Doom Inc.

The world’s most successful Villains for hire, Doom Inc. first formed in 1985 in Britain and operating primarily in the European union but has been seen across the middle east, Africa and Americas for particularly well paid jobs. Although the roster has changed a lot over the years, with villains coming and going according to their own needs, Doom Inc. has maintained their top-quality standards and efficiency.

The group is known to have a long standing dislike of Verkhovnyy (Better known in English as ‘Supreme’) current ruler of the United communist Balkans due to Ironside’s exile from the country.


Memberships of Doom Inc. has varied over the years with only Nocturne and Ironside remaining since its inception.

Known members as of 2016 are

  • Nocturne: a powerful Spanish-Moroccan umbra kinetic. Long time partner of Ironside.
  • Ironside: British-Serbian brick. Long time partner of Nocturne.
  • Bête Noire: A french woman with mental powers capable of manipulating emotions and aggression.
  • Impostor: a shapeshifter of unknown ethnicity or sex.
  • Caliban: A Scottish mystic specializing in curses, Believed to be a mutant with an array of debilitating powers.
  • Geiger: Greek radiation controller, wanted for several murders.
  • Scorch: Dutch pyrokinetic
  • Captain Mayhem: a Czech flying kinetic energy projector with super endurance. Typically serve as distraction.


Doom Inc. accepts virtually any job; theft, destruction, sabotage, kidnapping, espionage, diversion, beat-downs but have always had a strict line against assassination as the group typically avoids killing unless absolutely necessary as to remain a low priority for law enforcement.

Doom Inc takes virtually any employers and ask few questions but draws the line at working with or for racist individuals and organizations and is known to have taken anti-racist contracts at a discount