Everyday Technology

After over five decades of parahuman and alien interference, the technology of Earth Aleph is far beyond that of our earth. As a whole, Earth Aleph is cleaner, brighter and less poor than ours.


Itharii revolutionized power generation in the first world, introducing hydrogen fusion reactors which have become more and more common through the last decade producing record breaking amounts of power and requiring only relatively small quantities of water or hydrogen as fuel. However the large upfront cost have made them too expensive for poorer nations to develop.

However the Itharii superior energy storage capacity have also resulted in a renaissance for renewable energy such as wind and solar power as the energy cells developed by Itharii can better accommodate fluctuations in production.


Although the average vehicle has not changed much, the introduction of Itharii power cells has taken the market by storm with most car producers offering energy-cell powered vehicles which can compete with combustion-engine powered cars in term of performance. Most gas stations now proudly feature charging stations in addition to pumps.


Computers in earth Aleph are massively more powerful and more compact than those of our earth while being simultaneously cheaper to manufacture. This has lead to the rise of cyberspace, which however remain a niche subculture after being a passing fad in the early 2000’s and the creation of the world’s first artificial intelligence.

In 2006, the European Union passed resolutions calling for the ban of self-recursive artificial intelligence, placing limit on AI web-accessibility, mandating the existence of kill-switches and backdoor and requiring disclosure and oversight by government agencies.

The United Nations have passed resolutions banning the use of AIs in military roles for security purposes.

Space Technology

The first major step in space technology was from the discovery of Earth Bet, as the local Venusians and Humans had focused so much interplanetary travel and technology that they managed to make the process relatively affordable if extremely expensive at an individual level but not prohibitively so that interplanetary immigration is fairly common. Earth bet also provided the first models for self-sustaining space stations and vessels.

The arrival of the Itharii in 2002 was also a boon for space travel as they contributed working model of alcubierre faster-than light drive ship drive and the energy to sustain-ably power a ship with little resources. However extra-solar exploration has yet to become common.