Cybernetics have been in use on earth Aleph since the mid 1960’s. Although at first a rarity limited to inventor-mutants, their allies or rich patrons, the technological advances of the next few decades made large manufacturing a possibility and brought prices down.

Since the nineties, Cybernetics have been available for civilian usage. Although they remain fairly expensive due to the need of a specialized surgical team to install the connector, the cybernetic limb itself and the required physiotherapy. Small implants (Hands or feet) can cost as low as 8000$ while, half limb implants (lower leg or arm) around 20’000$ while full limb average at 50’000$. In addition to limbs, cybernetic hearts and lungs have been available since the mid two-thousands.

In the united states, many premium insurance companies cover part of the costs while in countries with single-payer healthcare the service is typically covered although only basic implants are provided, with individuals needing to pay for deluxe implants out of pocket. Since 1992, the US Military (among many others) has offered cybernetics implant to all veterans hurt in the line of duty provided their service has been honorable and exemplary.


Virtually all implants available on the market are mechanical in nature, working through gears, cogs and the like. A new generation of implants working through myomeric artificial muscles are expected to become available in the next few years.

Cybernetics typically require periodic maintenance to replace damaged parts, reapply lubricants and remove any grime. Although self-cleaning and repairing implants do exist, they generally cost within the upper six to seven digits in terms of US dollars and so are above the reach of all but the richest citizens.