Kirun Resin


Used by the Ru’kasan tribe of Resh for thousands of years which birthed the Tzari supreme lord Raskhan, kirun resin was used since prehistory to grant visions to those inhaling the smoke. When Raskhan united the tribes as one and created the Imperial Cult, the Ru’kasan practice became part of it.

Properties & Origins

Refined kirun resin is a chalky brown highly flammable substance which produce a thick gray smoke. It is typically shaped into cubes or cones which have a strong pungent odor. In its natural state, kirun resin is harvested from small shrubs native to desertic regions of Resh which emits a narcotic substance to stun insects who would feed on it and leave them as easy prey to the shrub’s symbiotic insectoid protectors. The secreted resin is harvested by Tzaries and then dried.


When its smoke is inhaled by Tzaries, kirun resin causes lethargy and hallucinations but also stimulate the memory of the affected Tzari, producing somewhat coherent visions of people the Tzari knows. Kirun is highly toxic to humans.

In Tzari cultures, the effect of kirun resin is seen as allowing one to commune with one’s ancestors, who sometimes take the shape of the living to more easily communicate with their descendants.