True headquarter of the Legion is the space station known as Gateway, located at the first Lagrangian point between the Earth the the moon. The station was created by the Filipino superhero and super inventor Alejandro Santos, better known as Forge in 1996. 22 years later, the station still stands proud, having been maintained, repaired and upgraded through its life.

Station Overview

Gateway is a Stanford-Torus type space station composed of a doughnut-like outer ring connected to a central pilon-like structure. The station rotates on itself, using centrifugal force to generate gravity, approximate one third of earth’s natural g-force.

The Torus itself is divided into four sectors; habitations, command, utilities and the bio-deck. The habitation sector provides lodging for the crew member of the station as well as the Legion’s rapid-response teams as well as entertainment, hygiene facilitiesand a mess hall.

Command houses both the transporter station as well as the Legion’s operations centers and the diplomatic offices. The utilities sector feature arsenals, training center, storage and medical offices.

The bio deck features a large reinforced skylight and plenty of vegetation and a pool for the crew and visitors to enjoy. The bio deck notably features Itharii and Reshi plants and is typically kept at an early-summer temperature.

The Central pilon hosts the station’s power core and the docking bay for spaceship. Unlike the rest of the station, it is in permanent micro gravity. In addition, the central pilon is equipped with the station’s shield generator and point-defense laser system. In the spirit of openness and cooperation, Gateway possess no other weapons.