Secondary Cast: Academy Staff

Warning; the following entries may contain spoilers 

Carver, Rachael – Juggernaut

Once a world-famous hero, renowned for her top-tier strength, near invulnerability and ability to accelerate herself to crushing speed, Juggernaut was a big name around New York in the early nineties, battling foes such as the Trogg underkings, the Machinist, the Siberian and even going toe to toe with the Warmonger of the xenobreed and winning. However the murder of her team by the Xenobreed caused her to fall into depression and abandon the cape business. She’s found new life as one of Ravenhold’s physical ed teacher.

Coleman, Ian – Raven II

Student and one of two adopted child of the first Raven, Ian has taken over the mantle of his father after he passed away in 2001. Just like he was rescued by the Raven, he’s taken in Charlie as well as a young boy named Jason. Ian is actually a transgender man, a fact he keeps to himself and his loved ones.

Coleman, Michael – Rook

Second sidekick of the Raven, The Rook was once a troubled teenage boy who bounced around from foster home to foster home. His unresolved personal issue made him crave danger and pick fights with gang members as relief.

Feeling pity on him, the First Raven saved him from his life and taught him his art. However despite everything, Michael has never truly recovered, becoming a bitter adult. After the death of the first Raven, Michael cut contact with all other heroes, including his adoptive brother and went solo until the Legion stopped him; his methods becoming more and more violent and extreme.

The Rook has been assigned as a self defense teacher at Ravenhold to keep him busy and out of the streets, a position he has mixed feelings on.

Contreras, Valeria – Luminary

Teacher of Ethics at Ravenhold, Luminary had a short running career as a superhero in New Mexico along with her team. However due to internal strife the team broke up and she joined the newly forming Ravenhold.

In addition to being a class I paramorph with bioluminescent skin, Valeria is capable of absorbing and projecting light at will, even creating laser beams offensively.

Catherine Lindström – Brynhildr

Ravenhold’s head of security, Catherine Lindström was a member of the Sisterhood of Justice a pan-european hero group composed exclusively of women until a disagreement with its leaders made her quit. After a brief stint as a solo hero, she was recruited to work at Ravenhold.

As Brynhildr she has the power to create weapons and armor out of force field constructs.

Martin, Joshua – Defender

Once a third tier hero, Defender became one of the icon of Detroit after defeating a large crime ring within the city involving many of its elected officials. In his old age he’s retired from the hero business in favor of teaching the next generation of heroes. He’s a powerful kinetic energy manipulator.

Ountoukunopikapaniko Zugkinuwagi – Professor Apex

An immigrant of earth Gimel, Professor Apex, whose name is unpronounceable to human tongue, was a renowned history scholar on his world and came to earth Aleph to study its history.

Szijkith sja Szjjil – Doctor Venus

The School’s medical doctor, Sij (as she is called by humans) is a Venusian born shortly before Earth Bet and Venus Bet made first contact. Sij has had a lifelong fascination for humans and studied human cultures and biology until she managed to secure a passage to earth where she trained as a medical doctor.

After several decades of work, She grew curious about the newly contacted earth Aleph and would later emigrate there, only to be offered a post at Ravenhold.