The Chimeric Railroad


Composed of  human chimeras who have escaped enslavement after their illegal augmentation, the Chimeric railroad first became active in 2011, fighting against the Syndicate’s human trafficking. Over the years, the group has freed many Chimeras but also committed less than savory acts; often resorting to murder, torture and endangering innocents in their crusade.

Following the 2013 Lyon bombing, which lead to the destruction of a whole neighborhood of the city as well as over a hundred innocent death in the eradication of an illegal chimera lab, the Chimeric Railroad has been classified as a terrorist organization by most European authorities.


Estimate of the railroad’s active membership vary wildly but a little under a hundred different members have been identified during the past five years since the group’s first appearance.

Although the Chimeric Railroad operate in individual generally independent cells, each cells answer to a wolf-chimera known ‘Guévaudan’ who is the mastermind behind the railroad’s activities.