Mending: Part V


Part V: Wild Moment

Just after dinner that night, I got a text from Allison who had slipped out with Sage not long before.

> U talk about club b4. Where?

“Who is it?” Caroline asked, firmly nested in my arms as we watched a movie.

“Allison, they want direction to the Annex.” I told her.

“The Annex?”

“It’s a dance club for teens.”

“Ooh that sounds great. Can we tag along?”

“It’s a free country.”

“Let’s see who else want to come.” She said, taking her own phone out and texting everyone else.

I’ll show you, Caroline want to come with. <

> kk.

She’s already invited the whole class. <

I checked the time and saw the next bus heading into town was leaving in about fifty minutes.

Meet you in 40 min at the house? <

> c u there.

I put my phone in my pocket. “We’re leaving in about forty-fifty minutes then” I told Caroline and she quickly relayed that to everyone else.

“Better get dressed then.” She said getting up.

I got up too and went into our room, picking up some clothes for myself. In the end, I opted for flannel over a tank top, jeans, combat boots and a beanie which only let the tip of my hair peek out of it. Caroline had put back that gorgeous white lace dress I had bought on her birthday along with high heels and black tights. Somehow she found time to put her hair into a nice braided updo. I swear she had super-speed when it came to dressing up.

“You look gorgeous.” I told her, coming up to her and kissing her as she finished her hair.

“You look great too, in your own butch kind way. Although I do admit one day I’d love to see you in a dress.” She traced my collarbone with her finger.

“Not everyone can be as femme as you.” I said sticking my tongue out.

“Says the girl who owns three times the number of shoes I do.”

“It doesn’t count if they’re sneakers and boots. So I get to keep my tomboy creds.” I said, getting out of our room.

We came out of our room just as Jaeger walked back inside.

“You!” I shouted, calling him out.

“Yes, shortie?” He answered with a smirk.

“That was a cheap shot.” I said and he kept walking, which I followed him.

“It worked.” He answered, not even remotely ashamed for doing a low blow. “If you still need help getting them down, the step-ladder is in Sanjay’s lab.”

“Fine. Gloves are off, you will pay.”

He just laughed in answer and ducked into his and Sanjay’s room, closing the door in my face. I swore under my breath and stomped downstairs.

“He’s such a jerk… I made a good prank, it was harmless and not a low blow. I could’ve gone after the cheap shot too, but I’m too mature.”

“I am not helping you fight back.” Caroline warned me. “In this conflict, I’m Switzerland.”

“And I’m leaving tomorrow evening.” Jenna answered. “He won’t be able to get back to me. So count me in.”

“Have I mentioned you’re my new best friend?” I told her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Let’s go scheme.”

We hid in my room until it came time to leave, thinking some devilish ideas to get back at Jaeger. Jenna had a truly evil heart and I loved her so much at the moment. We’d need some shopping done but Jaeger would definitely pay.

Jenna and I joined the others who had assembled in the common room, most of them having dressed up for the club. Much to my annoyance, I saw Jaeger had totally stolen my style; having put on a beanie but it totally looked dumb on him. Also somehow he’d gotten a date; some androgynous teen I’d seen around the school grounds a few times who introduced himself as Harley.

“Bus is leaving in eleven minutes.” I called as everyone seemed to be there. “Let’s go!”

I guided everyone to the gate and we boarded the bus. It took about twenty minutes to get into town so the bus did a back and forth once an hour on weekends and after classes on weekdays.

Once the bus dropped us all in Havenport, it was just a matter of walking a few blocks to reach the docks where the new Annex was located in a converted warehouse, the name being an artifact of its first, much smaller location when it had first opened nine years prior.

We joined the small line outside and learned that we’d lucked out and had arrived on the Unkindness’ first performance of the year. They were the not so official band of Ravenhold, composed entirely of students which meant that as students came and left school their style had changed. What hadn’t was the incorporation of superpowers in their act. In the past they had relied on inventor-mutant creations, emotion manipulation, illusion powers, pheromones and just about any power you could think of to affect the crowd. The owner of the place had us sign a waiver about the performance and informed the others of the rules of the place. They had a very strict policy on drugs and alcohol. We paid for the entrance individually and I paid everyone’s locker fees with a twenty.

The inside of the Annex was just like I remembered it to be; tables peppered around, a large dance floor taking the center of the place, the kiddie cocktail and fizzy drink bar on the right side and a stage at the back. The one room club was illuminated by black lights, strobe lights and colored balls spinning a rainbow of colors over the dance floor.

“Come on!” Caroline took my hand and dragged me to the dance floor in a hurry. Thankfully for her, I had often come and danced with my old friends, particularly Marian, my only female friend.

As the Unkindness began playing, the air became energized and we lost ourselves in the movements and the music, the rest of the world fading from mind as we moved in unison, bodies one against the other, we didn’t have to think, following the other’s movement subconsciously. Hands wandered, our lips met, we were hot and sweaty, I caressed her shapes and she explored mine, kissing my neck, making me sigh in excitation.

When the song ended and the supernatural grasp of the singer’s voice eased, we were out of breath. Caroline just smiled at me, still trying to catch her breath and I did the same. She took my hand and guided us to the bar.

“One tropical tachyon.” I ordered. A lot of the club’s signature drinks were named after Ravenhold alumni. The Tropical Tachyon was a mix of red bull, coconut milk, pineapple juice and agave nectar.

“I’ll try the Sparkling Indigo.” Caroline said. It was sparkling lemonade with lavender infusion.

I paid for our drinks and we sat down. While the bartender mixed our drinks Caroline’s hand found mine.

“That was wild.” She muttered, looking down. Even in the darkness of the club I could see her blushing at the thought of what we’d done.

“It was. We didn’t go too far, did we?”

“No, no.” She said, almost defensively. “It was nice… Even if I’m still trying to wrap my head around my orientation.”

“Any progress on that?”

“Hard to with such a small sample size of experience. I could be demiromantic, maybe grayromantic or heck maybe I’m just Charlieromantic. Still very confident that I’m ace though.”

“And that’s fine with me. Doesn’t mean you love me any less than an allosexual girl would.”

She smiled and I put my hand on her cheek, drawing her into a kiss, only to be interrupted by the bartender giving us our drinks. Thankfully the Annex was pretty queer friendly. Every Tuesday was girls-only night and they had made their trans-inclusive policies very loud and clear.

As we drank, I noticed Mace a few seats further was trying to chat it up with Jenna who seemed to be politely entertaining him but as usual Mace’s gaydar was non-functional.

“Ready for another round on the dance floor?” I asked once the Unkindness started a new tune, this one a little slower and less energetic but still infused with the Singer’s power.

“Ready as ever.”

We finished our drinks quickly and I took her hand, guiding her to the dance floor.

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