Spoiler Free Character List

As to be spoiler free, entries only cover characters at the time of their first appearance

al-Abadi, Zainab – Nusaybah

Legion member, american-born Iraqi Muslim. Retired-Marine. Mutant; Enhanced physique and sixth sense.

Björnsbörn, Jönas – N/A

Sage’s father. Icelander. Works as a therapist. Mutant; soothing mental power.

Campbell, Caroline  – Housatonic

13. Anglican Christian. Asexual. Deaf, Disabled transgender girl from Massachusetts. She only recently learned that her father (David LaCaille) was a supervillain. Mutant; hydrokinesis. 

Campbell, Colleen  – N/A

Caroline’s mother. Professional farmer.  Mutant; super-strength & infinite endurance.

Carver, Rachael  – Juggernaut

Previous world class hero, now retired. Teaches PE at Ravenhold. Mutant; Super-strength, invulnerability, burst of acceleration. 

Chevalier, Lucie – Tachyon

Youngest member of the Legion (19), Can’t keep still for more than a second. Imbued; Energy form speedster, selectively ignore physics.

Coleman, Charlie – Magpie II

14, adopted daughter of Raven II. Lesbian. Parents were killed by Syndicate. Baseline human; fights with gadgets and training. 

Coleman, Ian – The Raven II, Magpie I (Previous)

Trans-man, father of Caroline and Jason. Taken in by Raven I as a runaway. Baseline human; fights with gadgets and training. Was the first Magpie but became Raven II on mentor’s death.

Coleman, Jason – N/A

Adopted son of Raven II. aged 6. Spoiled brat. Bio son of Simon Sinclair. Latent mutant. 

Coleman, John – The Raven I

The First Raven. Adoptive father of Ian and Michael Coleman. Deceased in 1999. Baseline human; fights with gadgets and training. 

Coleman, Michael – The Rook

Raven I’s first apprentice. Notorious Jerk. Now teaches Ravenhold student combat skills. Baseline human; fights with gadgets and training. 

Contrerias, Valeria  – Luminary

Mexican. Ravenhold ethics teacher. Short-lived superhero career. Mutant; Class I paramorph with bio-luminescent skin, photokinetic powers.

Doherty, Marcus  – N/A

Low-level syndicate lackey. Was assigned to work with Heppenheim. Baseline human.

Elster, Allen – Radical

African-american. From hyper-conservative anti-parahuman family. Struggles to adapt to Ravenhold. Newly manifester mutant; radiation based powers. 

Ferhatović, Stanko – N/A

Bosnian. Proto-mad scientist, unstable genius inventor. Teaches sciences at Ravenhold. Mutant; intuitive inventor knowledge and minor reality warping based on inventions. 

Georgiou, Nikos – Abraxas

Greek Legionnaire. Master enchanter and occultist. Wears the helm of Abraxas which gives him power and knowledge. Self-appointed defender of magic.

Green, Lisa – Harpy

Lisa was one of Leonine’s friends and fellow combatant. She is a golden eagle chimera.

Gutske, Gregor  – N/A

Spanish. European head of the Syndicate. 

Gustke, Kellen  – Kelfire

Spanish-German Niece of the European head of the Syndicate. Childhood friend of Jaeger Heppenheimer. Mutant; visual-based teleportation power.

Heppenheimer, Jeager – Echo

17. Pansexual German Trans-boy. Kidnapped as a baby and raised by Heppenheim of the Syndicate. Captured by Sentinel and given a probation at Ravenhold. Bat-chimera; echolocation, heightened agility. 

Heppenheimer, Wolfrik – Heppenheim

German. Doctor and Geneticist specializing in Chimeras. Works for the Syndicate. Jaeger’s father figure. 

Hill, Sheila  – N/A

Allison’s best friend and not quite girlfriend. Mixed race; Ashkenazim/African American. Jewish. Lesbian. Mutant; Teleportation powers. 

Ingvardöttir, Lára – N/A

Sage’s Mother. Icelander, Nurse. Mutant; power induce low-level regeneration in target

Jackson, Hayden – N/A

Was Rowan’s best friend before they were transformed into a paramorph. Completely cut contact with Rowan.

Johnson, Isabelle – Canis

One of Leonine’s friends and fellow combatant. Dog chimera

Keane, Harry – N/A

One of Allen’s hometown friend. 

Kensuke, Yikaru – Sanguine

17, Japanese, bisexual. Comes from a parallel earth. Was involved in a black-ops project called ‘project black blood.’ Imbued; can generate dark-biomass that she can make into weapons or armor.

Kiorga Daughter of Yaryan of Clan Draak – Praetor

Legionnaire. Was one of the leader of the 2012 Tzari invasion of earth. Turned against Tzari high lord and surrendered to end the war. Was pardoned and joined the Legion. Defacto leader of earth-stranded Tzaries. Has high-tech weapons and armor. 

LaCaille, David  – Chat Noir

Supervillainous thief. French Canadian, Caroline’s unknowing father. Met Colleen when she was at college. Mutant; combo of abilities (precognition, telekinesis) mimics bad luck. 

Lee, Jacob – Arma

Jacob was one of Leonine/Vanessa’s friend and fellow combatant. He is an Armadillo-chimera.

Lindström, Catherine  – Brynhildr

Swedish, Security chief of Ravenhold. Ex-Legionnaire. Was part of all-female European supergroup but left due to internal strife. Mutant; Create armors and weapons out of force fields.

Marino, Vanessa  – Leonine

15, Cuban Latina, Lesbian. Ravenhold student. Taken away by syndicate from family at 6 to pay debt. Chimerized and forced to fight in illegal pit fights. Chimera with Lion features; claws, enhanced senses and agility. 

Martin, Joshua  – Defender

Hero of Detroit, was local well liked hero for years. Retired due to repeated severe injuries. Teaches math and english at Ravenhold. Mutant; kinetic energy manipulation.

Mongeux, Rowan – Nightstalker

16, non-binary agender person, bitten by an unknown xenoform and transformed into a paramorph. Paramorphic traits gave them super-strength, enhanced speed and ability to blend within shadows.

Moore, Francis – Centurion

Legionnaire. One of the world’s first heroes. African-american.

Newall, Jacob  – N/A

Syndicate member. Knew Jaeger’s parents. Deceased by start of main story. 

Ó Broin, Síthmaith – Grimalkin

15. Irish witch. Autistic. Asexual. Left home to use powers to do good. Has cat familiar named Malkie. magic focused on enchantments, charms and illusions.

Page, Stephanie – N/A

15. Pre-Ravenhold schoolmate of Allen. Class I paramorph with claws. Lesbian. Was injured by Allen’s manifestation. Mutant; claws and short-duration time slow bubble around herself.

Peterfields, Henry – N/A

Allen’s racist history teacher in Greenville.

Pichai, Chandra  – N/A

Sanjay’s father. Tamil Hindu. World expert on weapon design, currently works for SecuriTech. 

Pichai, Sana  – N/A

15. Sanjay’s half sister. Tamil Hindu. Socialite. Babysitter of Vani. 

Pichai, Sanjay — Kavacha

16. Tamil Hindu. Child genius, completed college at 14. Born of an affair his father had. Professional weapon designer. Created a ‘nandaka’ suit of power armor he use for fighting.

Pichai, Vani  – N/A

Sanjay’s 3 years old half sister. Completely terrible. 

Pilman, Tyler — Orion III

15. Louisianian. White trash family. Chosen as the third Orion during school shooting. Imbued; Flying brick with photo-pyrokinetic projection powers, immune to mind control. 

Unknown, Mace – FireStar

16. Japanese. Does not remember anything before the last two years when he took his magical soul-bound sword Laevatienn. Swordman, sword gives him magical pyrokinetic powers. 

Unknown  – Professor Apex

Gimellian history scholar. Came to earth Aleph to study human history. Became a history teacher at Ravenhold in exchange for Legion archive access.

Reynolds, Daniel – N/A

Allen’s white step dad. Parahuman-phobic.

Reynolds, Shamone – N/A

Allen’s mother. Parahuman-phobic.

Ryoga, Yougen – Whitemane

15. Bisexual girl. Comes from an alternate universe. Paraplegic due to spinal injuries. Altered human with minor shapeshifting abilities. 

Santiago, Jaime – Sliver

16. Straight girl. Lost father in a house fire. Put into a foster family. Ran away after manifestation and became a small time villain. On probation at Ravenhold. Mutant; has brute force telekinesis.

Quir’oron Shavek  – Shavek

Stranded Shivat warrior. Now lives on earth. Works as a security guard at Ravenhold. Also has an advice column in the school journal.

Shekaree daughter of Kirath of clan Izret – Chevalier

16. Tzari. Squire during the 2012 Tzari invasion. Stranded on earth. Kiorga/Praetor became her master. Was sent to Ravenhold to change attitude about humans. Fights with high tech weapons and armor.

Schmidt, Tobias  – Doctor Vernichtung

Golden age supervillain. German. Notorious racist and chauvinist. Genetic engineer. Created the Xenobreed as his legacy when he was dying. Currently presumed deceased. 

Sinclair, Simon – N/A

Transgender man. Child of two superheroes. Friend of Ian Coleman. Bio father of Jason Coleman (was pregnant as a teen). Currently in college. Mutant; telekinetic.

sja Szjjil, Szijkith – Doc Venus

Venus born Venusian, doctor of human medicine. Fascinated by humans, emigrated to earth Bet and later earth Aleph. Currently works as Ravenhold’s doctor and psychiatrist. 

Skylar, Sage – Skynjun

15, Non-binary gender-fluid person. Icelander. Narcoleptic. Mutant; minor healing ability, mental soothing power, surface thought telepathy and can perceive the world through other living being’s senses. 

Tănăsescu, Alexandra – N/A

Harley’s mother. Romanian. From a monster-hunting family. Black sheep of the family. Ran away at 19 and ended up becoming pregnant from a vampire. Returned to her family out of necessity. Alexandra is a competent magician and monster hunter. 

Tănăsescu, Harley – Blackblade

16. Dhampir. Genderqueer aromantic androsexual. Romanian. Barely tolerated by family (except their mother.) Vampiric legacy makes them faster, stronger, more enduring and gave them enhanced senses. Has a magical blade created by their mother. 

Tănăsescu, Klaus – N/A

Family patriarch. Despises both Alexandra and Harley, only tolerate them for their usefulness. 

Tănăsescu, Nicolae – N/A

Harley’s cousin. Homophobic. Despises Harley for being queer, a dhampir and becoming a hero.

Taylor, Neil – Captain Thunder

Legionnaire. Fame hungry member of the Legion. British superhero. Imbued; invulnerability, flight, super-strength and ability to call down/generate lightning.

Tkara, Ahti — Vigilant

13. Earth born Itharii. First ParaItharii on record. Has two moms. Doesn’t know what gender they want to be. Imbued with Aldaar artifact which gave them force field creation powers.

Tkara, Kulaat — N/A

13. Earth born Itharii. Ahti’s clutchmate/sister. Not biologically female but already identify as such. Wants to explore the world when grown up.

Tkara, Tzama — N/A

One of Ahti and Kulaat’s mothers. Refugee of ithar’s destruction. Atheist Linguist, now works teaching Itharii children. Met her mate when hired to translate Itharii cultural and religious texts for Humans. 

Tkara, Zukii —N/A

One of Ahti and Kulaat’s mothers. Refugee of ithar’s destruction. Religious Works in the tourism department of the Vaal reservation.  Met her mate when working in the Temple. 

Trân, Katrin – Sentinel

Legionnaire. UK born Vietnamese 2nd generation immigrant. Was an underwater archaeologist student when she discovered a pair of Aldaar gauntlet which bonded with her teacher and her. Became a hero when her mentor became a villain. Bonded gauntlet allows her to create hard-light constructs. 

von Alexis, Amber Alastria – Moralltach

17. Bisexual. German-Irish second generation immigrant to the US. Black sheep of the family. Was forced into going to Ravenhold by her parents. Mutant; Super-strength and enhanced durability. Wields a large great-sword called ‘Moralltach’

von Alexis, June Arc – Duftach

Amber’s deceased older sister. Was a Ravenhold student but died in a car accident shielding her sister.

Vequlas, Zoe – N/A

One of Allen’s few friends in his hometown. Mixed race (black & white). 

Walker, Allison— Firebrand

15. Non-binary fluid bigender person. African-american. Jewish. Has Fibromyalgia and OCD. Mutant; Can transform into a pyrokinetic form which allows flight and attacks. 

Walker, Isabelle – N/A

African-american. Allison’s deceased mother. Was part of the USMC. Died of Leukemia three years before the start of the story. Was a Jewish convert.

Walker, Roger – N/A

Allison’s father. Jewish. Mixed Race (Ashkenazim-Black), met his wife while working as a food preparation specialist for the military. Now works as a line cook in a café. 

Walker, Tyrone Chasdiel – N/A

11. Allison’s little brother. Autistic. In love with Itharii. 

Wallace, Roxanne – Phantom

Jaime’s foster sister from a few years ago

West, Claire – Nucleon

Legionnaire. Manifested power during a nuclear power plant meltdown in her hometown. Was transformed into a radioactive energy form. 

Wright, Jenny – N/A

A pre-Ravenhold schoolmate of Allen. Open Lesbian. The two did not get along.

Yeun, Annabelle Warwitch

17. Sixth generation Korean-American. Schizophrenic. Lesbian. Was given magical powers by mysterious beings after being taken hostage by the Shigeo-kai. Ran away to Ravenhold with Abraxas’ help. 

Yeun, Emma  – N/A

Annabelle’s identical twin sister. Neurotypical and family favorite. 

Yeun, Richard -& Elisabeth N/A

Annabelle and Emma’s parents, operate a bakery together.

Young, Mark – Taurus

One of Leonine’s friends and fellow combatant. Bull chimera.