Ravenhold Academy is a collaborative LGBT+ superhero young adult fiction story universe created by Kali-Sophia White (as Nerathul), Jay Sovereign and Alex Montgomery (as Sir Calix).

As of winter 2017, we’ve become open to more collaborators and many have joined us!

We’re dedicated to creating a queer friendly universe created by and for fellow LGBTA+ folks. For more info, read our FAQ.

The Authors


A 25 years old mentally ill and autistic trans girl, Kali is a lifelong geek; fan of video games, pen & paper RPGs and of course fiction writing; Mostly about adorable queer folks. Her other works can be found on Wattpad. She’s also on Tumblr. Goes by she/her.

Sir Calix

A 20 something nerdy British transdude who splits his time between being an office lackey, activism with Unison, making terrible YouTube videos and writing for Ravenhold. Goes by he/him.


A 20 something queer writer who writes queer stories! I have 60+ WIPS strewn about the internet including my websites; WordPress, wattpad, fictionpress, and Tumblr and Twitters under the names ejsmagazine and ejmakesgames. Goes by they/them.


A 25 year old guy with a love for writing and an interest in discovering the different types of people in the world. I have several stories in the works but nothing complete yet. Hobbies include writing, gaming, and trying not to feel old. Goes by he/him.


A lesbian with a passion for science and the arts. A few projects in the works, but nothing ready to share. Interested in sci-fi, fantasy, and pretty much all branches of literature, especially works that feature queer characters. Can be found under the name bluemoonflight. Goes by she/her.

Contact us

If you have any questions, require support or just want to chat, you can contact Nerathul on Discord at @Nerathul#2112 or on Tumblr