The go to fabric for superhero costumes in the modern age, Hyperweave is a carbon-based synthetic material with the highest tensile strength on earth. Hyperweave is highly versatile and can be modified to assume many texture and shapes; including faux-leather, spandex, cloth or faux-fur.

Hyperweave is fairly expensive and without design costs the material alone to make a suit can costs several hundred to thousands of dollars depending on complexity. Even thin layers of Hyperweave can stop low-power rounds from pistols (although it does not negate the impact strength.) Hyperweave however provides no insulation against water, air, chemicals or heat, which must be added through other materials.

Only six companies produce hyperweave worldwide, including the world renowned Paris based producer Cape-à-la-Mode, Chinese Conglomerate Wulin Group and the American Wallace-Davies Textile factory.