Us; Undefined: Part VI

Us; Undefined

Part VI: Moving Too Fast

After a few minutes of making out, accompanied by some over the clothes touching, we left the closet and joined everyone in the auditorium. I quickly noticed that Sage’s mum had the biggest understanding grin on her lips.

After the speech by the headmaster ended, my dad, Tyrone and I followed Sage’s family around. They didn’t hesitate to tell their parents what had happened and how we were now a thing, which my dad heard.

“So, you and Sage, eh?” He asked as we walked.

“And Sheila too. We’re trying the whole polyamory thing.” I answered a little nervous.

In answer, my dad wrapped an arm around my shoulder, drew me closer and kissed my scalp. “If it’s what makes you happy, then I’m happy too.” His answer warmed my heart.

Following Sage and their parents, we went through the clinic to meet Doc Venus and then a few teachers which my dad talked to. As the morning progressed, my head started getting foggy and everything became a blur as pain reared its head up. Stuff happened and people talked, but I just followed people around

“Are you okay sweetheart?” My dad asked putting his hands on my shoulder and stabilizing me. “You’re looking all kinds of pale.”

“My fibro’s acting up worse than usual.” I answered.

“You should get some rest then.”


“I’ll be seeing your teachers most of the day, you won’t be missing anything interesting.” He gave me a hug. “Alright, now go rest. Daddy’s order.”

“Yes, dad.” I answered with a smirk.

It took me longer than it should have to get back to the house, my brain was foggy and I struggled to remember the right turn. When I finally made it into my room, I immediately flopped onto my bed and closed my eyes, not bothering to change or anything. I’m not sure if I slept or not as time as well as everything else became a blur in my head. After some unknown amount of time the weight of something sitting on the side of my bed brought me a smidge of consciousness. I opened my eyes and saw Sage sitting there.

“Are you alright?” They asked, putting a hand on my forehead to check my temperature.

“Ugh… Today was exhausting…” I answered. “My everything’s killing me.”

“May I?”

“Oh hell yes.” I answered.

I removed my shirt and lied belly down on the mattress. After a month of their pseudo-magical treatment, I knew it worked easier if they had direct access to my skin. Sage quickly put their hands to work, their mutant mojo seeping through my skin, sending a warm, comforting sensation through my whole body until the pain faded away. After a minute or two of gently rubbing my back, they put their hands on my temple and quickly my thoughts cleared, the fog replaced with that mental presence I’d grown so familiar with.

“You have no idea how much I love you right now.”

I rolled around on the bed and grabbed Sage by their collar, dragging them down into a kiss. Before they could react any further, I turned the table, ending up on top of them and their body pinned to the bed. I took their hands and guided them to my hips.

“Woah…” Sage muttered, clearly getting flustered. Their gaze wandered down, stopping over my almost bare chest, with my bra as the only piece of clothing left.

“I’m not moving too fast or being a little too rough am I?” I asked, feeling a little worried. “I just have a month’s worth of frustration to vent out of my system.” I added with a nervous chuckle.

“Well, I’ve never, erm, been in a relationship before so…” they murmured, blushing. “Can we maybe not go too fast with certain, erm, activities?” they added sheepishly.

“Of course.” I helped them sitting up on the bed, with me sitting on their lap and wrapped my arms around their head, dropping a few slow kisses on their lips. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” Sage pulled my head back to theirs for more slow kisses. Just as thing started heating up they pulled away slightly.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah…” They mumbled, looking a little sheepish.

I gave them a quick hug.

“I have an idea. How about we go out and have some fun on the town? It’s a weekend, there’s no curfew and I heard about a club for teens from Charlie. You like dancing, right?”

“If you’re okay with someone with two left feet. I’m better at music, not so much at dancing to a tune,” they laughed.

“I’m sure you’re just being humble.”

“It’ll be good to have a evening away from this house anyway,” Sage said.

“It’s a date.” I answered getting up.

“Wait.” Sage said. I turned back to face them. They bit their lip, a little nervous. “I was thinking since we’re going to be a thing, that before anything happens… Maybe we should go and get tested, to be on the safe side? That’s not weird of me to suggest, is it?”

“It’s a smart idea.” I answered, kissing their cheek. “Let’s go?” I offered my hand and they took it.

We walked to Doc Venus’ clinic which was about twenty hours a day and registered on the electronic bulletin. Poor Sage looked a little nervous so I cuddled them on one of the couch in the waiting room. After a few minutes, Doc Venus called me and I went into her exam room where I explained why I was there.

She didn’t react in anyway, just being professional and explaining to me the procedure for tests, how they worked and the time before an infection could be detectable. Once that was done, she had me give her the samples she needed. Admittedly, peeing in a cup and getting a blood draw was kind of a weird thing to have as your first activity as a couple, but it was an important thing to do.

“I should have your results by monday.” Doctor Sij declared as she escorted me out. “Sage, if you would please follow me inside my office?”

They got up from their chair and went into the office. I sat back down and become quickly aware of the table filled with condoms of all sorts. I took a gander and was quickly overwhelmed by all the options offered. I didn’t think about it, just stuffing a handful from different types into my bag.

While I liked Sage, I wasn’t exactly thinking of jumping right into that kind of intimacy just yet, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

As I waited, I took out my phone and texted Charlie, asking the exact address of the ‘annex.’ Two minute later, she and Caroline were volunteering to accompany us. By the time Sage came out of Doc Venus’ office, we had a good chunk of the class signing up, Caroline having invited them.

“Well, looks like we won’t be alone.” I said with a chuckle. “I asked Charlie for direction and Caroline invited the whole class.”

“We better get dressed then.”

They extended a hand and I took it. Together we walked back to the dorm to get dressed for a night out. The others might have opted to tag along, but this was our date.

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