Dimensional Portals


The first successful stable dimensional portal was developed in June of 1986 by mutant inventor Professor Warp who also pioneered wormhole technology. After three months of  solo experimentation, Professor Warp announced his discovery to the world which caused an emergency session of the world security council which then lead to the creation of the International Dimensional Survey Corp and the ratification of the parallel worlds treaty.

IDSC: International Dimensional Survey Corp

The IDSC is the united nations’ official dimensional exploration and research organization, composed of researchers recruited from all countries signatory of the parallel worlds treaty. The organization’s is tasked the peaceful exploration of other worlds for the benefit of all mankind.

Base of Operation

Located in a platform in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the IDSC’s base of operation was designed to be remote and self-sufficient. It acts as the permanent lodging of the IDSC members, processing for extra dimensional travel and immigration and also houses all research and exploration facilities.

The IDSC platform is designed as to be easily quarantine-able and for individual segments to be possible to destroy quickly to easily remove any risks relating to dimensional travel such as hostile dimensional aliens, pathogen contamination or dimensional spills.

Parallel Words Treaty

The Parallel worlds treaty (more formally known as the “Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and exploration of Parallel worlds”) was ratified by most of the united nations (with the notable exceptions of China and Russia) and establish the fundamental laws of dimensional exploration

The PWT contains clauses relating to;

  1. Prohibition on the establishment of military installation or performance of military operations or manuevers as well as the testing of weapons on other worlds.
  2. Ban all earth-aleph states from claiming sovereignty over extra dimensional land
  3. For the safety of humankind, only the IDSC is to be allowed to operate dimensional portals.
  4. The rights of all states to participate to the IDS program.
  5. Establish a mandatory decontamination before and after moving dimension as well as a 60 days quarantine after visiting worlds which have not been declared clear and for any artifact recovered from another world.
  6. The IDSC must make all of its research data available to the public.
  7. The recognition of the rights of sentient dimensional aliens. And procedures for legal dimensional immigration.