Element Zero

Element Zero is the designated code name for a metallic compound (Rather than an actual element) known to interfere with mutant abilities. The composition and most of the properties of element zero are a carefully guarded secret by the united nation parahuman security agency (or UNPSC).


The origin of element zero has been closely guarded since its discovery at the bottom of the atlantic ocean within one of the few surviving parts of the Aldaar spacecraft which reached earth in 1962.

The specimen, composed only of a few grams, was soon found to have anti-mutant properties and a project to synthesize it was begun in 1976, culminating six years later in the first synthetic element zero production going live.


In itself, element zero looks unremarkable; a dull gray colored non-magnetic and non conductive metal which is odorless and tasteless. Element zero has similar hardness as copper but a much higher density.

The most noteworthy property of the element is that is emits a detectable short ranged radiation (which is non-ionizing) which is believed to be the part which interfere with mutant abilities.

Effect on Mutants

When in direct contact with element zero mutants typically lose all powers that are not morphologically given such as claws, enhanced senses due to sensory apparel or strength for highly muscled parahumans. (Paramorphs likewise remain as they are.)

Mutants affected by E-0 often speak of feeling foggy and like a part of themselves they can’t quite describe is numb.

Despite many tests attempting to diversify its uses, element zero only works when affecting a mutant itself, as such being armored in element zero (or ingesting it) has no protective effect.

Although element zero has only a range of a few inches it is possible to increase its range by placing it within a Faraday cage, a tactic employed by law enforcement to create prisons capable of holding mutants.

Although extremely expensive and virtually impossible to obtain for private individuals, some have used E-0 in order to create bullets or manacles to disable mutants. One such individual is the parahuman killer known as the ‘Gunslinger’ whose use of E0 remains a mystery.