Xenoform is the U.N. approved term to classify all manners of non-human creatures (regardless of origins and status as a true extraterrestrial being.)

Xenoform, Alien or Extraterrestrial?

With the influx of Aliens to earth, the use of the words ‘alien’ and ‘extraterrestrial’ have taken on a much more real meaning. Many xenoform dislike the use of those terms, particularly earth born Itharii, Venusians and Gimelians whom they feel is othering toward them and deny their place on earth.

As such, the use of the neutral ‘xenoform’ is preferred although it has struggled to enter common parlance. It is generally better to refer to xenoforms by their species rather than by blanket terms.

Xenoform Rights

In 1987, the United Nations issued the Bet proclamation which formally declared that all laws as well as the proclamation of universal rights and liberties apply equally to all sentient species.

As such, unless otherwise noted in a nation’s law, Aliens are given the same rights, duties and legal process as they apply to human citizens, foreign residents or visitors.

What is or isn’t a Xenoform?

The question of what constitute a xenoform has been the subject of academic debate since the eighties and legal definition vary from country to country.

At it’s broadest Xenoform encompass any sentient organism with non-human genetic material; which includes also human-based chimeras but not mutant paramorphs.

Less broad definition generally classify any non-human sentient species as a xenoform regardless of its origins; which include the earth-aleph originating Avians and the alternate earth native Gimelians in addition to true extraterrestrials.