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Reading Order

Although the The Stories of Ravenhold can be read in any order, it is important to know that they occurs mostly simultaneously in terms of block (with timeskips in between blocks). For example Allison’s first block ‘A New Generation’ occurs around the same time as Charlie’s ‘Broken Legacy’ It is recommended one reads all stories to get the whole picture of the Ravenhold year.


  1. Early September
  2. Late September to early October
  3. Late October

Content Warning

Ravenhold stories may feature: Drug and alcohol use, sexual content, attempted sexual assault, discussion of CSA, graphic violence, depiction of mental illness (including anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, schizophrenia & paranoia), swearing and general vulgarity, homophobia, transphobia, use of slurs.

The Stories

Class 3 — the Original Class

Contains the stories of: Allison, Charlie, Caroline, Sanjay, Annabelle, Tyler, Ahti, Amber, Rowan, Mace, Jaime, Yikaru, Yougen, Jaeger, Allen, and Sage.

Class 3 is Currently on Hiatus

Features the works of Nerathul and Sir Calix

Class 1

Contains the stories of: Michelle, Freyja, Ryland, Ethan, Avery, Kioshi, Kayla, Grant, Riley, Leopold, Nathan, Vicky, Erik, Ike, and Drew

Features the works of Nerathul, Sir Calix, Dethnus, EJ, and BlueMoonFlight.

Class 4

Contains the stories of: Penelope, Luciana, Thomas, Jon, Lindsey, Lumas, Fray, Tatsuya
Eli, Gabriel, Hijack, Amanda, Mitchel, Alexandra, Naomi, Deryn, Nyah, Will, Aaron, and Stephanie,


Side Stories

Miscellaneous students, villains and adult heroes’ stories