After the settlement of earth by Itharii, the existence of the venom gland and spit quickly became a subject of interest by biologist and chemists. Accidents involving small doses of the venom revealed its psychoactive properties and soon after criminal cartels have tried to get their hand on the new drug with fairly limited success as obtaining large supplies can be problematic.

Still, dust became a sensation and its gray legality created a large and open demand which some Itharii have exploited. A fact that has lead to many xenophobic groups decrying Itharii as drug dealers intentionally poisoning Earth’s youth.

Properties & Creation

Dust is normally a white powder with tiny dark grains and is sold in individual doses in small seal able bag, often with an agent to prevent the powder from clumping. Although white is the typical color some add dyes to the product to differentiate it from cocaine.

Although Itharii produce the psychoactive compound natural once they have metamorphosed, the product of their spit is not directly fit for human consumption, needing to be prepared.

The first step after collecting a spit is to dry it out and remove the moisture, leaving only the psychoactive salt forming small rocks which are the ground to a fine powder. The resulting powder is weighted and cut at a 1:10 or 1:20 ratio along with a base; typically lactose or glucose powder. Regardless of concentration, a dose is always measuring one gram.


Dust is typically taken nasally as it acts the fastest that way. Human consumption doses typically lead to euphoria and mild lethargy with the first symptoms beginning within an average of three minutes. Although fast to arrive, the symptoms of dust ingestion can last up to eight hours, especially at 1:10 concentration.

When overdosing (or being hit directly by a spraying Itharii) the victim will typically experience paralyzing lethargy and suffer crippling anxiety, paranoia and sometimes hallucinations. This stage can last for days as humans struggle to remove dust from their system.

Although no deaths from consumption have been recorded, deaths from dehydration, accidents or being unable to get out of impending danger due to lethargy have been known to happen.


Few countries have laws on the books forbidden dust except those strict against all form of intoxicants (including alcohol) due to the origin of dust as a product of Itharii biology few laws have been passed. However most countries have made being under the effect of dust equivalent to any other legal or illegal intoxicant. As such, it is illegal to drive under the influence of dust and dustees can be arrested for public intoxication.