Ravenhold Academy


Ravenhold Academy was founded in late 1999, after the death of the first Raven, he gave away the majority of his billion dollars fortune to the legion on the condition that they use it to create a place for Junior heroes to train under the supervision of veterans.

Construction was rushed through early 2000 and completely shortly before the September 1st opening. For Sixteen years, Ravenhold academies has trained hundreds of junior aspiring heroes and turned them into world class heroes, many of whom, like the Shrike, Colossus, Kurbstomp!, Sentinel and Captain Metropolis joining the Legion after graduation.

The Academy

School Grounds

Ravenhold is located in the south-eastern quarter of Priest island in Maine. The heart of the Academy is the Administration building, which is flanked by the classroom building and the training center, with the cafeteria at the back.

In addition to those, the school grounds hold twenty two story houses which double as student dorms, with every class being assigned a dorm for their own use. The back (or eastern side of the academy) is occupied by the Ravenhold park which holds the Hall of Heroes at it’s center, a memorial hall to fallen students and staff.


In addition to the sixteen foot brick fence surrounding the school grounds, Ravenhold is equipped with top of the line security; conceal cameras, motion detectors, emergency safety shelters access scattered about the terrain, point defense laser cannons against projectiles. In addition, every student carry security badges and keycards which track their movements.


Most of the Ravenhold staff is composed of retired heroes or other parahumans and supported by a legion of mundane employee taking care of day-to-day operations, maintenance and service needs. Ravenhold is the second largest employer on Priest island after the Havenport Fishing company.

The Program


Ravenhold students may come from all walks of life, nationality, race, religion, class, gender identity, sexuality or even sentient species. Human applicants must be between 13 to 17 when they would begin their first year.

Enrollment is for four years and with twenty classes of sixteen, Ravenhold can hold a maximum of 320 students at a time, typically five classes of each year although high losses such as the Human-Tzari war causing decimated classes to be merged and more positions being open.

The majority of students are parahumans, which are mostly mutants. Only a handful of non-parahumans are taken in to the school, most of them being inventors. Students relying purely on skills are exceptionally rare and Ravenhold only allows them on recommendation from Legion members.

There are three ways to become a Ravenhold students; Application (the most common), Recommendation by the legion or a being paroled. A small percentage of students were villains or other criminals who were given a chance to turn their life around.


The most common way of enlisting in Ravenhold is by applications. Applications open at the start of summer, with tens of thousands of applicants every year sending their application.

The application process is fairly simple, with students being asked to fill an application sheet containing their basic information (including prefered pronouns, title and gender identity as well as parahuman ability) which is then followed by a personal introduction letter and a two page essay on a subject of their choice related to superheroism.

Unlike most academies, Ravenhold does not prioritize academics or well written essays, instead using them to gauge the potential student’s personality, morals and goals. With glory-seekers, bigots or teenagers otherwise unsuited to the Legion and Ravenhold’s ethical and personal standard.

Code of Conduct

Ravenhold maintains a very strict code of conduct for both its students and staff.

  • Discrimination of all type (including Sex, Gender Identity, Race, Species, Parahuman Status, Sexuality and etc) is ground for expulsion as Ravenhold prides itself as a place welcoming of difference.
  • Unsanctioned fights both on and off campus leads to disciplinary actions regardless of circumstances with the exception of fighting to protect another from harm.
  • Students are to use non-lethal methods of capture against sentient opponents and are not to rely on ‘crippling attacks’ to do so.
  • Students should uphold the law at all time.
  • Regardless of legality, the usage of non-medical drugs is forbidden on school grounds along with inebriation. Similarly, possession or sale are forbidden.
  • Regardless of travel capacities, Students are to  live in their assigned dorms during the week with the exception of Friday evening and the weekend.
  • Students are to wear their security badge at all time when on campus with the exception of when inside a dorm.

Security Rating

Ravenhold grades its student on a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, white/ultraviolet scale. With grades toward the violet side of the continuum being higher rated.

Security ratings are however not a measure of accomplishment but of what threat rating students may be expected to or allowed to answer to. With red being minor mundane crimes and patrols while white-tier situations being world-threatening events.

In addition to having skills and abilities appropriate to the threat level, students must show the dedication, ethics, discipline and commitment appropriate for the duties given to them.


After four years, Ravenhold students graduate from the Program, with human graduates aged between seventeen to twenty one.

Those graduating ‘summa cum laude’ are offered a place within the legion, ‘magna cum laude’ students typically being first picks for many top tier super groups and  ‘cum laude’ students typically face little problems finding their own group.

However many Ravenhold graduates choose not to pursue further heroic career, which Ravenhold does not frown on, as students have already dedicated four years of their lives for the cause and so are free to pursue civilian careers or careers in private security.


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