Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the idea for Ravenhold originally come from?
A: Ravenhold, the Legion and many other story elements very first thought of by Nerathul as material for a Mutants & Masterminds game that fell through. After being asked to collaborate on a superhero story by Jay Sovereign, the setting was dusted out and fleshed out by the additions made by both Jay Sovereign and Sir Calix.

Does that mean Nerathul runs the site and the story?
A: More or less (primarily due to having the time) although others also enjoy administrative privileges, the story itself is open to input from all writers and elements have been added by Sir Calix and Jay Sovereign. 

Why are there so many LGBT folks in Ravenhold?
A: Simply because we grew tired of not being represented in stories of all medium. If you’re looking for a story about white cishet folks, the market is already saturated with them. Ravenhold is a story we write because it is the type of story we’d like to see more of.

Is there something that the writers do not want on Ravenhold?
A: We are largely trying to avoid creating ableist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or racist stories. Although those things can play a part in the story, we do try our best to avoid them on a meta perspective (although we are flawed human beings) As such we’re dedicated to avoiding elements such as disability cure narratives, magical easy gender bender and having a heavy focus placed on coming out or ‘the struggle’ of being LGBTA+

Why use WordPress?
A: The initial story was meant to be integrated onto Protagonize, which was our dedicated writing website but due to the Protagonize story navigation, the large amount of POV characters made the website poorly suited for the scope of Ravenhold. 

Do you have anywhere to be contacted at?
A: You can currently contact Nerathul on discord at Nerathul#2112 Also on Tumblr.

How can I join Ravenhold?
A: Contact Nerathul at the above discord, if you fit our ideas and wishes for the universe, you’ll probably be allowed in.

Is fan created art and content okay?
A: Absolutely! We’d even be glad to post it on here. Although we do ask that you credit canon content to Ravenhold and its authors as to avoid any mistake regarding ownership of the characters and setting. Likewise Tv Troping the heck out of Ravenhold would be very appreciated.

What’s your opinion on the discourse(tm)?
A: We’re pro-asexual, pro-aromantic, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-nonbinary, pro-polyamory. Fuck respectability politics, fuck purity culture. We’re queer, we’re here. If you don’t like that, then this isn’t the place for you.