Mind Games: Part VIII

Mind Games

Part VIII: Date Night

After all the meetings were finished I waved my parents goodbye at the gates, hugging them both tightly before they left. I headed back to the house in time to hear Charlie yell.

“Batboy!” She racing into the corridor, pausing in front of me. “Have you seen Jaeger?” she asked.

“Not since lunchtime,” I replied, somewhat scared for my life.

“Dammit, he’s gonna get it,” she muttered. I listened as she walked into the kitchen to ask Caroline for help. I paused at her open doorway and peeked inside. It took me a second to realise what he had done; on the ceiling above her bed where pictures of Itharii. I opened and closed my lips a few times and then walked away. I wasn’t going to get involved, instead going to Allison’s room. When I walked in they were lying in bed asleep. I sat next to them, careful not to disturb them. It didn’t work as after a few seconds their eyes opened. They groaned and I placed a head on their forehead, making sure they weren’t sick since they looked shockingly pale right now.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Ugh… Today was exhausting…” they answered. “My everything’s killing me.”

“May I?” I offered.

“Oh hell yes,” they replied, slowly sitting up. They removed their shirt before turning over to lie on their belly. I tried not to blush at their bare skin. I got more comfortable myself and began to massage their back, letting my power weave through them, finding all the points of inflammation and easing it. I could still sense they had mind fog so I placed my hands to their forehead, helping clear it. I felt a little tired after I was finished but it was worth it to see how much happier they were.

“You have no idea how much I love you right now,” they said, immediately turning my cheeks red. Was I supposed to say anything back or-. Before I could finish the thought Allison grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me down to them for a kiss. Then just as quickly they rolled on top me, turning it into a full make-out session. They lifted their lips from mine and guided my hands to their hips.

“Woah…” I murmured, very, very aware that the only piece of clothing on the top part of their body was a bra and unable to help looking at their cleavage.

“I’m not moving too fast or being a little too rough am I?” they asked. “I just have a month’s worth of frustration to vent out of my system,” they added with a nervous laugh.

“Well, I’ve never, erm, been in a relationship before so…” I trailed off, feeling embarrassed by my own inexperience. “Can we maybe not go too fast with certain, erm, activities?” I asked.

“Of course,” Allison said. They let me sit up, and kissed me some more with their legs straddling my lap. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

In answer I pulled them back to me for a proper make-out session, just enjoying the sensation of their tongue against mine. I couldn’t help letting my hands run across the bare skin of their back. I pulled back, steadying my breathing.

“Everything okay?” they asked.

“Yeah…” I said a bit sheepishly despite having a goofy grin. Allison hugged me.

“I have an idea. How about we go out and have some fun on the town? It’s a weekend, there’s no curfew and I heard about a club for teens from Charlie. You like dancing, right?” they suggested.

“If you’re okay with someone with two left feet. I’m better at music, not so much at dancing to a tune,” I replied, laughing. Maybe they had a piano I could hide behind to avoid it…

“I’m sure you’re just being humble,” Allison said. I choose not to argue my case with a story that resulted in my cousin going into the lake.

“It’ll be good to have a evening away from this house anyway,” I added.

“It’s a date.” I smiled as they stood up and pulled back on their shirt. As I sat up to stand up myself I remembered what my mum had told me this morning.

“Wait,” I said. They immediately turned to face me and I bit my lip. “I was thinking since we’re going to be a thing, that before anything happens… Maybe we should go and get tested, to be on the safe side? That’s not weird of me to suggest, is it?”

“It’s a smart idea.” they answered, leaning down and kissing my cheek. “Let’s go?” they said, holding out their hand.

For the second time that day I was at Doc Venus’ clinic. We were lucky it ran a twenty hours a day service. Lissa was of course not there at this time in the evening but there was a computer check-in system in place to cover that. Allison was called first so I waited, staring at my toes. These past few days had been insane. I saw my parents after what was the longest amount of time I’d ever spent away from them. Allen went and kissed me, and then Allison went and kissed me, and I was going on a date with Sheila. It was quite the turnaround for me in turns of a love life. When Allison emerged a few minutes later I walked on in.

“How can I help?” She asked.

“Erm, same thing as Allison, STD testing, to be sure,” I said, my cheeks feeling very warm.

“Oh, okay.” She went on to explain the tests which didn’t take long thankfully. I’d never had performance anxiety about peeing before though. She took some blood and told me the results would be in by Monday. When I walked back out Allison was looking at her phone.

“Well, looks like we won’t be alone.” they said with a chuckle. “I asked Charlie for directions and Caroline invited the whole class.”

“We better get dressed then,” I laughed, holding out my hand. Allison took it and we walked back to the dorm. I snuck my head in me and Allen’s room but it was empty thankfully. I’d grabbed lazy clothes, not dress up ones. This was technically also our first date, so I wanted to look nice. This would be a whole lot easier if I wasn’t feeling nervous. I grabbed some skinny blue jeans and a white shirt with a symbolic pattern on it and then I took the top back off.

“Even in guy mode this is hard,” I muttered. Then the door opened behind me and Allen walked in. I froze. So did he.

“Sorry, I’ll come back later,” he said, turning to leave. His voice sounded so much like a lost puppy though.

“Wait, are you coming to the club with us?” I asked. Based on his expression he hadn’t been told about it yet.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” he laughed. I immediately grinned.

“Help me and I’ll help you.” In the end I wore the original shirt I pulled on, along with a black blazer jacket. Meanwhile Allen was dressed in his usual jeans and a dark blue shirt. I tried to convince him to wear a hat but he wasn’t having that. I rolled my eyes at his defence of ‘hats are gay’ and pushed down the urge to point out he wasn’t exactly straight.

I headed downstairs first where Allison, Charlie, Caroline, Annabelle, Amber, Jaeger, one of his friends from earlier, Mace, Yougen and Yikaru were waiting. Charlie glanced around and announced the bus was leaving soon. I frowned and looked upstairs. Allen was hovering uncertainly still, so I opted to be forceful.

“Allen, get down here or we’ll miss the bus!” A few people were admittedly surprised, I guess I did make a point of being fairly quiet. Allen caved and walked downstairs.

The Annex was a big brick building with large windows that made it remind me more of a warehouse than a club. There was a small line outside the building where a pair of guys were making people sign something as they entered.

“First time here?” The slender man asked when Allison and me reached the front of the queue.

“Yep,” Allison said.

“Entry is two dollars, we take Ravenhold cards. Lockers need to be paid for separately, no alcohol or drugs allowed on premise.” His voice was monotonous as he spoke, so this was probably something he was used to saying. “The Unkindness is playing tonight, so you’ll have to sign a waiver.”

“Waiver?” I asked.

“They’re a parahuman band, so you have to sign this accepting the performance’s effect,” he explained.

“Oh alright.”

We signed the pad he gave us and showed him our IDs. The form explained the band used emotional and psionic powers. I glanced behind me at where Jaeger was standing, remembering his earlier freak out when he had learned my powers. Charlie was nice enough to cover the payment of a locker for our stuff. I promised to pay her back which she shrugged off.


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