Secondary Cast: The Legion

Warning; the following entries may contain spoilers

Abraxas – Nikos Georgiou

Greek born Nikos Georgiou was always fascinated by the occult and the bizarre, wanting to discover the hidden mysteries of the world which lead him to study both occult and mundane things.

After failing for nearly two decades, now in his late thirties, he was approached by a fraternity of mystics who had noticed him. They took him in and taught him their art, indoctrinating him into the old ways of magic and breaking his mind so that it could accept the power.

However something went wrong with Nikos’ initiation which left him little more than a hollow husk of flesh and he was abandoned by his mentor. Nokos would have died all alone in the wilderness where he’d been left if his broken mind hadn’t by chance made contact with an ancient entity calling itself Abraxas which mended his mind.

With the entity’s guidance, Nikos created an enchanted broze helm. When he wore the helmet, knowledge and power flowed into him; A gift of his mystical patron. Now under his patron’s name, Abraxas became a hero dedicated to fighting dangerous, selfish, corrupted and irresponsible mystics. 

Abraxas has little magical power on his own but has become a master enchanter and can create relics, talismans and magical weapons with ease to suit his needs. 

Captain Thunder – Neil Taylor

One of the powerhouse of the Legion and its most bashful and fame hungry member, Neil Taylor was a ordinary working class guy in London until he was granted powers by an entity he called the living lightning in his mid 20’s. Now in his late fifties – not that he looks like it -Captain Thunder has become the most recognizable hero in the United Kingdom.

Captain Thunder is supernaturally tough, able to effortlessly shrug up a tank shell, mythically strong, can fly and has the ability to conjure lightning from thin air.

Centurion – Francis Moore

As an African-american man born in 1942, Francis Moore grew up during the height segregation and of the civil rights movement, which he joined in his teens. The Aldaars arrived only a few months after his 21st birthday and the next month, Francis manifested as one of the very first mutant on earth. 

His powers in hand, Centurion quickly took the mantle of a hero, inspired by his love of comic books. Through his five decades of activity, he’s maintained a strong sense of ethics, morality and freedom. His distrust of authorities has caused him to stand up against discrimination, xenophobia and hysteria through the years and lead him to form the Legion.

Centurion was one of the very first flying-brick type mutants; imbued with flight, durability and enhanced strength. As such he’s become the standard of flying bricks, with the power-set often refereed to as the ‘Centurion-package’

Nucleon – Claire West

As a child, Claire lived on a farm in Georgia, extremely close to one of the state’s two nuclear reactor. When she was eighteen, the reactor underwent a meltdown accompanied by safety protocol failures and as a result, the surrounding land was irradiated. That was the moment her VNG mutation chose to manifest; absorbing the radiation into herself and transforming into a being of energy.

Although Claire saved the town, she became a danger onto herself. Stuck in a radioactive form that threatened all those near her. Thankfully the Legion found and helped her, Doctor Ion creating a containment suit so that she wouldn’t endanger anyone else. 

Her power however attracted the attention of the Children of the Atom, a group of dangerous mutates worshiping radiation and seeing her as another chosen of their god. Although she defeated the Children intent on capturing and brainwashing her, she would face them through her newly born superhero career, soon being invited to the Legion.

Nuclean controls, projects and absorb radiation at will. Her armored containment suit allows her to interact with the physical world. Outside of it however she can fly and pass through many substances unimpeded. 

Nusaybah – Zainab al-Abadi

An American born Muslim of Iraqi descent, Zainab lived a normal life even after she manifested her mutant abilities in her early teens. Zainab enlisted in the US marine corp after high-school to aid her ailing father and retired after eight years of service before joining private security.

It would have been the end of her story if she hadn’t had the unfortunate luck of being assigned to guard a rich oil company CEO for a convention, only for it to be attacked by terrorists.

Using both her abilities and her marine training, Zainab fought alongside Seattle-local hero Aegis to protect the guests. In reward for her bravery, she was given one of Aegis’ eponymous impervium shield and words that would inspire her to join the fight against evil, taking the name of Nusaybah; an early revert to Islam who when the battle of Uhud turned against the Muslim jumped into the melee shield and sword in hand to defend the Prophet.

Nusaybah was gifted with an exceptional physique by her mutant powers as well as a sixth sense allowing her to sense everything around her as well as spatial relations. Nusaybah’s weapons of choice are the shield given to her by Aegis, modified semi-automatic pistols and a baton.

Praetor – Kiorga Daughter of Yaryan of Clan Draak

Once a Tzari lord who took part of the 2012 Tzari invasion, Kiorga turned around and betrayed the Tzari Empire and joined the Legion after the fleet’s commander, High Lord Kuthal, ordered for weapons of mass destruction to be unleashed on humanity rather than let humans defeat the invasion force.

The high-lord defeated, Kiorga now highest ranking lord ordered all remaining troops and ships to escape and surrendered to human authorities. Through the intercession of the Legionaries  who had fought with her, Kiorga was pardoned and became the leader of the few thousand Tzaries left stranded on earth. 

Kiorga is equipped with a Tzari lord armor and weapons which are far superior to human technology. She also has been trained since childhood to fight and command. 

Raven II – Ian Coleman

After running away from his transphobic home in his early teen, Ian – who still presented as female then – was recruited as the first Raven’s sidekick after successfully stealing the Raven’s wallet and evading him. 

For two years, Ian was known as Magpie – a joke on the Raven’s part about their first encounter – Until the Raven was killed during the 1999 attack on New York by the Siberian and his followers. According to the Raven’s will, Ravenhold was founded and Ian became one of its first student. 

Nowadays, Ian divides his time between pursuing his adoptive father and mentor’s legacy, serving as Ravenhold’s coordinator with the Legion and the Authorities and parenting his two adopted children; Charlie the new Magpie and little Jason.

Lacking any superpowers, the second Raven relies on stealth, mobility, combat training and an arsenal of gadgets to fight crime. 

Sentinel – Katrin Trân

Coming from Preston in the UK, British-Vietnamese Katrin Trân pursued her two passions; archaeology and deep-see diving into one career; underwater archaeology. It was during a dive with her mentor Solomon King that she discovered a crate of alien origins, containing two gauntlet-like devices. 

The two devices, of Aldaar origins, bonded to Katrin and Solomon upon getting touched and to this day remain attached to them. Much to Katrin’s sorrow, Solomon became a villain, using the gauntlet’s powers and so she set to stop him, the two becoming rivals. Her quest to stop him and his acolyte would lead her to join the Legion and become a hero.

Thanks to the gauntlet, Katrin as Sentinel is capable of creating hard light constructs by simply focusing on them. Although the constructs can be anything, Katrin finds it easier to create them when thinking of shakes rather than abstracts; an arrow being easier to create than a vague bolt. 

Tachyon – Lucie Chevalier

One of the youngest member of the Legion, Tachyon was just a high school student when she visited the ‘Centre des science parahumaine de Paris’ during a school trip to the lab studying superpowers. Being the mischievous, unruly and impossible to sit in place doing nothing, Lucie wandered off and snuck into restricted areas where she was accidentally exposed to an experiment.

Although it should have killed her, Lucie was disintegrated into energy but somehow reformed her corporeal self. The accident however altered Lucie, accelerating her mind to tremendous speed and giving her the ability to change back into the mysterious energy form, altering how she interact with physics.

In her transformed energy form, Lucie, now calling herself Tachyon, can selectively chose how physics affect her; most often to attain impossible levels of speed, pass through matter, ignore attack and deliver tremendous amount of energy into an attack by reforming as she impacts something.