The Cauldron


Almost nothing is known of the organization referred to as the Cauldron. The first sign of their existence was the 1960’s supervillain ‘Onslaught’ an imbued parahuman who when he was captured in 1969 and psychically interrogated claimed to have received his superpowers from a mysterious figure calling herself ‘Circe’ who allegedly could grant powers to anyone in exchange for services or currency. Little else was extracted from Onslaught as he was found dead in his cell during morning, all security records of the maximum security installation having been wiped and no alarms triggered.

Although a few more Cauldron born capes were discovered through the next decades, all who were uncovered suffered the same fate in the end; death.

What is Known

The only consistent information ever discovered about Cauldron are that the group is apparently lead (or fronted) by a woman going by the nickname of Circe, that the group is capable of granting superpowers to non-mutants in exchange for favors and that they have been active worldwide.

Cauldron capes who were successfully interrogated claimed to have been contacted out of the blues by Circe who offered them the powers they craved in exchange for money, properties or specific item they possessed, with Circe having advanced knowledge of the potential recruit’s history. In exchange, all of them were granted a power along the line of what they desired; raw power, control over others, etc but they had no say in the specific details.

Circe’s motivation remain a mystery to the authorities as she has seemingly left her newly imbued cape do whatever they wished, not caring if they became heroes, villains or remained civilians so long as they did as Circe asked when she came to collect her dues.