Omega the Ultimate


Prior to his so-called ‘ascension to superior being’ Omega was Jimmy Logan; originally just a kid originating from a poor Chicago family, Jimmy Logan was born with duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Although no conclusive proof exist, Jimmy was believed to be a mutant with intellectual and tinkerer-type powers as he graduated high school at ten and became an expert in several biomedical fields in a few short years; developing revolutionary treatments and drugs but was unsuccessful in curing himself of his own ills, a fact which made him more bitter and often had him clash with governmental or corporate authorities over ethical or legal restrictions imposed on him.

After making a fortune from his patents, Jimmy Logan disappeared in 2005 without a trace. Through unknown means, he whisked away all of his earnings into secret untraceable channels.

Two years later, a new figure calling itself ‘Omega the Ultimate’ began making quiet waves in the underworld. A genius biologist, Omega began selling his services to others and performing illegal human enhancement and cloning.


Although Omega’s organization  is massive, it consist entirely of himself. Omega has perfected not only human enhancement, but also cloning, brain uploading and downloading and psycho-surgery. Whenever he requires a new minion, Omega merely creates a new copy of himself which he programs to be 100% loyal and tone down their aptitudes as appropriate. Omega clones exist in three variants; Alphas, Betas and Deltas. Deltas are the most powerful and rarest, typically deployed when Omega would attend to a task himself but cannot.

Although evidence has linked Omega to Jimmy Logan, the two are nothing alike. Unlike the sick Jimmy, Omega stands at seven foot tall and is beyond peak human physical conditioning and looks nothing alike; blending features from different ethnic groups. It is believed that Jimmy Logan genetically engineered a body which he deemed ‘perfect’ before he transferred his consciousness to.

Omega believes himself to have transcended humanity both in term of physique but also in terms of psychology, abandoning such restrictive and primitive ideas such as the sanctity of the human body and bioconservatism. Omega looks down on most of humanity as being too attached to such primitive notions and shackling themselves from their true potential.


Omega operates from a series of isolated laboratories scattered across the globe where he works his science. To further support his operations, he sells his service to others (primarily supervillain due to their illegal nature) by creation minions, chimeras, enhancing others or providing medical aid.

Although typically content to be left alone, Omega has occasionally left his laboratories to (or hired others to) acquire certain equipment or genetic / chemical samples he requires. Due to his services, all attempt at facing Omega have been meet with heavy resistance not only from himself but from his many ‘satisfied customers’ wishing to continue their business relationship.