Renegade: Part I

Danalar Arc I: Renegade

Part I: Troublemaker

In the blazing heat of summer, the holding cell was damp and suffocating. I laid on the bench, ignoring the glares of the prisoners in the other cell next to mine. I’d gotten my very own, they’d probably thought it was for the best to keep me separate.

The others stared at me, partly because they’d rarely if ever seen a Tzari like myself up close, partly because three of their cellmates had come in with me, bloody and bruised.

“You have a visitor.” One of the guards said after a night in that cell..

I shuffled to my feet only for the one and only High-lord Kiorga to come into the room, dressed in her lord’s armored regalia. She was our kind’s new leader ever since that less than successful invasion that had left us stranded on Earth four of the native’s years prior.

Mind you, that invasion had been not quite successful after she had introduced the previous high-lord to her phase blade. But in fairness, that high-lord had been less than accomplished in the war.

Danalar, son of Neetarin, of clan Vinek, of the Qurhal.” She said, setting her eyes on me.

“A great and mighty lord know my name?” I answered.

“You’ve been quite noteworthy Nalar, wandering this world, getting an… interesting reputation…” That was her way to say I’d drank, fought and fucked my way across both Europe and America. “Although I do admit cognitive enhancement are a useful boon for keeping track of so many people.”

“Of course.”

“What would your sister think if she saw you like this?”

I laughed. “You speak as if Rahzo is an angel. Beside, they started it. I only asked them to apologize to the young lady serving us our nightly meal for their unwelcome comments.”

Well, lucky for you, I convinced the gentlemen to drop all charges.

Quite generous of you to do this for a renegade.

You may have left, but the welfare of our kind is my highest priority, even if we disagree on certain politics.

She called the guard and had him open the cell.

Am I free to go?” I asked.

You are, but first you might want this.” She opened a pocket of her vestment and took out a slip of paper. She handed it to me and saw it was an acceptance letter for Ravenhold.

Humans had these people with incredible powers, some of those people would put on silly attires and fight other people in garish costumes. It seemed quite fun, really.

Spying on me, my lord?

On the contrary, I was notified that you applied by someone else, quite an unusual thing for an armorer to do. May I ask why?

It’s a brand new world, we’re not bound by the old ways, I thought I’d try the human ways, see how they work.

The human ways can be quite chaotic.” She said, a smirk forming on her lips.

Maybe, but lacking in excitement they are not.

I see.” She rested a hand on her hip. “What will you do now?

Get my gear, then find some coffee and maybe a nice human or two to mate with. Then I was thinking of going down to Arizona, see the grand canyon, I’ve heard it’s quite a spectacle.

Lord Kiorga let out a snorting laugh. “Well, you have a little over twenty days to make it to New York, so I’m sure you’ll have plenty to time. And maybe Ravenhold will be a good thing for you, keep you out of trouble.

But haven’t you heard the human saying; trouble is my middle name?


After an interesting two weeks of freedom, I made my way all the way across the united states. I didn’t even get into trouble, well maybe not legally, but there had been an incident with a small town girl and an outraged father with a rather primitive firearm.

As told to by the Ravenhold acceptance letter and Kiorga, I found myself at a bus terminal in the big city. I wasn’t the only one, there were plenty of humans, some looking normal, others not so much.

Among all these humans, I spotted another of my kind, none other than one of the highlord’s own apprentice, Karee. All I knew about her was that she was twitchy, reclusive and did not like going out much. What she was doing here was a mystery, I doubted it was her own choice.

I did not expect high lord Kiorga’s own apprentice to be here, what have you done to fall from her graces?” I said coming up to her.

She glared at me, murder in her eyes. Nothing that concern you. Who are you anyway?

Just a lowly armorer, nobody you ought to really know.

She looked at me for a moment. “Nice weapon.

By that, she meant Bardiche on my back, a weapon of my own making, created from many scavenged pieces of Tzari technology as well as some human bits I’d gotten here and then, and even Aldaar tech. They were another species who’d visited earth and left technological trash lying all around.

That’s Bardiche.” I said, deploying it. I’d modelled it after “Bardiche, say hello to Karee.”

“Yes, master.” Bardiche’s electronic voice cracked, coming out in a soft and sophisticated English. The orb at the tip of the shaft sparked to life. “Greetings Karee.”

Why does it speak? And why is it speaking English?

Why wouldn’t he? Bardiche is more than just a weapon, he’s an intelligent computer.

She sighed.

“Bardiche, power down.”

“Goodbye, master.” 

Just about then, we were called to board. I climbed into one of the bus only for Karee to go to the other. I guess she wasn’t feeling too conversational. Once everyone was on board the bus, they drove off.

It would take a third of an earth day to reach the island. Hopefully someone interesting would come along, make the journey more enjoyable.


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