Warning; the following entries may contain spoilers 

Priest Island



The administration is the heart of Ravenhold, holding the offices that handle the paperwork that keeps the school and their superhero teams working.

School Building

The school building is a large ‘c’ shaped construction that holds all academic and theoretical classes.

Cafeteria Galleria

Serving lunch to both students and staff, the cafeteria galleria is a long building with seven lunch counters including; a Japanese teppanyaki grill,  a Mexican-american cuisine restaurant, a sandwich shop, a Lebanese restaurant,  a Chinese-american counter, an Italian restaurant and a fast food joint. The cafeteria is only open during lunch time with students responsible for preparing their own breakfast and dinner.

Doctor Sij’s Clinic

Serving all of the student’s medical needs, the Clinic is ran by Doctor Szijkith during school hours. After school hours, the clinic has additional technicians and doctors to help handle the additional customers. The clinic also features a cybermechanic to handle repair and maintenance of cybernetic prostheses.

Training Hall

The Training hall is a complex house three fully equipped gymnasium, three dojo for students to train in martial arts and the school’s renowned holographic combat simulator.

Hall of Heroes

A memorial standing at the center of the Ravenhold park grounds, the Hall is a large open building with memorial plaques engraved with the names of students and ex-students who have given their lives in the fight against evil.

The Nexus

Buried deep under the school is the Nexus, the secret headquarter that oversees the school’s heroic operation. Only students who have proven themselves have access to the Nexus. In addition to communication equipment and strategic computers, the Nexus houses the teleporter station.


Dean’s Diner

A landmark of Havenport since the early fifties, Dean’s diner is a retro style prefabricated diner which serves standard diner fare as well as breakfast items at all hours of the day and night.

The Annex

The island’s only club for minors, the Annex is a favorite hangout for both locals and Ravenhold students. As a youth targeted club, the Annex doesn’t serve alcohol and has a strict policy against bringing any in.

Havenport High

The Town’s only school since a 1997 fire burned the old elementary schoolhouse, Havenport high now educates students of all ages.

Other Locations

Smuggler’s Cove

A popular teen hangout, the smuggler’s cove is a semi isolated location on the southern shore of the island. Cliffs on the island side and reefs on the water once made it a choice hiding spot for smuglers and later bootleggers. In modern days however the cove and its cavern have become a party space, with bonfires being held often through the summer and the milder days of spring and autumn.

Old Lighthouse

A local tourist trap, the old lighthouse has stood watch on the eastern side of priest island for over two centuries.

The Ruined Monastery

Built on the slope of blue mountain, the ruined monastery was built before the settlement of Havenport with the goal of preaching Christianity to the local Abenaki tribe. However in 1824, one of the monk murdered his fellows before committing suicide.

Although the Island tourism department attempted to use the site as a tourist location but a string of unexplained accidents, disappearance and fatalities made them abandon the project. Although condemned, the lack of surveillance has lead many teenagers to venture into the monastery as dares.


SecuriTech Labs

One of the world’s top security equipment firm, SecuriTech is based in London where their main labs are located in Central London. Sanjay and his father Chandra have their main work area there.

Parahuman Initiative of the Metropolis & Legion Headquarters

Home of the PIM or Parahuman initiative of the Metropolis, the build handles all matter of parahuman law enforcement, training for newly emerged parahumans as well as legal services and last resort help to vulnerable parahumans (especially paramorphs). The building has been shared with the Legion who use it as their London headquarter.

Club 618

An upscale club in Soho, 618 (named such due to its address number) is a new upstart club that became a sensation among socialites in mid 2016. A terrorist hostage situation in late july of the same year however tarnished its reputation.