Doom Inc.

The world’s most successful Villains for hire, Doom Inc. first formed in 1973 in Britain. Although the roster has changed a lot over the years, with villains coming and going according to their own needs, Doom Inc. has maintained their top-quality standards and efficiency.


Memberships of Doom Inc. has varied over the years with only Nocturne and Ironside remaining since its inception.

Known members as of 2016 are

  • Nocturne: a powerful Spanish-Morocan umbrakinetic. Long time partner of Ironside.
  • Ironside: British-Serbian brick. Long time partner of Nocturne.
  • Bête Noire: A french woman with mental powers capable of manipulating emotions and aggression.
  • Imposter: a shapeshifter of unknown ethnicity or sex.
  • Caliban: A Scottish mystic
  • Geiger: Greek radiation controller
  • Scorch: Dutch pyrokinetic
  • Captain Mayhem: a Czech flying kinetic energy projector


Doom Inc. accepts virtually any job; theft, destruction, sabotage, kidnapping, espionage, diversion, beatdowns but have always had a strict line against assassination as the group typically avoids killing as to remain a low priority for law enforcement.

Doom Inc takes virtually any employers and ask few questions but draws the line at working with or for racist organizations.