One of the rarest substance on earth, Impervium is only as desired as the mysterious element zero. Appropriately, both share a similar origins; The Aldaar ship which exploded over the Atlantic ocean on April 14th 1963. Unlike it’s anti-mutant counterpart, Impervious was quickly discovered as it composed the core of the ship’s recovered hull fragments.


Although Impervium has been well known and openly studied since the 1960’s, its method of creations remain largely a mystery and attempts at studying the metal have proven virtually fruitless.

Impervium is virtually indestructible and so far no melting or shattering point have been discovered. Even temperatures close to absolute zero or approaching the sun’s corona have failed to alter the material. Only a handful of mutants with material alteration powers are known to be able to reshape the material and the only know being to destroy it was the first Orion whose starfire destroyed the armor of the golden age villain Tyrant.

Impervium is a highly reflective shimmering white metal and twice as heavy as steel. It conducts no heat or electricity and is non-magnetic.