The Battleground


Although now world famous, when it first opened in 1978 the Battleground was a tiny underground operation pitting parahumans in fights for the viewing pleasure of the rich and bored. Over the years, the Battleground slowly expanded until it reached its current height; with worldwide clandestine pay-per-view events monthly.

Although independent, the Battleground maintains close ties with the syndicate as well as other criminal organizations who provide it with fighters in exchange for money, many of whom are forced to compete to clear their debts.


Every month, the Battleground airs a secret pay-per-view event accessible to those who know how to access its perpetually changing dark-net website. The fights themselves are held in ever-changing isolated locales transformed into varied fighting camera-ladden arenas; deserted island, ghost towns, massive complexes, wilderness.

The fights are divided into two sections: The Melee and the Challenges. The first part of the events, the Melee, sees all the new contestants (nicknamed fresh meat) in a rule-less free-for-all until only a certain number of them remain standing. As an incentive, the fresh meat are constantly beset by the Battleground’s veteran hunter whom they have to fend off until they secure a position in the Challenges.

When only a small, variable amount of contestant are left standing the Challenges begin. During the Challenges, the contestants are pitted against each others until only one of them remain. The last contestant standing receive the dubious honor of being able to challenge the Lord of the Battleground.

Known Figures

Although the mastermind(s) behind the battleground has remained well hidden, several figures associated with it have become renowned; it’s fighters. The current Lord of the Battleground is a monstrous umbra-kinetic named ‘Abyss.’

Other figures include the current hunters; Cog the robot, Kusari the chain fighter, The paramorphic monster known as the Hound and Stormfront, the weather-controlling parahuman.

Another person of interest is the current finisher, a superhuman brute known as the ‘Destroyer’ who enter the arena in search of blood when contestant refuse to play by the rules or take too long.

Rules of the Battleground

Although all is permitted within the Battleground, contestant must respect the rules or face the consequences.

  • The contestants will not damage the cameras willingly.
  • The contestants will fight or be dealt with severely.
  • The contestants will not try to escape.
  • There is no surrender; contestant will fight until they or their opponent can no longer move.

Although the Battleground doesn’t require its contestant to kill, merely incapacitate their enemies, deaths are a common occurrence within the Battleground.