Mozdzierz Institute


The brainchild of doctor Korneliusz Mozdzierz, a once preeminent but now disgraced biologist, chemist and physician, the Mozdzierz institute was founded when it’s eponymous creator was barred from practicing medicine in 1988 after being discovered to have performed many illegal and amoral secret experiments on dead or dying subjects with the purpose of reanimating the dead.

Thanks to the aid of a benefactor still unknown to the authorities Doctor Mozdzierz not only escaped legal sanctions but was given the chance to take his illicit magnum opus to the next stage.

In the nearly three decades since, the ‘Institute’ has become sinister urban legend in the streets of american cities; a secret nefarious group of organ letters kidnapping runaways and homeless to experiment on them. Although many believe it only a legend, the Mozdzierz institute is all too real.


The Mozdzierz institute’s primary goals are scientific in nature but they have taken to illegal, amoral practices to finance themselves. These practices include organ-legging (especially paramorphic ones, which fetch a high price), the creation and sale of necromorphic servants and soldiers, the development of drugs and medical treatment which are tested on the institute’s kidnapped victims.

The Mozdzierz institute is always on the move, careful to avoid attention and making sure never to stay too long in the same place.

Members & Creations

At its core, the Mozdzierz institute consist of only a few dozen members; Doctor Mozdzierz and his ‘apprentices’ who aid him in his scientific pursuits through both medical and criminal endeavor.

When raw but dumb muscle are needed, the Institute employs their zombies; assemblage of spare body parts chemically preserved and animated by rudimentary cybernetics and computers allowing the body to move.

To protect his cabal and himself, Mozdzierz perfected a necromorphic creation he’s named ‘amalgams’ which are horrific creations assembled from two or more parahuman bodies, reanimated and lobotomized as to have no free will of their own, existing only to serve the doctor or whoever he rents them to.