Nine: Origins 1.2

Several months later

So, it turns out that I couldn’t escape what I’d done by wanting to surrender and die. That company had been the first to find me after what’d happened. They were proud of me, they said. I hated them even more now. That hero had a life, damn it! He had goals! Dreams! He had everything I didn’t. And my other half hadn’t even hesitated when it came to taking his life like he’d meant nothing at all.

The organization had made a decision when they’d come to understand how unpredictable and unstable I’d become. I was sentenced to be secluded until they came up with a better way to deal with me. It was a cold, damp and tiny holding cell they had several levels underground. I didn’t have it in me to break free this time. I was fine with just rotting away in here.

The lights flashed on and I heard someone come through the door and knock on the glass the separated them from myself. I ignored it and continued to stare off into space. Not much held my interest nowadays. I was most often stuck in my own thoughts and contemplative tenancies. It turns out that it’s really freaking hard to kill yourself once you’d contracted Black Blood. The company wouldn’t allow it, either and I was promptly punished whenever I tried.

“Number…Nine, is it? You certainly are more…dormant than I expected.” A man’s voice could be heard coming through the holes on the glass.

I continued to ignore him. It was going to take one hell of a push to get me to do damn well anything now. He seemed to know this as well, and sent a strong shock to the collar I wore. It was part of my “punishment”, as they’d told me. It hurt like a son of a bitch and I sat up to get a look at the shithead who thought he could do this to me and get away with it.

“I suggest you pay more attention. I was given orders to handle your case and guide you on the right path. If you’re willing, that is.”

“Go fuck yourself.” I mumbled as I glared right through him.

“Wrong answer.” He sent another shock which had me on the floor in seconds.

“T-Turn this shit off…!”

“Then be a good boy and listen to what I have to say.”

“Ugh, fine!” I got to my feet and went back to sit down on the bed.

“Do you think you deserve a chance?” He asked after a moment’s pause.

“Chance at what?”

“Redeeming yourself.”

“I thought we were all about, ehh…what was it? Nefarious dark deeds? Why would they want me to redeem myself?” I got up and started pacing around.

“They simply want you dealt with. I, however, am affiliated with a separate division. We work with those like you who have troubled pasts with otherwise dangerous abilities.”

“Dangerous, huh? Why don’t you come to the other side of the glass so you can find a new meaning of the word, yes?” I taunted, going up to him and running my nails along the glass.

I could feel that familiar itch creep up again. I wanted to use him as explosion-fodder. The man before me didn’t flinch or seem intimidated by my words, which pissed me off. If anything, he seemed disappointed. He sat down in one of the chairs and took out a folded piece of paper.

“Do you want a new life for yourself? One that’ll free you from the bindings this place has put upon you? I know that you didn’t flee after you’d killed that hero. If you truly were a lost cause, you certainly wouldn’t have given yourself up that easily.”

I took a few minutes to think. Before, when I’d just broken free, I would’ve loved the chance to do something, anything else other than continue running. Now, I wasn’t so sure. My other half was as strong as ever. I had trouble trying to tell which one of us was talking most of the time. I could hurt someone again, even worse. I knew he wanted to, anyway.

“I…I don’t think that’s for the best.” I eventually said, looking down.

“Do you wish to talk about it?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“It’s my job to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. If you have any reservations, I’d like to know about them.”

“I’ll get straight to the point. This…company has technology that’s able to erase certain parts of one’s memories. I’ve been through it before. I’m thinking it would be for the best if I were to have what has happened recently to be erased from my mind.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes. It’s the only way I can have a chance with becoming anything else.”

“I’ll see to it that it’s arranged. For now, I’d like to ask what kind of life you’d like moving forward.”

“I…need time to think about it.” I replied, my thoughts running rampant in my mind.

“Understood.” He stood up and turned to leave.



“Who’re you known as? I gotta stamp a name to your face.”

“I go by Turner here. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Right.” I nodded.

“I wish for good things for you, Number Nine.” He gave a quick smirk before leaving the room.

-several weeks later-

I woke up once again when I heard the door open from across from me and someone came through. It was him again. He’d shown up every day for the last few weeks. Some days, he’d just want to talk, others were when we’d go over what my future was going to look like. Somewhere along the line, I chose to go along with it. After all, it was much easier to do so with that weight lifted off my shoulders.

I already knew that they’d erased a select few of my memories. I didn’t want to know what they had been as the man had told me was I much different now compared to the person he’d met before. Right now, he sat across from me, looking through his phone and holding a vaguely familiar piece of paper in his hands.

“Have you heard of Ravenhold Academy?” He asked, setting the phone down and looking over at me.

“Not at all.”

He nodded and came over to the glass and slipped the paper through the slot at the bottom. They’d been advised against giving me anything I could use as explosion-fodder, but this man seemed to trust me for some reason. Taking the paper in my hands, it took me a minute to read what was written on there. It appeared to be some sort of school?

“I don’t know if I can do this…” I mumbled, doubt filling my voice.

“It’s natural to have doubts, but I think you should at least consider it. The application process isn’t an easy one, though I assure you, you will not be alone in this, alright?”

“…Alright. I’ll do it.”


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