First contacted by earth Aleph in 1988, Earth Gimel was the second parallel world containing non-baseline human sentient beings discovered. Due to an unknown prehistory divergence point, the local species dubbed Gimelians existed rather than humans.

First contact was peacefully accomplished and was followed by diplomatic and cultural exchange which would lead to the creation of a permanent portal in 1997. Since then, about a million Gimelians have crossed over to settle earth Aleph, establishing strong communities in the United States, France, Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, Spain and Brazil.



Gimelians are primates very closely related to earth-Aleph great apes and by extension humans. Gimelians are humanoid and share most of the features of humans; four limbs with five fingers each however Gimelian feet are prehensile. Although eye colors run a similar range as humans, Gimelian scleras are dark brown.

Sexual Dimorphism

Gimelians are heavily sexually dimorphic with males being about 50% heavier and having dark or silver fur while females are smaller (comparable to humans) and tend to have blond or light brown fur and lack the beard of their male counterparts. Males average 6’6” in height while females are typically slightly under 6′. Although males are often compared to Gorilla, their bodies are slimmer and more streamlined for upright movement while female are often said to more closely resemble chimpanzee.

Life Cycle & Reproduction

Gimelians’ lifecycle is similar to human’s also being placental mammals who give birth to live young. Pregnancy lasts for eight months after which the mother give birth to one baby with twins being extremely rare.

Like humans, Gimelian babies are entirely dependent on their parents, mostly their mother. Gimelians spend the majority of their first year of life clinging to their mother (and rarely their father), beginning to break contact at the five month mark and progressively moving further away and leaving for longer periods of time.

Gimelians reach sexual maturity around ten years of age and true adult hood in their early twenties.


Having an entire world and thousands of years of history, Gimelian cultures are extremely varied across the globe although a few ethnic-national groups have had more contact with earth Aleph.

  • Pan Wakiakan Republican Union: a large union of different democratic nations occupying the south and western regions of Africa. the PWRU has had the most contact and exchange with Earth aleph.

Family Life

Although standards vary wildly across Gimelian cultures, polygynous families are very common with a one male and up to three females living together as equals. Homosexuality or bisexuality are fairly common and accepted, especially among males.


Gimelians are naturally vegetarians and eat a diet heavy in fruits, roots, and grains, supplemented by nuts, beans, and leaves, Gimelians generally do not consume animal products save for honey, eggs and milk. Although they technically can eat some meat, long term consumption is harmful to their digestive system.

Foods tend to be fairly strong on the sweet or bitter side in term of flavor and the morning and late evening light meals are often raw or prepared with minimal processing.

Most of earth’s Aleph’s Gimelian population being Wakiakans where communal dining is the norm even among restaurants.


Due to the larger vocal range of Gimelians several languages are not pronounceable for humans, although pidgins have been created and to allow them to communicate.

Human-Gimelian Relationship

In the twenty eight years since first contact was established, things have remained peaceful and stable between the two worlds, although some nations on both earth aleph and Gimel have strong travel restrictions.

Being the first sexually and romantically compatible species to be met, Gimelians lead the charge in cross-species rights such as adoption and marriage in the early to mid nineties.