Ravenhold Academy


Ravenhold Academy was founded in late 1999, after the death of the first Raven, he gave away the majority of his billion dollars fortune to the Legion on the condition that they use it to create a place for junior heroes to train under the supervision of veterans.

Construction was rushed through early 2000 and completely shortly before the September 1st opening. For sixteen years, Ravenhold academy has trained hundreds of junior aspiring heroes and turned them into world class heroes, many of whom, like the Shrike, Colossus, Kurbstomp!, Sentinel and Captain Metropolis joining the Legion after graduation.

The Academy

School Grounds

Ravenhold is located in the south-eastern quarter of Priest island in Maine. The heart of the Academy is the Administration building, which is flanked by the classroom building and the training center, with the cafeteria at the back. The school also possess its own joint medical and cybernetic center.

In addition to those, the school grounds hold twenty two story houses which double as student dorms, with every class being assigned a dorm for their own use. The back (or eastern side of the academy) is occupied by the Ravenhold park which holds the Hall of Heroes at it’s center, a memorial hall to fallen students and staff.


In addition to the sixteen foot brick fence surrounding the school grounds, Ravenhold is equipped with top of the line security; conceal cameras, motion detectors, emergency safety shelters access scattered about the terrain, point defense laser cannons against projectiles. In addition, every student carry security badges and keycards which track their movements.


Most of the Ravenhold staff is composed of retired heroes or other parahumans and supported by a Legion of mundane employee taking care of day-to-day operations, maintenance and service needs. Ravenhold is the second largest employer on Priest island after the Havenport Fishing company.

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Miscellaneous information:

  • Every year for three consecutive days in the late spring, Ravenhold opens its door to the public in the renowned Ravenhold Festival which is operated by both staff and students and open freely to any visitors.

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