Into the Unknown: Part V

Into the Unknown

Part V: The Boy’s Drama

Just as I was about to serve dinner shouting began erupting from upstairs, although I could tell it was Sage and Allen yelling, I couldn’t quite hear the exact nature of their words. I put down my things and headed upstairs to see what was going on. By the time I reached the stairs, Jaeger’s voice had joined the shouting.

I came to the door just in time to see Jaeger’s fist smash right into Allen’s face, soon followed by a splash of red dripping down their nose. In the moment I focused on Allen, ignoring Jaeger who took the opportunity to fuck off through the door only to meet with Sanjay standing in the way.

Allen slumped on the ground, going into foetal position, clearly paralyzed and holding his noses. Their breathing sped up and I had a feeling he was about to breakdown and cry.

This was bad. We might all die bad. Allen had terrible control over his powers and if his brain went into fight-or-flight mode it could lash out to protect him… I’d lost control of my powers once and had blown up the pipes in my family’s house. If Allen lost control, our best case scenario was a whole lot of cancer…

“I got you Allen.” I said lowly, putting a hand on his arm. “Just breathe.” I focused my power on the blood and telekinetically ensnared it, keeping it so it would clot quickly to stop the bleeding.

“What can I do?” Sage asked, sitting close.

Get us some Mutex so we don’t all die of radiation poisoning. I thought but I didn’t say it out loud, the last thing Allen needed was more stress, it could’ve brought him over the edge. In a normal circumstances, Sage could’ve just magic-ed the anxiety away but now they were almost certainly part of the reason why Allen was freaking out, I didn’t want to risk it.

“Can you give us a few moments?”

Sage didn’t hesitate, running out of the room. I focused on talking to Allen, lowly and gently. To my surprise Sage came rushing back in after a minute or two handing me an injector pen, the label on it said; ‘Mutex rapid action.’

I silently thanked god they’d read my mind. I removed the cap and got ready to inject Allen.

“This is going to sting, but it’ll help you.” He seemed to believe me.

I hiked up his pant’s leg and jabbed the needle right into his thigh muscle. He kind of jolted up with a shock before going limp. Allen tried to babble but his brain wasn’t doing the thinking-thing at that moment.

“Don’t worry, that’s normal.” I reassured him. “You’ll be fine in an hour or so. Try to get a quick nap and I’ll get you when dinner’s served.” Thankfully for Allen, Mutex was quickly broken down by the human body, which was why extended use doses tablets were made to very slowly dissolve.

With Sage’s help, I got Allen into bed.

“So much for a straightforward parents evening.” Sage murmured.

“What happened?” I asked, in a low tone as we walked to the door.

“Just an old argument that escalated. I didn’t help things. I think things were calming down until Jaeger came along.”

When I came out of the room, I wanted to give Jaeger a taste of his own medicine and a long earful for his recklessness and immaturity. He’d risked everyone’s lives by acting like a child and not the adult he was just a few months short of being. However, he was nowhere to be seen.

A small crowd had gathered upstairs by the room and there was a lot of arguing, with Allen’s dad threatening to sue the school and requesting Allen to be transferred. Ian in his civilian guise as one of the school’s legal coordinator was doing his best to try to defuse the situation.

I went to Allen’s parents; a black lady along with a white man whom I doubted was Allen’s biological father considering Allen’s dark skin tone, although he could’ve been, genetics could do lots of things.

“Allen’s alright.” I told them, making sure to hide my pride bracelets. “I gave him some meds and he’s resting. Oh, I’m Caroline by the way.”

“Thank you.” His mom said. “He mentioned you were a friend. You cook together a lot he told me.”

“That’s me. I do like ninety-five percent of the food around here and Allen’s been helping me.” I said with a chuckle.

“It’s a relief to know he has a friend-” she cut off, glancing at her husband who was still arguing with Ian. She let out a tired sigh. “I better go calm Daniel down. It was lovely to meet you Caroline.”

“Likewise. I’m sure we’ll talk again when Allen’s better, just give it an hour.” I said with a smile. “Dinner should be ready by then too.” I said.

She mouthed a quiet thank you and I left them to sort out the drama, having done my part. I went back into the kitchen to check on my little troupe and found them still at work save for Charlie and Jenna who were just gone. I asked my mom about it and she just gave he a shrug. Apparently she’d lost track of them in the confusion.

I helped them wrap everything in foil so it wouldn’t get cold. It was ready to serve but with people missing or stuck in an argument, I opted to wait so we could all enjoy it together.

After a few minutes the noise quieted down and Ian came back to us, looking like he’d aged a few years by talking Allen’s step-dad down. Although he didn’t go into details, he reassured us the situation was defused, there wasn’t going to be a lawsuit, Allen was staying and Jaeger was going to face some severe if unspecified consequences.

“I don’t normally drink but right now I could use one.” He sighed.

“I know the feeling.” My mom declared, putting a hand on Ian’s shoulder. “I know a good place in town.”

I didn’t get to pay anymore attention to their words as Charlie and Jenna came back inside. I went to their side.

“You disappeared.” I told Charlie. “Where did you go? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I just needed some quiet. Jenna was nice enough to give me some company.” Charlie said.

I gave her a big hug, Charlie could act tough but I was well aware of her anxiety problems.

“Everything alright here?” She asked once I let go.

“Well, nobody’s getting sued and Allen’s parents can’t legally withdraw him from the school for reasons I don’t know. Jaeger’s in big trouble, but I don’t know the detail.”

“Just another day in crazy town Maine.”

I turned around only for Jenna to give me a big spontaneous hug.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, just needed to give you a hug, say I love you and I’m proud of you.”

“Aww, I love you too sis.”

“Now you have to tell me; how the heck did you get the cute girlfriend when you’re not even looking?” Jenna said with a playful pout, wrapping her arm around my shoulder. “Do you know how long I’ve been looking for?”

“Maybe I’m just that cute. Didn’t have to do anything, she just fell under my charm.”

“Maybe we could share.” She suggested in a whisper, her tone not so serious putting an arm around my shoulder.

“Oh you wish.” I said sticking my tongue out. “Keep dreaming, she’s all mine.”

“So much for sisterhood.” She said with a pout.

After all the drama and near death, joking around was a welcome change of pace.

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