Origins: Jaeger 2.5

Origins Part II: Pride

Chapter Five

My legs burned as I sprinted out the door and out into the green and open. Kellen was already kneeled by Lissa. I didn’t need to go into echo to see that the two others had left their own buildings, heading straight for Kellen. The brick in front of me exploded and I dived back, behind the cover the arts building stone fence.

“Fuck,” I whispered. I knew it was bound to fail but I gripped my gun and then spun into view, firing off three shots in quick succession, my echo pinpointed where the snipers heartbeat was. The heartbeat stopped. I decided not to question the luck of it and continued running forwards in echo. I could feel a high pitched disturbance that told me one of them was already at Kellen. Her heart beat wildly, whilst his own was well-controlled. I fired a shot between them and he jumped back, leaving Kellen alone. I left echo briefly to check she was okay. She was lying on the grass, holding Lissa’s hand and shaking.

Pain fired through my jaw. I’d forgotten the second guy and he’d just punched me. I spat blood out and didn’t give him a second to think. Returning a punch to the jaw and kneeing him in the abdomen. The moment his body fell forward in pain from the attack I pressed the gun against the back of his head and fired. Two down.

“Fucking bitch,” the third guy yelled. I ducked before the bullet could hit me and dived towards him, punching him in the neck and winding him. I gripped one of his wrists and yanked him forward, shooting him in the knee as I did. He cried out and I added crushing pressure to the wrist I was holding, making him drop his gun. I threw him aside like a ragdoll and picked up the gun, letting the ammunition drop to the floor and throwing the case away. I then put on foot on his chest.

“Who sent you?” I asked. He laughed.

“You really think I’m gonna break for some brat?” I fired a shot at his shoulder, just grazing the skin and he winced. “Gonna have to better than that.”

“Don’t challenge me,” I whispered.

“My buddy has eyes on you. Our orders are to kill if we can’t capture her,” he said. What? How had I missed one. I went into echo but saw nothing. They had to be a parahuman who could operate around my echo.

“Julie!” Kellen cried out. I saw something disturb the air to my right and then I was thrown off the third man. The force with which my head hit the wall jarred me. I had enough of a grasp left to figure out the four person had some kind of natural invisibility cloaking that let them evade all forms of detection. I saw the air move, like when heat was rising off the ground. They were going to finish me off for killing their buddies. The third guy stood up and walked over to Kellen, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her up.

“No, let go of me,” she yelled.

“Play nice and maybe we won’t kill your bodyguard bitch,” he muttered. At that exact moment something connected with my gut and I winced, biting down on a yelp of pain. I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction. I felt a hand grab my arm while the other gripped my shoulder. Their going to break my arm. The shock of pain as I felt bone snap was too much and I cried, feeling hot tears threaten to fall.

“Julie!” This time her voice was different, there was rage. I had enough consciousness left to watch as Kellen suddenly appeared at my side. There was no tactics to her fighting with the invisble being. It was raw rage, and what had to be insane speed. She seemed to blip in and out of existence as she battered them into submission. She then reached over me and grabbed my gun.

“Kellen, no-” I whispered. I didn’t want her to do it. It was too late though. She fired two bullets into the third guys chest and then fired in the general direction of the fourth. The invisibility faded, revealing a women. Her chest and abdomen were riddled with bullets from Kellen. Kellen dropped the gun on the floor and appeared at my side.

“Julie? Are you okay? Speak to me, please,” she said, shaking me gently in her panic. I winced as pain shot through my arm.

“I’ll live,” I murmured. “Lissa?” I asked. Kellen glanced at her friend.

“She’s breathing, but it’s shallow.” I nodded, trying to figure out how best to phrase my next words.

“Kellen,” I began. “You need to get her to the hospital.”

“How?” I can’t go away from here without you.”

“You’re a parahuman Kellen. Just now when you were fighting, I think you were teleporting, or moving extremely fast. I think you can save her.” Kellens eyes widened at my words. She looked at Lissa and me again.

“What about you?”

“My injuries aren’t life threatening,” I replied. She blinked a few times, looking scared. Then she nodded.

“Okay,” she whispered. She left me and grabbed Lissa’s hand. “It’s going to be okay Lissa,” she whispered but I got the impression it was more for her benefit than Lissa’s.


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