The Troggs


Even after nearly fifty years, the true origins of the Troggs (short for Troglodyte) remain a mystery. The first Trogg appeared in 1974 in New York and quickly became more and more common. What is known is that Troggs are mutated humans who were exposed to a mutagen of unknown origins which forms in pools deep in the tunnels and caverns under the borough of New York. Although many pools were destroyed by heroes or municipal services, others reformed elsewhere.

The Troggs have become a nuisance around the city, occasionally going on rampages and committing crime sprees. Most troggs were once homeless, runaways or petty criminals who were taken in by troggs in their underground kingdom.


The process of becoming a trogg is a slow and painful one which takes about half a year. After drinking from one of the mutagenic pools, the drinker’s skin slowly turns gray and covered in calcified plates, their pupils enlarge and their bodies gain a lot of muscle mass. Although they are strong, the mutagen which creates them also makes troggs slow-witted and sensitive to bright light. Troggs gain most of their sustenance by ingesting more of the Trogg mutagen.

There are currently no known way to reverse the troggification process, although many New York big names have come together to issue a massive reward for anyone capable of finding a method that could be safely and reliably used on large amounts of troggs.


Troggs have developed a tribal structure with the oldest and most powerful ruling local groups known as clans which rule over small regions of the underground and all bow down to the largest, most powerful trogg known as the Underking.

Although not directly malignant toward denizens of the city, Troggs are known to go on raids topside (typically for food and alcohol) and be easy to anger. Troggs occupy an odd gray-zone of legality. Although technically not illegal being entitled to same rights as normal humans Trogg sighting is typically cause for police intervention.

Although typically hostile toward those intruding in their domains, Troggs willingly welcome those who seek to become one of them. The vast majority of alleged trogg kidnapping were found to be false (the ‘kidnapped’ victim having joined willingly) as Troggs tend to be indifferent toward normal humans and do not typically attempt to convert them.