The new terror on the street is the combat drug going by the street name of ‘BRZK’ (pronounced Berserk), originally an attempt at a super-soldier serum by the US army in the 1980’s, the dangerous side effects, unpredictability of the subject and potentially fatal withdrawal caused the drug to be archived and forgotten for three decades until the formula was stolen by the super-thief Facsimile who then sold the formula. In the last two years, BRZK use had become common among gangbangers as an improvised edge to fight against parahuman law enforcement.

Effects & Signs

In it’s usable form, BRZK is composed of fine particles suspended in a pressurized canister similar to an asthma inhaler. When the drug is inhaled the subject feels the effect of the drugs almost immediately:

  • Enhanced Strength and speed due to adrenaline spike,
  • Extreme pain tolerance,
  • Lack of fear and feelings of invincibility,
  • Hyper-alertness,
  • Rush of Energy,
  • Irritability,
  • Lowered Inhibitions,
  • Intense Euphoria,
  • Labored breathing,
  • Blood shot eyes,

Repeated use of BRZK can lead to dangerous health problems, especially of the heart (such as arrhythmia, heart attacks), brain (strokes or seizures) and the kidneys. Despite the risks, BRZK remains popular among gang members and thrill-seeking teenagers.

A typical dose of BRZK lasts between thirty to sixty minutes after which the user experience a crash; leading to exhaustion and typically accompanied by wound and pain from overexertion.