Imbued was the catch-all term adopted to describe parahumans who obtained supernatural abilities through sources other than the mutant abilities granted by a manifested Von-Neumann gene.


Aldaar Artifact: Littered through the Atlantic ocean are remnants of the Aldaar spacecraft that arrived on earth and mysteriously exploded in 1962. Many of the surviving weapons and tools that have been found are of a symbiotic nature and bond to the wielder.

Famous example of artifact wielders include the Legion hero Sentinel and the infamous Xenobreed.

Medical Enhancement: Humanity have searched for miracle drugs for all of recorded history, with immortality elixirs or magical potions granting incredible powers. The appearance of parahumans only increased the drive to find solutions to equalize the gap between parahumans and baseline, although many were unsuccesful, others were although often with unforeseen consequences.

The supervillain Omega and his renegade clone ‘Progeny’ is an example of a parahuman created through medical experiments.

Strange Accidents: Some people have obtained powers through near incomprehensible circumstances; Lab accident, contact with exotic objects or strange entities. Although largely unexplained, it is theorized that unstable exotic matter released by the explosion of the Aldaar ship

Tachyon and Captain Thunder are examples of a heroes imbued through strange circumstances.