Secondary Cast: Civilians

Warning; the following entries may contain spoilers 

Campbell, Colleen

Caroline’s mother, Colleen is a single mother who raised her daughter along with her parents on their Massachusetts farm. Like her daughter she’s a mutant although they do not share powers; with Colleen possessing super strength and bottomless stamina. Colleen met Caroline’s dad during college as she studied agricultural sciences.

Björnsbörn, Jönas &  Ingvardöttir, Lára

Sage’s parents. They are both mutants themselves but neither wanted to be known heroes, preferring a quiet, simple life. They’ve always been supportive of Sage in all their choices even if they’re worried about their child going so far away from Iceland.

Page, Stephanie

A class 1 mutant from Allen’s old school. She attacked him following some homophobic comments which triggered the awakening of his own mutation. She’s currently still recovering from the attack.

Pichai, Sana

Sanjay’s fifteen years old half sister, Sana is their father’s favorite and unlike Sanjay has always been let to do what she wants. Although she’s smart she’s not remotely academically oriented and prefer socializing and partying.

Pichai, Vani

Sanjay’s three years old half sister, Vani is a little terror who loves making messes as much as she loves playing in water. She’s often babysat by Sana as an attempt by their mother to make Sana more responsible.

Reynolds, Shamone & Daniel

Allen’s mother and step-father. Neither have maintained much contact with him since the awakening of his powers. Both are extremely conservative Christians who are against aliens and mutants, as well as being anti-LGBT – all unfortunate traits Allen has developed from his mother.

Tkara, Kulaat

Ahti’s clutchmate, Kulaat is an orange Itharii female. Unlike her clutchmate she’s curious and intrepid and would have made a much better hero than Ahti, something tzi agrees on. She dreams of backpacking through the world.

Tkara, Tzama

One of Ahti’s mothers, Tzama is a school teacher and linguist. She’s the more hardworking of the pair. She also makes the best narik in the world according to Ahti. Unlike her mate, Tzama is an atheist but has respected her desire to teach her religion to their little ones.

Tkara, Zukii

Ahti’s second mother, Zukii works in the Vaal tourism department as a guide and translator. She’s the more nurturing of the pair. Zukii has spent several years working as an acolyte in the Vaal temple before settling down with her mate.

Walker, Roger

Allison’s father, Roger is half-Ashkenazim half-black. He’s served in the U.S. Military for years before retiring to civilian life along with his wife, whom he met in the army, to raise their first child. Roger became a widower three years prior to the beginning of the story, when his wife passed away of lung cancer.

Walker, Tyrone

Allison’s little brother, Tyrone is a brilliant autistic black boy with a love for everything Itharii and sports. Just like his family, he’s Jewish.

Vequlas, Zoe

The closest thing to a best friend Allen had in Greenville in the two months he had lived there before his powers emerged. She keeps occasional contact.

Yeun, Emma

Annabelle’s neurotypical mono-zygotic twin sister, Emma is the more outgoing and athletic of the two. Although she loves her sister to death, the two of them don’t have a whole lot in common.