Into the Unknown: Part VII

Into the Unknown

Part VII: Problem Girls

Jaeger got his payback for the habanero cookies that afternoon. Ian had invited all the parents to the Harborside for dinner, his treat so they could all make better acquaintance so we were left parents free for the evening, although Jenna opted to stay with me so we could hang out.

“Batboy!” Charlie screamed as I was making some cupcakes with Jenna who just gave me a look.

“Great, what is it again?” I muttered to myself with a sigh. “They don’t get along.” I clued Jenna.

Charlie came out of our room and asked Sage about Jaeger and then went looking around for something in the locker then upstairs before coming back down. I caught her as she went back toward our room.

“Are you alright?”

“If I can punch Jaeger, I’ll be.” She grumbled.

“What did he do?”

Charlie didn’t answer so I took a look into my room. I couldn’t resist the spout of laughter that came when I saw the college added above Charlie’s bed; sexy naked Itharii pinups. Charlie was just frozen and pouting.

“Come on, Charlie, it’s just a prank.” I said. I tried to give her a hug but she just flinched. “I’ll help you get it down.” I then added.

With only a thought I summoned the water from the hot tub to our room and stepped on the water, feeling it solid under my feet. I levitated it and myself to the ceiling’s reach and removed Jaeger’s addition from it before crunching it all into a ball.

“There. Now we just gotta chuck it in the bin. Unless you want to keep some?” I teased her but she didn’t bite so I slammed the pile in the trash.

“Aww, I made my girlfriend grumpy.” I pouted. I gave her a hug, this time she didn’t resist and then kissed her cheek. “Better fix that.”

She didn’t resist when I gently pushed her against the wall and brought my lips to her, delivering the first of many slow kisses. When we parted ways, she wasn’t as grumpy as earlier, just very red from the attention and a little out of breath.

“So, you’re not going to ask about that?” She asked after a moment, nodding at the bin where I’d put the mess of posters.

“Charlie, do I look like the type to judge?”


I kissed her cheek.

“Come on, Jenna and I are making cupcakes, including carrot, your favorite.”

“Suddenly I feel much better.”

“Cakes make everything better.”

I guided her to the kitchen where we hung out with Jenna, talking about everything and nothing before we decided to crash on the couch and watch a movie. As we did Charlie’s phone buzzed.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Allison, they want direction to the Annex.”

“The Annex?”

“It’s a dance club for teens.”

“Ooh that sounds great. Can we tag along?” I asked.

“It’s a free country.”

“Let’s see who else want to come.” I proposed, taking my own phone out and sending texts to everyone in the class and quickly getting a few answers.

“We’re leaving in about forty-fifty minutes then.” She said and I relayed that info to everyone else.

“Better get dressed then.”

We got up and went into our room to change. As I looked through my clothes my eyes settled on the lacy white dress Charlie had bought me. To it I added black tights and white pumps. Charlie and I didn’t bother hiding as we changed, although neither of us dared to peek at the other. With my clothes on I quickly worked my hair into a braided updo.

“You look gorgeous.” Charlie said in a low tone as if smitten. She came forward and kissed me.

“You look great too, in your own butch kind way.” I whispered to her ear. She’d gone for red flannel, a white tank top, tight jeans, combat boots and a black beanie covering most of her hair. “Although I do admit one day I’d love to see you in a dress.” As I spoke, my finger traced the edge of her exposed collarbone.

She stuck her tongue out. “Not everyone can be as femme as you.”

“Says the girl who owns three times the number of shoes I do.” I answered. Charlie had a giant wardrobe full of shoes at her house, she was like the stereotype of shoe-collecting girl.

“It doesn’t count if they’re sneakers and boots. So I get to keep my tomboy creds.” She declared before going toward the door.

We didn’t make it more than three feet in the common room before Jaeger walked in and Charlie exploded, still salty about earlier.


“Yes, shortie?” Jaeger answered, one-hundred percent not intent on letting their feud go.

“That was a cheap shot.” She answered.

“It worked.” Jaeger answered, not even stopping to argue as he went upstairs. “If you still need help getting them down, the step-ladder is in Sanjay’s lab.”

“Fine. Gloves are off, you will pay.” Charlie declared.

Jaeger just laughed and I had to sigh. I had the deep unsettling feeling I was going to have to mop up their drama soon.

“He’s such a jerk… I made a good prank, it was harmless and not a low blow. I could’ve gone after the cheap shot too, but I’m too mature.” Said, coming back to my side.

“I am not helping you fight back. In this conflict, I’m Switzerland.” I warned her.

“And I’m leaving tomorrow evening.” Jenna butted in. “He won’t be able to get back to me. So count me in.”

“Have I mentioned you’re my new best friend?” Charlie said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Let’s go scheme.”

Way to go Jenna. I internally groaned. So much for sisters sticking together.

I decided to leave it alone for then and just snatched a cupcake, eating it in a slightly broody manner.

“Are you alright?” Mace asked, taking one too.

“I just know I’m going to get caught in the crossfire.” I sighed.

“If you need help kicking butts, I’d be willing to give it a shot.”

“I might have to just do that, thanks.”

The others of the class who had agreed to come with us quickly came back. Much to my surprise, I learned that Yougen and Yikaru had become an Item and so had Amber and Annabelle if the way they looked at each others or held hand was to be believed. To my surprise a teen from another class joined us, having been invited by Jaeger. They presented themselves as Harley. They were a really feminine non-binary person by the looks of it.

“Bus is leaving in eleven minutes.” Charlie soon declared, emerging from our room with Jenna. “Let’s go!”

And so we followed her lead to the exit gate and then boarded a bus into town.


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