revealed in the brief and limited visions she’d encounter during her dreams. She began to doubt her origins when one of the scientists tried to open her eyes to the truth. He paid for this with his life and even though his daughter is now free from the presence worked into her consciousness, she is still burdened over the consequences of losing control that one day.

Like Rowan, Yikaru possesses the traits that come with a being taken by Black Blood, only her abilities are more refined due to the amount of discipline she currently practices. She is able to create blade-like objects from her arms on top of the abilities demonstrated by Rowan. Due to her material originating for a pure resource, she also has a weakness to the cold which can be fatal.

Mongeux, Rowan – Nightstalker

One of the few surviving members of the project involved what is known as “Black Blood”. The creature that attacked them exposed Rowan to material which altered their form into something monstrous. Rowan doesn’t speak much about their past, or about most things as they tend to keep to themselves. Shortly after their transformation, they were rejected by their best friend which they still haven’t gotten over.

Silent, yet opinionated, Rowan’s abilities border on the predictable. They found they gained a surge of strength and speed with their new form, along with being able to blend into the shadows.

Unknown, Mace – FireStar

A skilled pyrokinetic, Mace heavily relies on his sword, Laevatienn for his magic prowess. His soul was bound to the object in a ritual that nearly cost him his life. His lust for power diminished dramatically after this as his memory was wiped due to the strain. He still suffers from occasional amnesia, though he doesn’t seem to mind this new, cheerful self he has become.

Mace was involved with Jaime for a while before her personality changed. He still hopes that there’s a future for them both.

Pichai, Sanjay — Kavacha

Scion of SecuriTech’s head arms researcher Chandra Pichai, Sanjay was groomed from a young age to take over his ageing father’s work. Naturally gifted and brilliant, Sanjay graduated high school at ten and attended college for several years. Although many expect the child genius to be a nerd, he’s actually a jock at heart. 

After saving his sister from a terrorist attack, he chose to become a hero using his personal power armor and technical genius.

Pilman, Tyler — Orion III

Deadbeat dad, poor single mother with a string of terrible boyfriends, Tyler hasn’t exactly had it easy. His life changed when a bullied high school student opened fire in his school’s cafeteria. Seeing a friend about to be shot, Tyler leaped into action.

It was as the shooter fired at him that the Starheart; the mysterious artifact that imbued the Orion legacy chose him as it’s new bearer, saving his life and allowing him to stop the shooting. Despite being the chosen of the heart, Tyler isn’t a good fit for the role of hero; burdened by anger management issues and inability to trust others.

With the Heart’s power Tyler is super strong, resilient, can fly and project photokinetic blasts from his body.

Ryoga, Yougen – Whitemane

Yougen always had a love for machinery, but an injury from a recent accident has curbed her enthusiasm. She is paralyzed from the waist down and is mostly convinced she won’t be able walk again. Despite this, she tries to keep a optimistic light on things and simply wants to bring happiness to people.

Yougen came from an alternate dimension through a rift she discovered by accident. She greatly misses her family and friends she had before. What she also brought with her was the result of her curiosity gone wrong. An alternate form resembling Rowan’s, Yougen wonders if they’re more connected than she thinks. Perhaps her curiosity could lead to answers or simply more trouble like it has in the past.

Santiago, Jaime – Sliver

Jaime’s criminal past and long history of abuse has forced her mental state into one that’s clinging onto any bit of sanity. She tries to keep herself occupied with attending Ravenhold Academy so she won’t fall back into those dark tendencies. She is cold and distant from the others and at times cruel with her words, the few that get to know her will easily see how vulnerable she really is.

Her ability is force manipulation, able to propel objects to a target using telekinetic energy. Jaime is finding it harder to find her way in the world as her vision and health are deteriorating. 

Skylar, Sage – Skynjun

Sage is a bubbly, genderfluid narcoleptic who’s always dreamed of becoming a hero and helping people. They have both the abilities of their parents and a third ability of their own; allowing them to heal others, read minds and link their senses to others. They’re not much of a fighter but have an endless well of determination to do what’s morally right.

Tkara, Ahti — Vigilant

Born shortly after the Itharii settlement on earth, Ahti is part of the first generation of aliens born and raised on earth. Fairly timid by nature even for an Itharii, Ahti would have been unremarkable if tzi hadn’t stumbled upon an Aldaar symbiotic weapon during one of tzi’s diving excursion.

The world’s sole superpowered Itharii, Ahti can manipulate and create force fields and projections at will.

Walker, Allison— Firebrand

A pyrokinetic cape-geek mutant from Brooklyn, Allison is brash, full of life and playful. At least when their Fibromyalgia leave them alone. Allison is a proud fluid-bigender black Jewish person struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Allison’s powers manifest by transforming them and their possessions into energy; allowing for flight and energy projection. 

Yeun, Annabelle — Warwitch

As a sixth generation Korean-American with schizophrenia hailing from San-Francisco, Annabelle was raised with the thinnest of cultural heritage from her assimilated family. 

On the run from the Shigeo-kai after being chosen as an avatar of the heavenly king she now struggle with recovering her lost culture and dealing with her duties and dreams. Annabelle’s status has given her powerful magical powers. 

Despite the fact that she tend to be quiet and reserved, she’s really friendly, outgoing and artistic, Annabelle feels compelled to befriend everyone she can.