The Valkyrie’s Daughters: Part III

The Valkyrie’s Daughters

Part III: Lovebird

I spent a long time outside learning to fly and when I finally went home, I just slipped back into Freyja and I’s room and lied down. It was the alarm that woke me up at eight in the morning. When I got up, Freyja was already out of bed.

I put on some pants and one of my old shirts which I’d cut holes in to let my wings through. Even though it used to be slightly loose, now it was pretty fit as I’d buffed out in the past week, my stomach which had once been flat now had visible abs too.

When I came out of the little extension where I was roomed, Ike waved at me. “Morning.”

“Morning.” I waved back. “After you left, I got to fly, it was so cool!” I grinned and they also grinned.

“Nice! I wish I could’ve seen.”

“I could show you if you want.” I proposed.

“Okay. Do you want anything for breakfast first? I helped Vicky this morning.” They showed me a large platter full of foods resting on the counter; eggs, sausages, bacon, toasts and all the things.

“Oh, that’d be great.” I went to the other side of the breakfast counter and grabbed a plate, filling it to the brim with stuff. Since I’d grown the wings, my appetite had gotten stronger, not that it was weak before. “Thank you.”

I grabbed a fork and started eating, just showing stuff in. I wasn’t particularly graceful at eating, I had less than optimal manual dexterity and tended to drop stuff…

“No problem.” Ike said. “Did you sleep okay?”

I nodded, my mouth full. “Came back in late, I was too busy practicing. It’s so pretty from the air.”

“Wow, wish I could see.”

“I could carry you.”

“Would you be strong enough? You’ve only just figured it out and I wouldn’t want you to push yourself.”

“I think so, papa had some weight and I could lift everything he had. It was several hundred pounds.”

As a cop, papa had to maintain shape so we’d always had our own private little gym in the house. I hadn’t found my limit, every weight dad had were light to me, maybe I could even lift a car!

“Oh wow. I guess that makes sense, being the new Valkyra.”

I quickly finished my meal, even the tea. Although it was really hot and I could feel the temperature, it didn’t burn. “I’m done. Want to go outside?”

“Sure!” They said, a big smile on their face.

I put my plate down and we ran outside in the back, barely taking time to close the door behind us. I was just so excited to show them what I could do. Flying was so amazing. “Ready?” I asked them once we were clear of obstacles.

“Yeah.” They said after a deep breath.

I picked them up, keeping them horizontal to the ground, they felt so light in my arms. “You might want to hold on.” I said before unfolding my wings. Ike wrapped their arms around my neck and pressed themselves against me.

I took a deep breath, let my brain focus on my wings and found the energy again, I felt it spreading through me, my whole body getting lighter. I gave a good flap of my wings and we soared upward into the sky. I took altitude until we had a good view of the school and beyond, although this early in the morning the island was shrouded in mist.

“We’re flying!” I yelled over the wind.

Ike’s grap around me tightened a little before they looked around. “This is incredible…”

“It’s prettier at night though.”

“Well guess we’ll need to hang out again this evening. If we went to the beach I can try to catch some fish and cook us dinner too.”

I stopped moving my wings but kept them spread out. As I’d discovered the night before, rather than having us crash down violently, we just slowly drifted back to the house’s backyard.

“You know how to fish? That’s so cool!”

“My uncle taught me everything I know about survival in the wild.”

“I wish I knew how to do things, I’m not good at picking up new skills.” Whenever I’d try something new, especially without being guided, my executive dysfunction would just make my brain confused silly…

“I can teach you if you’d like?” They offered. “We’ve got four years here so lots of time to practice.”

“That’d be great. Maybe I can teach you something… But I don’t know what…” We reached the ground but in the moment I didn’t think about putting them down.

“What are your hobbies?”

“I like superheroes, and games, and guitar.”

“I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument.”

“I could show you, but I’m not that good.” Although I was good at remembering cords and stuff, my fingers were just so clumsy.

“’Okay.” Ike said, then they looked at the ground. “Oh, I should…” They tried to get up and out of my arms only to trip, falling down on their butt.

“Are you okay?”

“Yup!” They stood up quickly and dusted themselves off. “I think the being in the air messed with my hand eye coordination or something…”

The patio door opened, catching my attention. I turned my head and saw Freyja. “If you two lovebirds are done, we’ve got classes in a few.”

I couldn’t help but snicker. “Birds.” I muttered then turned to Ike. “Get it? Cause I have wings.”

“Yeah, we should go.” Ike said.

We went back toward the house when I had a thought. “You know, I never saw your power.” I crossed the threshold but Ike stayed behind, I turned around to look a them.

“Close the door.” They said.

I did and then Ike just passed through the solid glass door. “I can also heal some injuries which is useful.” They said once they were inside.

“Ooh that is so cool! Is it just you or can you bring others?”

“Ermm, I’ve never tried to do it with someone else. I don’t think it would work for others since I can also still kinda breath somehow in that state.”

“Still cool.” I said with a grin. “What about the healing?”

“I’ve not tested it much. But I heal simple cuts and scrapes in a couple of seconds.”

“Nice.” I looked around the others who were getting ready to leave. I looked down at myself and noticed I had grease stains from breakfast on my shirt. “I should get a clean shirt before we go.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

I skipped over to my room and removed my shirt only for Freyja to follow me.

“You seem to get along with Ike.”

“I was trying to fly when I met them, I wanted to show them my progress.” I said, wrestling with putting a new shirt on. “How did mom get dressed?”

“Special clothes, I can make some calls for you to hook you up.”

“That’d be great.”

“Well, I’m just glad you’re getting along with Ike, you know, so you can get them pregger, get an heir in case shit happens.”

I frowned. “It’s not like that.”

“Suuuure.” She rolled her eyes. “If you’re anything like mom and I, it won’t take much effort on your part.”

“What do you mean?”

“As far as I know, mom had sex twice in her life and both resulted in kids, I banged once and got pregnant. So the super-babymaking probably affects you too.”

“That’s not good…” I frowned. I’d never had sex or had any kind of partner before, but that was just going to complicate things…

“Now, c’mon, we’re going to be late.”

I finished getting dressed, grabbed a school-issued tablet they had left in my drawer and then we walked back to the common room. As promised, Ike was there waiting for me. I waved at them. “I’m back.”

“I can see that, ready to head to class?”

I nodded.

This was going to be the best year ever. I actually had a good friend, I had superpowers and I had a sister too!

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