The Annex

First opening in 2007 in an annex of the Havenport community center (where it took its name) and relocating to a converted warehouse in the dock district in 2010, The Annex is Havenport’s sole under twenty-one club and a hot spot for local teens, serving those aged between 12 to 20.

Features & Events

The Annex is open from 6pm to midnight every weekdays and from two to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. Its main features are the dance floor with live DJs every night and the bar which serves non-alcoholic cocktails in addition to standard drinks and snacks.

The Annex is a popular spot for local bands to perform, which are on stage almost every weekend. On Tuesdays attendance is limited exclusively to female patrons for Girls’ night, which has become the most popular week night. Although boys’ night was once a thing, low attendance had it cancelled.

The entrance fee is two dollars a night although lockers must be rented separately. Monthly and season passes are available for frequent costumers at a reduced price.


The Annex has a strict no drug and no alcohol policy, including barring intoxicated patrons from entering the premise.

Due to the high presence of parahumans on premise due to Ravenhold, the club employs a parahuman brick-type bouncer and respond to any fights or unauthorized uses of powers with immediate removal from premises.

Any breech of policy typically leads to a one week ban. Once a patron earns three strikes they are typically banned for good unless granted a pardon by the owner, typically after many months or years.