Myrmidon Academy


Created by a conservative think tank in the 70’s (also known as the dark age of superheroes in the united states), Myrmidon academy was created to ‘fix’ the problems of unruly, rebellious and dangerous parahumans by properly educating them and shaping them into ideal citizens.

Since its inception, Myrmidon has remained free and open to all. Myrmidon sees most of its students coming from more conservative households, often those with an anti-mutant bias.

The details of Myrmidon academy’s procedures are not known to the public and they have generally managed to hide the truth from the world, avoid investigations and get rid of any evidence or witnesses willing to testify.

In the past four decades, Myrmidon academy has trained thousands of parahumans who went on to have successful civic or military careers.


Myrmidon Academy is a conservative oriented parahuman training center. Administration is very insistent that they do not train heroes but rather train parahumans for the fulfillment of civic or military roles by giving them power training and instilling proper discipline and ethics.

Myrmidon has a fierce pro-registration, anti-vigilantism, anti-parahuman rights ethos. They also favor socially-conservative policies on gender, sexuality, relationships and law enforcement.

Academy Locale

The primary center of operation of Myrmidon Academy is located in an isolated part on the Tennessee side of the Great Smoky Mountains.

The compound itself is a massive location surrounded by armored concrete walls. The complex contains a half dozen buildings; Male dorms, female dorms, The training center, the class room building, administration and the student’s center.

Two other smaller but otherwise identical academies are located in remote regions of Texas and California to keep unwanted attention away and unprepared students within the academy.


Myrmidon dorms are gender segregated and students are assigned according to their sex assignment at birth. Every room contain two beds and students share their room with their assigned upper-classman until they pass the initial testing where they may be reassigned if their upper-classman is needed to mentor a new student.

Classrooms and Training Center

Students of Myrmidon academy spends most of their days within the confine of those two buildings. Learning to fight as well as the proper myrmidon-approved procedures.

Student’s Center

Home of the cafeteria and entertainment facilities, the Student’s center is highly hierarchic and restricted. Students must earn the right to access the different services of the center with good behavior and performances in classes. Privileges includes; access to more and better quality meals, snacks, games, movies or free time. Internet or unrestricted phone access is reserved only for the most diligent and devoted students.

Life at Myrmidon

Students wake up at five in the morning and have an hour to prepare for the day; including eating breakfast, bathing and dressing up. Classes and chores are scheduled every day from 6am to 7pm with a thirty minutes lunch break at noon, but otherwise no pause between classes or chore duties. Which leaves little time for anything else. All students must partake in the maintenance of the school; janitorial duties, laundry, yard maintenance, gardening.


  1. First ranks are composed of new inductees to the Academy or those who have had their previous rank stripped.
  2. Second rank is earned once the student accepts the order of things at Myrmidon and conforms to standards. Second ranks are allowed to speak to others, given larger rations of food and given one hour per day of free time.
  3. After several months of obedience, a student is promoted to third rank. Third ranks are allowed access to most of the Student’s center facilities and their curfew raised to ten pm. third rank students are also allowed to owns and wear their own clothing so long as they pass Myrmidon’s decency standards. Female students are also allowed to own/wear makeup only from this rank on.
  4. Fourth rank students are those who have consistently shown their dedication, obedience and have performed their duties admirably. Fourth rank students are the only students allowed internet or phone access as well as the ability to leave the academy.

Rules of Myrmidon Academy

  1. Any usage of parahuman powers without direct approval by staff members is forbidden. Students unable to control themselves are administered side-effect heavy power-supressant drugs.
  2. All new students are assigned a 4th rank classmate as their mentor. First grade students may only interact with staff or their assigned mentor until they graduate to the 2nd rank
  3. Students of first and second rank must wear their uniform at all times
  4. Students must adhere to their schedule at all time.
  5. Food and beverage are to be consumed within the cafeteria and cannot be brought out even if not consumed.
  6. Student under rank three are to be within their bunk at eight pm. Third ranks or above are allowed to be up until ten pm.
  7. Students are not to fight or cause any trouble.
  8. Students are to obey the orders or staff or 4th rank classmates without question or
  9. Students must report any breech of rules immediately or be considered an accomplice.


The functioning of Myrmidon is primarily designed to make students more receptive to brainwashing. Newly recruited students are exposed to long days of grueling physical exercise, underfeed and isolated from peers with the express purpose of breaking any potential resistance to the Academy’s teachings.

Only when students completely and reliably submit do they begin regaining ‘privileges’ such as adequate food, social interactions or free time to think for themselves or scheme. Any breech of the rules leads to the removal of all privileges.

Students are encouraged to spy on each others and report any potential breach of conduct or subversive thoughts. Parents are typically taught to maintain minimal contact in the initial stages of the education process as to ‘help’ the student to adjust to academy life.

Important Students and Alumni

Alpha Team

  • Alexandria: Leader of the academy’s star ‘Alpha team.’ Flying brick with hyper cognition, fanatically loyal to the Academy and its goals.
  • Eidolon: Can shapeshift and become incorporeal.
  • Argonaut: Super agility, reflexes, danger sense and hypertech weaponry.
  • Achilles: Personal force field for both defense and offense.
  • Atalanta: Archer with super reflexes and the ability to empower projectile with additional effects.
  • Gorgon: Can paralyze people with a gaze.
  • Palladium: Can transform into a metallic silvery form.