Strange Species: Part III

Strange Species

Part III: Meeting Humans

My zuzuk, Kulaat and I snuggled in the hot tub as we talked about all the many things that had happened. As we did, Allison came toward us along with a smaller human who looked like them.

“Hey Ahti.” They said.

“Hello Allison!”

“This is my little brother Tyrone. Tyrone, that’s my classmate Ahti.”

“Hi, hello, eh.” The Tyrone answered. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

Much to my surprise he flapped his hand and I did the same, excited to see a human do it too.

Allison told me about you. I really was looking forward to meeting you.” He said, speaking in Ibariat. He wasn’t very fluent, but it was so rare for a human to speak it!

“‘You speak Ibariat?” I asked, surprised.

A little, I’m learning in school.

I let out a wun at the news. “That’s so great!” I exclaimed. “Oh and this is my clutchmate Kulaat. Unlike me, she’s a girl.

You’re pretty.” Tyrone said and Kulaat shrunk at the words.

She’s shy.” I said with a laugh. “She doesn’t meet many humans.

I don’t know any Itharii but I always wanted to meet some. You’re all so nice.

We kept talking for a minute and I introduced him to my zuzuk and he introduced me to his titi.

Kulaat’s having her coming of age ceremony this december, but I still don’t know what I want to be. Do I want a big belly full of eggs or a big crest? Would I look good with a crest?

I think you would look cute with a crest.” Tyrone said.

Allison came back from upstairs, I hadn’t even noticed them leaving, and Tyrone’s titi asked them to come with them to the sunroom. It was a little sad to have my new human friend leave so soon but I would see him soon I hoped.

Only a minute later another family came to the hot tub, this time it was Sanjay’s. There was him, his zuzu and two siblings, one of whom was still tiny. Well, tiny for a human, she was big compared to a little Itharii.

“Hello, would you be okay if we join you?” Sanjay’s zuzu asked.

“Of course not, there’s plenty of space.” Zukii-zuzu said before introducing herself and the others.

“I’m Amrita, this is my oldest son Sanjay, my daughter Sana and finally little Vani.” Sanjay’s zuzu said.

She helped little Vani remove her clothes until she only wore a little piece of clothing similar to my own swimsuit. The bigger ones only raised their pants legs and soaked their feet into the hot tub, sitting on the edge. However little Vani suddenly didn’t want to go in, clinging to her zuzu.

“What’s wrong honey? Feeling a little shy?” Amrita asked, her little one burying her face in her zuzu’s neck.

“Is this her first time meeting an Itharii?” Tzama-zuzu asked.

“Oh no, we’re friend with a nice family of Itharii we met through her daycare. She just get shy around strangers.”

Little Vani was kind like Kulaat was. She was really strong and courageous, she’d go out at night alone even, but with people she was shy.

“We don’t bite little human.” Zukii-zuzu said. “Would you like some kuroo? We brought some for Ahti, but I’m sure they won’t mind sharing.”

“I don’t.” I said.

“You can have some, but just a bit, dinner’s soon.” Vani’s zuzu said.

“Yes, I want some. I love kuroo.” Vani said, a little less shy. She let go of her zuzu and went into the water, swimming across the hot tub and sitting in Zukii-zuzu’s lap.

Tzama-zuzu reached out of the hot tub and into a bag she had been carrying earlier. She opened it and I saw it contained a bounty of snacks. She took out a block of kuroo and snapped a piece of, giving it to Vani.

Would you like some too?” Tzama asked Kulaat and I.

Okay.” She said.

I liked Kuroo but it wasn’t my favorite thing. “Kulaat, I want to show you another snack!


I got out of the tub and helped her out. I looked around and found Charlie at the kitchen, helping make dinner. I took her hand and guided her toward the kitchen.

“Charlie, Charlie!” I called out running toward her.

“I’m here.” She said with a smile, her eyes turned to Kulaat.

Why is the human baring its teeth at me?” Kullat asked, looking at me. “What did I do?

Nothing, humans when they like you they show you their teeth.

Are you sure about that? It’s not going to bite me?

Yes! And Charlie’s a female, you can tell by the small bump on her chest. And she’s very nice, she gives me pudding.

“Everything okay?” Charlie asked, clearly wondering what was happening as she didn’t speak Ibariat.

“Yes. Can we have some pudding?” I asked.

“Oh sure.”

We followed her to her room where she kept the pudding. It wasn’t one of the things that was normally delivered to the house so she bought it herself. At first she had given me lots at a time but it was so good I just had to eat it all and that had hurt my tummy.

“Here you go.” Charlie said, giving us a smile once more as she gave us a pudding cup and a plastic spoon to go with it. “Dinner’s soon so you shouldn’t spoil your appetite, I’ll give you more later if you want.”

“Thank you!” I took the cup and opened it.

Are you sure that’s the right thing?” Kulaat asked. “It looks strange.

“It is, you’ll see.” I dug the spoon in the delicious mixture and brought it to her mouth. She hesitated before putting it into her mouth.

Oh, that is good.” She said, letting out a pleased wun before taking the spoon and trying it again.

Caroline came to get Charlie back, leaving us with our cup to share. We weren’t even finished that two of my classmates started yelling at each other from upstairs. I think it was Allen and Sage. Odd, normally they didn’t argue that loudly.

Kulaat shot me a concerned look. “Does that happen often?” She whispered.

Sometimes, I answered.

it wasn’t always the same people; sometimes it was Charlie and Jaeger, sometimes Amber and Mace, sometimes it was Amber and Yikaru, or Amber and Jaime. Come to think of it, Amber argued a lot….

humans are very loud when angry, I think it’s because they can’t hiss so they have to talk louder instead.

Ooh… Should we do something?

Do what?

I don’t know…

They’ll stop soon.” I said.

It didn’t take long for the shouting to stop and Jaeger to run out of the house. Although they had stopped, now the adults were yelling at each others.

See, I told you.

Living with humans doesn’t sound fun.

You get used to it, and they probably think we’re the strange ones.

It’s gotten really loud here, why don’t we go outside?” Tzama came and asked. “They have a pool, we could play some games.



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