Us; Undefined: Part V

Us; Undefined

Part V: Triad

Come morning, Sage was still there, arms wrapped around me. I stretched a little and turned to face Sage, their eyes open and looking at me.

“Hey.” I said. “Been awake long?”

“A few minutes, I didn’t want to move.” They said. “I was afraid if I said, I’d wake up and it’d all have been a dream.”

“It wasn’t.” I reassured them, kissing their forehead. “How about some breakfast?”

“Yes, bacon right about now sounds great-” Sage cut themselves and covered their mouth. “Sorry, it’s too early, I wasn’t thinking…”

In answer, I flicked a finger on their forehead. “Sage, I don’t keep kosher, I told you like twenty times.” I said with a smile.

“Right… I did say it was early?”

I grinned and sat up on the bed which they did too. “I’m going to take a shower and get my makeup done first. I can feel it in me, today’s going to be a girly day.” I dropped a kiss their cheek. Sage bit them lip, clearly wanting to say something.

“What?” I asked as I stood up.

“I just…” they hesitated. “We could save water…”

The rest of the sentence didn’t need to be said for me to hear it. …If we go together. I looked away, my brain going a thousand miles an hour.

“I’m kidding!” they yelled. “I know we only just kissed for the first time yesterday. And we probably should talk to Sheila before going any further?”

“Right!” I answered with a nod.

I got up, gathered my clothes for the day, Sage did the same and they followed me into the bathroom, however taking a different stall than me. We both came out at about the same time and worked on our makeup, Sage even giving me a hand with mine. I wasn’t bad per se, but they were like a wizard with eyeliner. A very sexy wizard…

Once we were all prepared, we joined the others for a breakfast of french toasts, sausages, bacon and ham. I made sure to eat plenty of bacon just to drill it into Sage’s head I didn’t mind. Also, it was delicious, so it was win-win.

“Maybe we should talk about last night, give me the whole picture?” Sage pointed out as we finished breakfast. “There’s still about twenty minutes before the gate opens.”

“Right… Garden?”

They gave me a nod and extended their hand. We went into the backyard together and found that secluded spot between the hedgerows surrounding the courtyard and the big bushes where a stone bench waited.

“I love Sheila.” I paused. “She was the first person I fell in love with, we dated for a while and for a time I was happy… Then she broke up with me…”

“What happened?”

“My stupid brain got in the way…” My knees found their way to my chin. “I got a crush on someone else and started feeling super guilty, she saw it and decided to formally break off… If you really love someone, you’re supposed not to feel that way for anyone else… Like I feel about you…”

“That’s just crap society likes to pummel into us,” Sage replied. “Liking more than one person is just how you are. It’s not wrong by itself, if you’re open about it and everyone’s on the same page and agrees, then no harm’s done.”

“I guess…”

They wrapped their arms around me and squeezed me tight.

“I like you too Allison.” They practically whispered the words. “And if you want us to be a thing, you just have to talk to Sheila and explain it to her.”

“You’re right. I’ll do it today when she comes over.” I promised. “Will you be at my side?”

“Of course.” They gave me a gently hug.

We went back inside and a few minutes later the visiting families showed up at our doorstep along with Mr. Martin who gave us a few minutes before leading us all away.

Parents and students from all five of the first year classes were herded into the auditorium, which was part of the administration building, about three hundreds of us packing the room pretty tightly as a tall slender woman of indian descent took the stage, presenting herself as our elusive headmaster and welcoming the parents for the day.

She began an explanation of the school’s history, the tuition programs and the staff which I sort of tune off in my head. I looked at Sheila who was taking it all in. Unlike me, she’d never been interested in being a hero, just wanting to live her life, but at that moment she was almost enraptured by the headmaster’s speech.

As the presentation went on, I nudged Sheila by the sleeve.  “Could we talk?” I whispered. “With Sage.”

A tiny smile cracked at her lips. “Sure.”

She put a hand on me and then reached out for Sage, putting a finger on their arm. The next second we were outside on the roof of the school building. Immediately I felt a tad dizzy from Sheila’s power.

“Oh my god…” Sage muttered, looking a little green and like they were about to throw up their breakfast. I stabilized them, putting my arms around they shoulders and they leaned on me.

“I swear you get used to it.” I told them. “Maybe a little advance warning, next time Sheila?”


Credit to Sage, they kept their breakfast down, something I hadn’t managed to the first time she had dragged me along through her teleportation. Something about four dimensional movement didn’t sit well with non-teleporter brains. We took a moment to recover.

“What did you want to talk about?”

I bit my lip and took a look deep breath. “I kissed Sage.” I then admitted, feeling my gut twist into a bunch.

“Damn.” She said, more in an ‘I’m impressed’ kind of way than as curse. “I thought it’d take your forever to work out the courage to do it.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Al, I just want you to be happy.” She said, giving me a hug. “I don’t care if that’s by being with me or by being with Sage, whoever you chose is fine with me.” Her tone sounded so sincere.

She took my hand and lightly caressed it. All I could do was nod silently.

“But you don’t have to choose.” Sage said, taking my other hand in theirs. “I told you about my parents. I’m open-minded, if you want to be with both of us I’m happy to share.”

“Does that mean I get to join the fun?” Sheila asked, biting her lip suggestively. “And get a second cute little enby to play with?”

Sage’s skin turn that lovely lobster red color at the thought. “I-if you want…” They said, looking away.

“Oh.” Sheila said, visibly surprised. “I was just teasing, but I guess I’ll keep you under consideration then.”

“I guess that settles it.” I said. “Should we set some rules?”

“Are we going to be open or closed?” Sage asked.

“Don’t mind either way.” Sheila said with a shrug. “I might be an unrepentant flirt but I don’t really have my eyes set on anyone right now.”

“Personally I don’t really want anyone else.” Sage said.

“I guess it can just be the three of us. And who knows, if something happens, we can just talk about it?” I proposed.

“Suits me.” Sheila said and Sage gave us a nod.

I quickly dropped a kiss on both their lips. Sage and Sheila’s gaze met and there was a little silence.

“So… Eh…” Sage muttered.

“Cutie or not, you ain’t getting anything without a date first.” She said slightly mockingly, putting a finger on their lips. “Allison knows what I like, they’ll give you tips.”

“I’ll be in touch then,” Sage replied. “Unless there’s some rule you want me to follow on how many days before I call?” they joked.

“You call me anytime when you get to New York. Can’t have real fun in a small town, now can we? I heard there’s a bus every weekend, shouldn’t be too long until then.”

“It’s a date,” Sage replied, smiling.

“And now that everything’s settled; back we go to the lecture hall, I don’t want to miss anymore of it.” Sheila declared.

“Since when do you care about superheroes?” I nudged her.

“Since you became one, duh.” She said. “Alright, let’s go.” She reached out for Sage and they stepped away.

“I’m going to find the stairs.”

“I guess that works too.”

“I’m going to be escorting them.” I declared, taking Sage’s hand.

“Suit yourself.” She gave us a wave and teleported away.

We took the roof access down into the janitor’s closet. Sage reached out for the door handle but I stopped them, gently pushing them against the nearby shelf, pressing our lips together. Surely we had time for a little safe fun before the lecture would be over with…

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